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In the costumed procession in Maykop today the national communities living in Adygeya - Greek, Tatar, Armenian, Kurd, Jewish, Cossack and some others participated. Besides the educational institutions, enterprises of republic, delegations from the areas participated in it. The people participating in the action, and further - in the meeting, remarked that it was ‘a kind holiday’.

They said that all the peoples should build their future in the structure of the Russian state, that the holiday in Adygeya today gathered many representatives of these peoples, that all of them are happy to see the republic so celebratory.

The Adygeya president Aslan Tkhakushinov in his speech at the meeting paid attention to that in the beginning of the holiday "the weather was a little bit wet". "And today, - he said, - it is so remarkable, so kind, so good weather. I think that the people of Adygeya Republic are loved by the federal centre, and the God."

"Adygeya and Russia, - he emphasized further, - are still together, and our republic is an example of the real good neighbourhood and friendship among representatives of various peoples. Only uniting can become the base of our well-being and prosperity. All of us understand that our force is in our unity".

At the meeting the medal "Glory of Adygeya" was handed to the chairman of the Legislative Assembly of Krasnodar Region Vladimir Beketov. In his speech he said: "we have everything - good climate, good land, right on education, on labour. We have the right on life. We have no only one right – the right on conflicts".

Then the holiday proceeded with the festival of cultures, where the national cookings of the peoples living in Adygeya were demonstrated. The cookings were free-of-charge, and only Moslems, which, we shall remind, have now Uraza, could not eat them.

On the eve the medal "Glory of Adygeya" was awarded in the building of the State philarmonic society of the republic to the minister of regional development of Russia Dmitry Kozak and governor of Krasnodar Region Alexander Tkachev.

The ex-plenipotentiary in the SFD read the congratulation to Adygeya’s address with the significant date. "I congratulate you, - he said, - with the significant date – the 450th anniversary of Adygeya’s voluntary association with the Russian state. Republic of Adygeya".

"For the three years of my work as the plenipotentiary of the president of Russian Federation in the SFD, - he said further, - we have passed a great joint way, having overcome complexities and contradictions, together quietly and structurally having found resolutions of all the problems. And I’m pleased to mention that today in Adygeya there are serious tendencies in the socio economic development".

"Probably, it is deeply symbolical that your first working day at the new official post begins in the region under number 01, - Aslan Tkhakushinov replied in the speech, - I am sure that your work at such responsible state post will be effective and creative".

"Our way is direct and right - we are forever with Russia", - Aslan Tkhakushinov added at the end of his speech.

As a protest action during these days it is possible to name only a number of the newspaper of the public movement "Circassian congress", published only from time to time. And the number practically is completely devoted to the anniversary. It begins with the editorial article, in which, in particular, it was spoken:

"In the opinion of the leader of Circassian congress of Adygeya Republic Murat Berzegov, imposing to Adygs holidays in nonexistent occasions is inadequate reaction of modern Russia to the requirement to recognize the genocide of Circassian people".

"The lie about voluntary connection, - it was remarked further in the article, - is called to cross out the truth of the Russian-Caucasian war and - the main thing - its tragical consequences for the indigenous population. Returning to the ideology of the USSR speaks about non-readiness and even moreover - confusion of the state authority faced the necessity to solve the Circassian question".

The offer to give more detailed comment for "Caucasian unit" was not accepted by the leaders of the organization.


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