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The Committee of solidarity with Abkhazia (Turkey) published a number of statements in connection with the cancelled visit of the Abkhazian delegation to Turkish republic. In them the authors - chief of the committee Ifran Argun and his assistant Inal Djigu – insisted on that the visit was interrupted as a result of the actions of the Georgian leadership and support of those actions of the leadership of Turkish republic.

In particular, in one of those applications it was said: "Actual interdiction to trip to Turkey of Mr. president of Abkhazia Sergey Bagapsh is an offensive slap of face to each of us. Could it ever be in relation to 5 million people?" (There is the whole Caucasian Diaspora in Turkey. "Caucasian unit" comment).

"The meeting, - it was spoken in the following reference, - which we planned to have with Mr. president Sergey Bagapsh and the delegation of Abkhazia on October 20 in settlement Uzundja-Orman of Handak area now should become more multicrowded and important".

"Our affliction can not be measured, - it was spoken in the final statement. - We know that you feel the same feelings".

"As you know, invitation of Mr. President of Abkhazia Sergey Bagapsh to visit Turkey had been prepared by our committee. With this written request we addressed to then minister of foreign affairs Abdulah Giul", - the committee of solidarity informed.

"In that official address, - it was spoken further in the text, - we stated that it is impossible to consider fair the circumstance that after the end of the Georgian-Abkhazian war the Government of Turkey pays more attention to the Georgian party. Such politics from the very beginning displeases the Caucasian Diaspora. And the present visit was called to eliminate the mentioned contradiction".

"During the subsequent time our committee negotiated with the ministry of foreign affairs of Turkey, - it was explained in the statement of the committee. – Its result was arrangement that Mr. President of Abkhazia Sergey Bagapsh would meet in Turkey with Saakashvili".

That meeting of the leaders of the two countries did not take place, they made comments in the statement, - basically because of infringements Georgia committed of the arrangements with the UN. In particular, such infringement took place on 25.07.2007 in Kodori gorge.

Earlier, on April 21 the meeting had been postponed because of the unsatisfactory state of health of the president Sergey Bagapsh. The term of October 17-24 was fixed then.

"On the eve of the visit of the members of the committee were called by the adviser of the ministry of foreign affairs on Caucasus Inal Chevikiuz for conversation. He remarked at that meeting that the arrival of the president of Abkhazia should be cancelled".

However, the committee of solidarity as it was spoken further in the text, having consulted with other Khases of Turkey, decided to not cancel visit.

It is cancelled – as they concluded - as a result of the phone calls: "First call was made by the chief of the embassy of Turkey in Georgia Artan Tezgiur. Then Inal Chevikiuz phoned to the ministry of foreign affairs of Abkhazia. The official version of the visit’s cancellation was "in connection with present tension of the situation in Turkey".

"Thus, - it was emphasized in the statement, - canceling his visit, Mr. Bagapsh proceeded from that his trip should not make any trouble for the foreign Abkhazes and the Caucasian Diaspora as a whole.


In Turkey there is the most numerous Abkhazian Diaspora. It is considered that it reaches 500 thousand people. In the other countries - Syria and Jordan – Abkhazes practically assimilated with Adygs.

In the Circassian Diaspora, which members they suppose Abkhazes, the term "Caucasian" is actually synonymous to the term "Circassian", and in more comprehensive sense to term "representative of the peoples of the Northern Caucasus".

To translate all of this into modern English it is possible with the help of the two geographical names - Caucasus and Transcaucasia. Thus to the Caucasian peoples, except for all the peoples of Northern Caucasus, it is necessary to relate Abkhazes, Ossetins of Southern Ossetia, Kistins, Lezghins. To the Transcaucasian people - Georgians, Azerbaidjanians, Armenians and so on.


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