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The preparation for celebrating 450-th anniversary of Adygeya’s voluntary association with the Russian state is accompanied in the republic not only with ‘changing’ the history, but also with hushing up the events happened 10 years ago, the scientists of the Adygeya republican institute of humanitarian researches (ARIHR).

They, for example, can not publish their opinion stated in April, 1996 at the extended session of the scientific council of the institute.

A video-record of that extended session was handed to “Caucasian unit" correspondent; on its basis conclusions concerned celebrating 440-th anniversary was cancelled. That was the record of the last hours of two-day’s meeting, during which the scientists had been solving the problem how the relations been usual between Circassia and Russia 440 years ago could be characterized.

The scientific of the capital of Russia, Krasnodar city and the Northern Caucasian republics took part in the work of the previous day of that meeting. In the final part – the narrower circle of the scientists participated. Moscow was represented at that session by the director of the Institute of Domestic history of the Russian Academy of sciences Alexander Novoseltsev.

Then his speech at the first session was published. He, in particular, said about the events of 440-year ago: "In my opinion, in this case the question can be about establishment of the certain protection, patronage of the imperial government in relation to the other governors. We know in practice that the same governors "joined" of Northern Caucasus, Kalmykia and so on could get double citizenship, becoming simultaneously citizens of the Turkish sultan, Iranian shah and others. To make it brief, it was a very original form of relations, which, to my mind, in any way is impossible to define as connection of those or other areas and peoples to the Russian state".

Thus, the formulation "voluntary association" to the time of the final part of the meeting was rejected practically by everyone from among the present, and the question was about "military-political union", about "allied relations" and other formulations.

The record "Caucasian unit" was handed, began with statement of Professor Shigotyzh Meretukova (nowadays dead). She insisted on that then between Moscow and Caucasus there was a union equal in rights, but it was temporary. And they shouldn’t commemorate the date of creation of that union as a holiday.

The professor, in particular, said that then Circassia in comparison with the present conditions had had greater territories. It had occupied the present Krasnodar Region, Stavropol Region (without northern areas), Kabardino-Balkaria, Karachaevo-Circassia and Adygeya.

"By the beginning of the XIX century this territory was considerably reduced, but it still occupied 180 thousand sq. kilometers, - she said, - Now three "Adygeyan" republics settle down on 34 thousand sq. kilometers. The second moment: as a result of the Russian-Caucasian war from among the population to that historical Circassia according to the most optimistic data only 10 percents remained. Some scientists, for example, Malich Autlev, consider that it made less than that - 2 percents".

The second argument for the thesis about the equal in rights union she stated was that monarchs, for their marriage usually chose equal in rights partners. In the case of Ivan Grozny’s marriage it is necessary to take into account that before his choice stopped on that Kabardian princess, he had wanted to marry a Swedish princess, then – a Janevian princess.

For that the event should not become an occasion for a holiday, she resulted as an example the history of Janevians (Adygeyan tribe). The first of the Adygeyan princes, who asked for help of the Russian king, she said, was prince Sibok, Janevian. And by malicious irony of the historical destiny the first tribe which was destroyed by the imperial armies was Janevians.

The first campaign was headed by Peter I’s military leader Apraksin in 1711. It was also necessary to consider that episode, in her opinion, as the beginning of the Russian-Caucasian war. Thus from the party of Janevians they lost 15 thousand people, 20 thousand people were captured, 5 thousand people were drowned in Kuban river. And in 1803 Janevians stopped their existence.

As a whole the events that happened to Adygs were unique case in the history, she said. And now, in her opinion, any of the saved republics can not represent itself as legal successors of that historical Circassia, and, hence - speak from its name. As if to 440th anniversary, leave it to the historians, but not the public to discuss.

Professor Kim Hutyz began his speech with reminder that by May 21 in the valley Kbaada (present Red Glade) they had tsar’s praying for the ending of the Caucasian war and Adygeya’s connection to Russia. Adygs that day since that moment commemorate as the Day of memory, Russians - earlier – during the imperial times celebrated it annually as a holiday.

He also added that 440 years ago there had been some historical episode - whatever it could be named. Also there is no sense to transform such historical episodes into holidays. In this connection, the professor emphasized, in the Circassian-Russian history there were many considerably more interesting events, including with positive character, which are not celebrated in any way.

He offered to take celebrating of the 440-th anniversary historically unjustified (as politically it was justified) and never mention that question in the context of Adygeya’s connection to Russia.

The candidate of historical degree Nurbiy Lovpache said that as a representative of archeological science he could testify that Circassia by the end of the Middle Ages was a self-sufficient country. If to judge with the registered archeological culture of that period - and it was Belorechenskaya culture - then it would be surprising that such prospering country Circassia was, had suddenly decided to refuse its independence. As freedom for Circassians is the dearest of all the spiritual riches.

At the same time he added that not 17th or next years, and the year of 1957 - the time of celebrating of 400-year's anniversary - appeared to be for Adygs of the Soviet period the moment of their cultural revolution. Then the powerful measures were really carried out and, at the end, they resulted in rise of economy.

"Probably, - he said, - our leaders even now believe that the 1957 could repeat". But if the federal centre was ready for such step for the sake of the formulation "voluntary association", no trouble will take place, if they admit the historical true - for example, with the formulation "the allied relations" and organize the planned festivals".

As a whole, in the archeologist’s opinion, it was wrong when the formulations made by the government, and responsibility for it should belong to the historians.

The candidate of historical degree Djabrail Mekulov (then the director of the Adygeya institute of humanitarian researches) said that in relation to the period of the Middle Ages - very much sated with the facts - in Adygeya as well as in the other republics there were no lots of experts. But the ‘qualified’ historians - candidates of historical degree, and doctors there were tens of. And the mentioned period - 440-year ago - is investigated rather enough.

As to 1957, when the 400-th anniversary was celebrated, in Adygeya there was only one candidate of pedagogical degree, which took part in writing of "Issues on the History of Adygeya", published within the framework of the celebrating. But there were no scientists deeply knowing the subject.

Today, he said, it was impossible to say that the government imposes its will. Moreover, it waits for the scientists’ opinion. It not only does not press, and on the contrary, speaks: give us the historical truth. "The government, probably, will not finance us, if we do not prepare the appropriate recommendation", - he said.

He added that from among 9 men who acted per this day, 5 ones adhere to that 440 years ago a military-political union was formed. Others disagreed with the formulation "voluntary association", too, but offered other formulations, for example, "development of mutual political relations".

After that remark new discussion of the formulation started. They passed the formulation at one vote "against" in the following kind: "Addressing of a part of the western Adygs to the Russian state with purpose of establishment of the military-political relations".

Let's note, the celebratory actions concerning the anniversary - 450-th anniversary of the voluntary association of Kabardino-Balkaria with the Russian state passed in Nalchik on September 7-9. In Karachaevo-Circassia such measures will pass on September 17-18. The celebratory actions in Adygeya are planned on 24-27 of September. But the basic measures will pass in Moscow at the end of October.


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