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At the plenary session of the II international scientific-practical conference in Adygeya "Prospects of Development of Specially Protected Natural Territories and Tourism in Northern Caucasus" they declared about necessity of working out of forms of co-operation of authority with ecologists. It passed yesterday in the Maykop state technological university (MSTU), “Caucasian unit" correspondent informed.

From the Adygeya Government the prime minister of the republic Vladimir Samozhenkov participated. He reminded, in particular, about the close affinity of the future Olympic objects of Sochi, the Red Glade to the mountain part of Adygeya. "Having chosen tourism as one of the strategic development directions, the republic seriously approached to preparation of the investment platforms in this branch", - he explained.

As he said, in the plans they had construction of hotels and roads, reconstruction of horse-sports base, "revival of famous horse routes". "In stanitsa Dahovskaya it is planned construction of hotel "White Valley ", - the premier mentioned. - The feature of this project consists of that the health-improving complex in the ethnographic style should be created, and the techniques of treatment and preventive maintenance are based on the secrets of ancient Adygeyan healers".

But the basic investment break, the head of the cabinet of ministers told, they expected in the highlands – Fisht-Oshten mountain place. A companion of the Winter Olympiad of 2014 is supposed to be constructed there.

In the 70s on the slopes of Fisht Mountain the modular team of the USSR on mountain-ski sports trained being supervised by the present chairman of the Olympic committee of Russian Federation Leonid Tiagachev, the prime minister also explained.

"The investment project of the all-the-year-round mountain-ski resort "Oshten", - he said, - provides construction of the hotel on 1500 places and 10 modern lifts. The road, which will connect Lago-Naki plateau with the mountain settlements Hamyshki and Guzeripl will be given in operation in 2008, and in 2010 the electric lines will be constructed".

The head of the Cabinet of ministers has underlined the fact that the nature of the republic and the original culture of the peoples of Adygeya attract tourists from various regions of Russia, near and distant foreign countries. On that basis he made conclusion that tourism will shortly occupy the worthy place in the region’s economy and become the essential factor of well-being growth of its multinational people.

"Here again the very important is that at tourism development among the main things there is not only economic feasibility, but also the work of the active mechanism of protection of specially protected natural territories, - Vladimir Samozhenkov stated in the final part of his speech. – We mustn’t suppose that in a favour of someone's momentary irreparable interests "harm to ecology of our region could be allowed”.

The managing director of Union of nature protection and variety of Germany (NABU) Leif Miller told that the organization, he represented, works in Caucasus since 1993. And the natural variety in the region is huge. If to compare the places to the perfect nature of Germany, you could be surprised with magnificence of the nature and talent of people’s souls, living in Caucasus.

Speaking about the contribution of the ecologists of Germany in preservation of this nature, Leif Miller reminded about creation in 2002 in Guzeripl settlement of the centre "Green league", that the union promoted adding of many territories of Adygeya to the World Natural Heritage. In that course in 2003, he said, in Maykop the international scientific-practical conference that caused a huge public resonance, was organized.

"I want separately to thank the leadership of the republic, - he emphasized, - for that Adygeya has saved 30 percents of the area in the status of specially protected territories. It would be also desirable if the other regions would follow the example of Adygeya, adding this territory to the World Natural Heritage".

Naturally, he said further, that on those or other territories from time to time there are disputes, conflicts concerning their economic purpose, construction of roads, tourism development there.

"We are very glad that Adygeya develops economically by very fast rates, - the managing director added. - And I am sure that while using of the territories for the economic purposes, everything necessary for nature preservation will be done".

Adygeya, as he said, as an ecological territory is well known in Germany. And he hoped that that its image would be saved and strengthened further.

Leif Miller also informed: the union of nature protection is going to found in Adygeya its representation, which would work in the whole Caucasian region. Such representation, he said, had been open by the organization in Bishkek and organizes activities in the Central Asian region.

The rector of the MSTU Khazret Bliagoz, welcoming the participants of the conference, said that the university, he headed, cooperates with the registered in the republic ecological organizations for about 10 years. One of the results of that cooperation became inclusion of many protected territories into the World Natural Heritage.

But alongside with nature preservation (the work in which direction successfully proceeds) Adygeya should develop economy.

"It would be desirable, not causing any harm to the beauty of the nature, on the background of ecological breaks, to have in republic the same advanced economy, as, say, in Germany, - he said. Therefore the practical task of the conference is in finding ways of economic development at the careful attitude to the nature".

Jem Ozdemir, the deputy of Europarliament from the “Green" party of" Germany, supervising the Central Asia and Caucasus introduced at the conference as the honourable guest, began his speech with that Adygeya is the country, whence his ancestors came. In that connection he not only welcomed the participants of the conference, but also separately thanked the Adygs, present at the conference.

The deputy expressed his hope that the Adygeya Government would use correctly the natural variety of the republic, which, really, amazed him. He found very indicative that 30 percents of the area of the republic are specially protected territories. "It is important not only for Adygeya, - he said, - but also for the other countries. Only cooperating with the governments it is possible to achieve the real preservation of the nature".

The territories are also special because of the historical events happened there, which had their uniqueness, the deputy also said. Therefore their preservation not only in the ecological plan, but also in the historical one is important.

Speaking about the Olympic victory of Sochi, he mentioned that it was large achievement of Russia. In that connection in Caucasus there will arrive a plenty of new people, which become good friends for those who live here, he said.

"As a deputy of Europarliament from Germany, - Jem Ozdemir told further, - I acted as the organizer of the two big measures in Bruxelles representing the Circassian and the Turkish Diasporas in Europe. I think that in the nearest future we will organize the third such measure representing Adygeyan people, in particular, by the ensemble "Nalmes" (corr: the state academic ensemble of dances "Nalmes" on the eve in the evening performed a concert for the participants of the conference).

"I was born in Germany, - Jem Ozdemir also explained, - I was elected a deputy from the German people. But I am a Circassian by birth, here my father is present (corr.: Abdulla Ozdemir), who was also born in Turkey. Therefore in Europarliament I also support resolution of questions concerned Turkey. The great-grandfather of my father came from these places, and I am proud of that I can consider myself not only a deputy from Germany, Turkey, but also from Adygeya".


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