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The Washington Post

Scales of this attack, most likely, will revive the fear that an extensive part of the southern Russia will be destabilized again with a poisonous mix of Islamic radicalism, governmental pressure, economic despair and total corruption. Now almost daily from this region messages on attacks at politicians, military men, employees of militia and security forces come.

The Times

Now the Kremlin is threatened with prospect of full-scale guerrilla war in the seven North Caucasian republics of Russia. It means not only that Russia has lost the control over its southern borders but also that one of the most severe conflict in the world approaches to the borders of the European union even closer and starts threatening plans of the West concerned exploit of oil and gas deposits of Caspian region... The yesterday's attack at Nalchik has finally proved that the measures taken by the Kremlin in reply to the school’s capture in Beslan had not given any result. These measures included appointment of regional heads by the president’s will instead of elections.

Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung

No need to have a great imagination to guess, who stands behind the last armed disorders in Nalchik, capital of Kabardino-Balkaria. Shamil Basayev. 15 years this Chechen rebel with the colleagues participates in severe attacks and terrorist acts on all the space from Abkhazia up to Dagestan... However till now there is a question how this conflict could be resolved in reliable way. While aggressive Caucasians get support from the most various parts of Islamic world. There are many Muslim peoples in Putin's empire, too.

Der Standard

The harder Vladimir Putin tries adhering to himself unstable, at least, in two-third financed by Moscow Caucasian republics, the more, in fact, the Kremlin loses its control over them. Putin, having an opportunity to appoint heads of republics, yet has not put any reformer in Northern Caucasus. On the contrary, terms of appointment are being prolonged (Ingushetia); presidents hated for their corruption, keep their posts (Dagestan), vassals true to the Kremlin receive the posts (Kabardino-Balkaria). Putin only prepares a basis for further radicalization of Islamic youth.

The Guardian

The iron ring Nalchik has been taken in yesterday, became a sign of the fact that Vladimir Putin's tough policy in Northern Caucasus does not promote restraint of extremism been once a problem of single Chechen Republic. The insurgents who were struggling for independence of Chechen republic, like Islamic fundamentalist ideas more and more; their purposes are changing, and now they have already wished to create an Islamic state on the southern flank of Russia. Poverty in a combination with the growth of corruption of the local authorities promotes increasing of numbers of insurgents; just as cruelty of the Russian militarians and local militia concerning suspected by them in sympathy for insurgents grows.

Die Presse

For Northern Caucasus all the same the rule operates: power resistance will stop only when insurgents do not have any longer support of population when they are deprived constant inflows of jobless youngsters. It means that they must improve conditions of life of the population, solve social problems, create new workplaces, struggle against authorities’ arbitrariness and corruption. However meanwhile in Moscow they listen to that very little. Putin, obviously, prefers strong applications than effective restoration programs.

Sueddeutsche Zeitung

The omnipotent Russian state machinery with its thirst to supervision of mass-media, governors and the national resource while pacification of Caucasus, has found out that its authority is not eternal. Even the Kremlin plenipotentiary recently has not excluded that the multinational region threatens to turn in a microcosm of instability. In a word, the policies of Russia in Caucasus which basic direction was the Chechen Republic, has failed.


The attack at Nalchik has reminded about how much explosive the multinational Russian Caucasus became after war renewal of 1999 in Chechen Republic... "Things that happen, only confirms expansion logic of the conflict. Today's attack reminds the last year's attack at Nazran, carried away lives of hundreds people ", - Anna Le Gueru, the expert on Chechen Republic marked... The purpose of this strategy is " to plunge Russia into despair and to force it to negotiations", madam Le Gueru emphasized. Chances that such Chechen strategy would lead to negotiations’ beginning, are zero as far as Russian president Vladimir Putin remains the unshakable supporter of power methods.


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