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Three big businessmen of Turkey, ethnic Circassians, had become recently persons actually not permitted to visit Russia. They were detained by the border and forced to return back by next flights, without explaining the reasons. Those incidents coincided chronologically with the initiatives to organize an economic forum of the compatriots in Adygeya capital, which received the republican governmental status.

The idea of such forum in Maykop had been working out for a long time. It was even before the president of Russia Vladimir Putin, addressing to the leaders of the regions of the SFD on March 26, 2004 at the Public forum of the peoples of Caucasus and South of Russia in Sochi, said: "And, certainly, your wide interregional cooperation is extremely important. The question is about expansion of business contacts, both inside the district, and with the Diasporas of the Caucasian peoples in the other territories of the country and abroad".

"Caucasian unit" prepared an interview with one of those businessmen Djihan Djandemir. He heads the biggest in the world federation of Circassians organizations - "Kaf-Fed", where for today 57 regional public movements enter.

Corr.: How are you after Sochi? In Adygeya they hope that soon it will be all right.

Dj. Djandemir: In the view of my public status, my deportation had a great resonance. Inclined to think that the happened was a result of some mistake, I met with the Russian ambassador and told about the incident. He assured me that he would have understood the situation. The ICA president, from his party, sent an official letter to the Ministry of foreign affairs (corr.: probably, the ministry of foreign affairs Russia).

Such incidents had taken place earlier. As you know, the last year it happened to close my friend, industrialist Mr. Muzaffer Avdji. Despite of the received visa he was detained at the Krasnodar airport, taken under the guard for a day, and then deported to Turkey.

Later, the last year the visa was given to our friend, the vice-president of the International Circassian Association Orhan Yuzmen which a bit later cancelled. Then in the visa’s reception they refused Muhtin Inal, ex-president of "Adyghe Khase" Federation (Kaf-fed).

After those cases I met the employees of the Russian consulate. The ICA undertook measures, too. In result the interdiction of visas for Muhtin Inal and Orhan Yuzmen was cancelled. It already seemed that soon everything would be all right.

However on February 27 by the border (corr.: at the Rostov-on-Don airport) the member of the Turkish-Russian business council (DEİK) Djenghiz Giul was detained, as he was in the structure of the delegation of that council. The other part of the delegation has passed free, and he was deported to Turkey the next day.

It is symbolical that I was in the structure of that delegation, too. My ticket was already bought, the hotel reservation was paid, but suddenly I was unwell and could not go. The god knows, if the circumstances developed in another way, probably, at that time I would be also deported.

Later, on April 4, I participated in the session of the ICA, organized in Nalchik. By the border after my arrival there were not any problems. Only after returning to the airport for flying back. My passage on the plane was detained approximately for an hour.

Analyzing that delay at the airport, I came to the conclusion that, probably, at my first passage the frontier guards had not noticed some instruction concerned me and allowed me to pass. But already then there were some orders in my relation.

Supposing that, I went to the Russian embassy in Turkey to find out, whether there were in relation to me any restrictions. The employees of the embassy, knowing me well, assured that there couldn’t be any restrictions concerned me.

Despite of those assurances, before my trip to Sochi I asked to check up the information again. "If I am detained by the border, it will be a problem for the whole delegation", - I said in the Russian consulate. I was answered again that there were no restrictions about me and there could not be. Dissuaded in my fears, I moved off to Sochi.

When at the Sochi airport I was asked to wait, while they would check up my nameplate data, I understood what would happen next. I was said that I was detained. The members of the delegation went to the bus and left, and for me a microbus was sent which took me to the hotel of the airport.

I was settled on the third floor, in a room at the end of the corridor, fenced by a lattice. The windows overlooked at a court yard, the balcony was latticed, too. As I arrived on September 19, I could leave Russia by the next flight only on September 24. Thus, I had to spend five days in the hotel room, where the bath did not work.

