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Какая страна, на Ваш взгляд, примет больше беженцев-черкесов из Сирии?
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Аслан Шаззо на сервере Стихи.ру

The fast growth of Kurds’ population in Adygeya and Kuban could be explained with the state migration policy of the last 15 years based on "absurd liberal ideas that Russia is certain territory, where it is necessary to found next ‘melting boiler’ of "peoples", one of the leaders of "Union of Slavs of Adygeya" Vladimir Karataev considered.

As a whole the question should be not only about Kurds, but also about citizens of foreign states, for example, Armenia and Azerbaijan, as well as about simultaneous outflow out from the region of Russian population. As to actually Kurds, in his opinion, the growth of their population appeared to be remarkable mostly because of that they "are adapted to conditions of lawlessness".

The problem of Kurds’ population differs rather little from the problems of the other migrants in Russia, the interlocutor said. Instead of building of the migration politics in the interests of the indigenous inhabitants of Russia, the state that in the beginning of the 90s had proclaimed its sovereignty, its borders were opened for all the foreigners.

"What is the phenomenon ‘illegal migrants in Russia’? - he asked. - How in the country do millions of illegal citizens come in? That, as a matter of fact, speaks about a high treason. At the official level the borders are not protected, at the other levels the interests of the indigenous citizens which should use their natural rights of priority are not protected, too".

In result, he added, a mass of enclaves was formed, where now representatives of various states compactly live having arrived here not to integrate with the other cultures, rules of life, and to build the united state. They had arrived to solve the problems and are solving them successfully enough, using the situation when the state does not have any national politics.

Settling of Adygeya, Kuban, republics of Northern Caucasus by foreigners passed in parallel to outflow of Russians, Vladimir Karataev explained. In the 90s the republics, in particular, Adygeya, adopted rigid restrictions against Russians, including those who came back from Tadjikistan, Uzbekistan home. But for example Kurds skilfully bypassed those laws, using bribes, their ‘ties’ with the officials.

The greatest part of Kurds, on the data of "Union of Slavs of Adygeya", is settled in Krasnogvardeysky area of the republic. Those are villages Beloye, Elenovskoye, farm Sadoviy and next (in Krasnodar region) village Belikovechnoye. For example, at the Beloye village school Kurd children already make majority of the pupils.

Therefore, the interlocutor of “Caucasian unit" correspondent supposes, sooner or later in Adygeya there would be raised a problem of creation of Kurd autonomy. It would take place by logic order. When a compact population of any people numerous enough is formed the similar question will arise almost automatically. And that problem in that area had been already sounded - at the mentioned school question on teaching in Kurd language today is stated.

If in Russia there were demographic problems, he said, they should be solved, certainly; maybe, even with assistance of foreigners. But then the question should be about concrete abandoned territories. In the present situation they have "alive" villages and replacement of the population, living there. And it inevitably causes conflicts.

Thus the new-coming people lives according to its own laws. "We know, - he said, - about cases of illegal actions from the party of Kurds - usage by another's lands, agricultural activities in those territories and many other things. So absence of the law order, control, mechanisms of protection of the local inhabitants, at the end, stimulates conflicts - murders, beatings, raping and so on."

The question about what, in his opinion, could be undertaken in connection with that problem, the interlocutor answered: "At present state national politics directed on ‘de-Russianation’ of Russia, there nothing can be done. Those people, who now have official power, not that they do not understand the national problems – they just have the other imperative.

Such imperative is formation of not-national community, which based on the principle of belonging to state, instead of to nation. But such ideology would result the country to an interethnic explosion, war, episodes of which we can see already today - even in Central Russia".

To stop that process, in Vladimir Karataev’s opinion, it is possible only having recognized that Russia is a state of those peoples, which had created it – the indigenous peoples. And having changed the state approach so that not the peoples were for the state, and the state was for those peoples.

Let's note, in Krasnogvardeysky area Adygeya for today 4,2 thousand Kurds live. In 2002, when the authorities of the republic had paid attention to that problem for the first time, figure in 800 men was sounded. It is considered that in total in the republic their number reaches 8-10 thousand.

For comparison: in 1993 number of Adygs, who came back home, reached 1,5 thousand people. On the data it was reduced in the last year up to 500 men. The tendency of reduction was kept this year, too.


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