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His discontent concerned the form of celebrating 450-th anniversary of Adygeya’s voluntary association with the Russian state was stated today by the vice-president of the International Circassian Association (ICA), the vice-president of the Adygeya republican public movement "Adyghe Khase" Nalbiy Guchetl.

That statement he made in reply to the question of Caucasus Times correspondent about his attitude to started similar celebrating in Kabardino-Balkaria.

"If it was organized with the same scope as in KBR that would be the other business, - he said. –We, members of the ICA were invited to Nalchik to the next session on September 8".

In Adygeya, in the vice-president’s opinion, actually there was nothing done. And the money allocated by the federal centre, were got by "Russian" areas of Adygeya - Giaginsky and Maykopsky. "In Maykop I can see only minimal restoration works on the Peoples’ Friendship’s square are conducted" (corr.: the square and the monument on it were built in the town during preparation of the celebrating 400-th anniversary of Adygeya’s voluntary association).

Let's note, a year ago "Adyghe Khase" had made the decision to support commemoration of that date. However, as the members of the council of the organization said, the voting on that day had not given any positive result. So that result - necessary to the republican authority - was undertaken by the leaders of the organization.

By virtue of that practically at each session of the council dissatisfied members of the organization came back to the question. The same happened at one of the last sessions, where decision on achieving meeting with the Adygeya president Aslan Tkhakushinov to state him the true attitude to the holiday, was made.

As the member of the council of "Adyghe Khase", the president of the sambo wrestling federation of republic Arambiy Hapay notified in the conversation with Caucasus Times correspondent, the Russian Academy of Sciences considers that there had not any Adygs’ voluntary association with Russia at those times. He has an x-copy of the document and remained to be surprised to the situation.

At those times – 450 years ago - separate Adygeyan princes made a serious step. But today to change the history and to present it as a voluntary association, "when Adygs never voluntary joined neither Greece, nor Turkey, and furthermore the Russian state" - is absolutely wrong.

"The leaders of the three Adygeyan republics have some kind of psychosis, - he said further. - But the most paradoxical is not that. If, say, Adygs had also come in the structure of Russia, then how would it Balkarians, Karachais Nogais commemorate it. What relation they have to that, if the date could be supposed as "a holiday".

In the sign places of Maykop it might be seen a portrait of the Adygeya president Aslan Tkhakushinov with his award as the cross on his neck and the signature "Forever with Russia", - Caucasus Times correspondent’s interlocutor added. "Maybe, Tkhakushinov himself is forever with Russia, but not the whole Adygeyan people, which did not elect him the president".

Then he said that many Adygs explain their aspiration to carrier promotion in the republic with that they are Adygs. So they would ostensibly protect the interests of Adygs. But celebrating 450-th anniversary as well as other examples show that, having achieved their purposes, majority of them actually stop to be Adygs.

He expressed a doubt that the sum, promised by the federal centre, would be allocated to the republic fully. "Now, - he said, - we hear assurances that the financing will be prolonged even in 2008. But it could be stopped right after celebratory noise calmed down. Approximately the way, for example, the party of "United Russia" acted when it promised to construct in Adygeya a sports complex".


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