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Аслан Шаззо на сервере Стихи.ру

Information about voluntary presence of a man suspected of demonstration in the Internet of murder’s video-recording, caused a great public resonance, did not prove to be true. That was stated for "Echo of Moscow" by the official representative of the Adygeya ministry of inner affairs Lubov Radikevich.

"He has not come, that is a lie. His personality was found out by the operative ways, corresponding work was organized. So he was detained", - the chief of the information department of the Adygeya ministry of inner affairs Lubov Radikevich explained to the radio station "Echo of Moscow", making comments on the information in mass-media about voluntary presence in the law-enforcement bodies of a young man involved in publication in the Internet of a video-record with a scene of two men’s murdering.

Let's remind, the Maykop town office of public prosecutor (Adygeya) is investigating the circumstances concerning the man who approved that he distributed in the Internet a video-record with two men’s murdering. As he said, within two years through the Internet he had distributed video materials with the purpose of causing the national enmity and discord, including a video-material about murdering of inhabitants of Tajikistan and Dagestan he had received by e-mail from unknown woman.

As "Caucasian unit" had informed, on August 12 in one of the Internet blogs a video-record appeared where someone embodied execution of two men. In the record it was spoken that the men were natives of Tajikistan and Dagestan. In a film it was shown how a man in camouflaged uniform with a big knife cut down head of one of the tied victims, as the second victim was killed with a shot in his nape. The action took place in a wood, on the background of the hanging flag with the Nazi swastika.

According to the subtitles, the two "colonists from Tajikistan and Dagestan had been arrested and executed by some members of “National-socialist party of Russ (NSPR)". The web-distribution of the mentioned video was dispatched from anonymous e-mail addresses as a mass spam-dispatch by e-mail.

Editorship of one of the web-sites of Chechen separatists together with the video also received the program statement of the NSPR.

Naming themselves "battle vanguard of the national-socialist struggle", the members of the NSPR announce the beginning "of the armed struggle of the party against black colonists and those who supports them from among the officials of Russian Federation".

The authors of that declaration act for granting of independence "to all Caucasian republics, including Chechnya". To those new states they offer "to move all the Caucasian population of Russia". Nazis also consider necessary "to move out all Asians from territory of Russ", but they do not specify where.

Neo-fascist "fighters" demand to let out from the prisons "all Russian national-socialists, imprisoned in the last years", in particular, to stop prosecution of Maxim Martsinkevich (arrested on July 3 leader of the grouping "Format 18", known under a nickname "Tesak (hatchet)", - “Caucasian unit" comment).

The NSPR demand from Vladimir Putin (in the text of the manifest, as "Caucasus - centre" remarked, the surname of the president was written from the small letter) to resign, and "the whole state powers in the country to give out to the national-socialist government, which should be formed by Dmitry Germanovich Rumiantsev, the leader of the National-socialist society of Russia".

"We recognize above ourselves the political rule of the National-socialist society (NSS), being its battle wing working independently", - the composers of the statement admitted. The document was signed "by the Main Staff of battle groups of the National-socialist party of Russ".

According to the director of the information-analytical Centre "Owl" Alexander Verhovsky, who has been already over ten years engaged in research of the national-socialism in Russia, the founders of "film" consciously imitated the known videos of the Chechen fighters, with demonstrative executions, wishing to show that they will be treated as severely, as they do to their victims.

In connection with appearance in the Internet of the video-clip with the scene of the execution of a Tadjik and a Dagestanian committed by Russian national-socialists the Russian congress of peoples of Caucasus (RCPC) acted with a statement, in which it called for complex struggle with extremism.


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