All mine friends were also sure that there was a ridiculous mistake. It gives hopes that the incident will be settled in the nearest future.

Corr.: How is the problem solved with Muzaffer Avdji and Djenghiz Giul?

Dj. Djandemir: About their cases there were conversations in the embassy and the consulate, too. In that respect, to my mind, it is necessary to carry out checking. I have common with my friends that we are Circassians and have friendly attitudes with many of our compatriots in Caucasus.

We are businessmen, and, proceeding from this, we try to adjust kind economic connections between our countries - Turkey and Russia. If such economic connections are adjusted, they will be followed by the political arrangements. And if it is done, then trust between our peoples will grow immeasurably.

That will strengthen the related connections among the Caucasians of the native land and the Diaspora. To Caucasus the investments will come more actively. On the other hand, Circassians of Turkey will receive more opportunities to save their native language and culture. Therefore we also aspire to cooperate with the Caucasian regions.

Than the relations of two main countries of Circassians’ residing - Turkey and Russia - are more confidential, especially the connections among Caucasians of the native land and the foreign countries will be strong. And Caucasians can become a pledge of reliability "of the peace bridge" between the two countries.

We, living in Turkey, believe that it is feasible. And we feel it in our hearts. I also assure you, we appreciate very much our first achievement, and, certainly, we try to not make much harm in any way. We watch that our actions would not be estimated as intervention in the internal affairs of the state.

But it is interesting and simultaneously causes our regret that they refused in visiting Russia to the one who, like us, never counteracted strengthening of communications between our states.

Corr.: What can you say about changing of the term of realization of the economic forum of the compatriots in Maykop?

Dj. Djandemir: I think, the chiefs of the republic participating in the Sochi economic forum, made a conclusion that it was necessary to get prepared for the forum more thoroughly and professional. The interdiction to visits, imposed on us would, probably, have some negative influence on the plans.

If to speak about me personally, as a member of the Turkish-Russian business council, as the president of Khase federation, I should promote involving the greatest number of the participants of the forum in Maykop. I shall not speak about how sincere my intentions are.

But tell me, how now I have to convince the businessmen to trust to the Maykop forum? You see my friends and I were even refused in the visa, so we could not go. How to explain to the people that they can invest their money? They would think over very well before deciding that.

Corr.: you had headed the enterprise club "Kafiat". This club, as far as we know, organized several forums devoted to the economic development. The program of actions was also developed. What is it possible to consider executed, what should be done for today?

Dj. Djandemir: As I’ve mentioned a little bit earlier: the more the economy of Caucasus is advanced, the more stable and peace conditions are in the region. In general Caucasus is one of the richest regions located near Turkey. Therefore we put before ourselves the task to attract attention of the people in this region.

I believe that in this respect it is made much. Now in Caucasus many businessmen from Turkey work, the people under the tourist permits go there, too. Besides the training in high schools of Caucasus is popular among the youth.

Shortly saying, now very many people in Turkey turned to Caucasus, know about it much more, than earlier. That is what, actually, we tried to achieve. And this circumstance, in our opinion, brings in the worthy contribution to peace in Caucasus.

But, speaking truth, the question with the investments is solved very poorly. There are many reasons for that. And the economic forum in Maykop would be capable to bring the region huge benefits. But, unfortunately, it is not clear, whether it would be held.

Corr.: What, in your opinion, is the greatest obstacle in realization of these plans in Maykop?

Dj. Djandemir: The first thing I have thought in this connection is visa mode. To my mind, it needs to be weakened. At the same time the distortions of the information, about which we constantly hear, also prevent. It seems that the incidents happened to us were the result of such mistake or distortions.

Or, probably, it was a result of some excessive precaution. But then it is not clear, why they chose those who initially had recommended themselves in the positive and the constructive ways. Why should what developed for years and after such efforts, be destroyed?

As a whole all this makes a vast damage to the international image of Russia. I think that if we inform the leadership of Russia about the committed mistake, it will be immediately corrected.


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