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The inhabitants of Shhafit settlement, located in Lazarevsky area of Sochi, are afraid of adoption of the "Olympic law" not less, than Sochi citizens, appeared in the centre of the events. As confirmation of it they handed “Caucasian unit" correspondent an official reply to their letter to the Interregional inspection of the Federal tax service #7 across Krasnodar Region.

The reply was dated 13.10.2006 and signed by the assistant of the chief, reviewer of the state civil service of Russian Federation of the 1st class A.N. Kopylov. The inquiry was sent by Madin Shhalahov, Shhafit inhabitant.

In their inquiry Shhafit inhabitants asked to explain why paying for the household sites they are not protected by the federal law on the small indigenous people, as well as what there are those charges of. Thy pay too great taxes, they believe.

The assistant of the chief explained that in Sochi "… the physical persons concerning the indigenous small peoples of North, Siberia and Far East of Russian Federation, and also community of such peoples - concerning the land areas used for preservation and development of their traditional ways of life, managing and crafts - are released from payment of the land tax ".

"You can not use the privilege in relation to payment of the land tax according to the above-stated legislation because you do not concern to the named category of the physical persons", - he wrote.

The question what was the tax of, he answered: "According to the reply of the Sochi municipal unitary enterprise "Municipal institute of general planning" there is no Shhafit settlement in the city of Sochi, and there is a historically usual formation located in Lazarevsky area on the right bank of Ashe river, in the town borders authorized by the decision of the ministerial Council of the RSFSR from 15.11.1977 # 570, in the economical-planning zone М-1".

Having given thus to the applicant the rank of a townspeople, the reviewer of the state civil service of Russian Federation of the 1st class continued: "Being guided by the Federal law "About payment for lands" the tax for a part of the area of the land areas over the established norms of their removal is raised in the double size. By the decision of the town assembly # 61 from 18.04.2002, item 3.1.1 р. 3, for the individual housing construction in the town borders the norm of removal of the land areas from 300 up to 700 square meters is established".

In end of the reply he warned: "On the basis of the above-stated, the Interregional Inspection of the Federal tax service of Russia #7 across Krasnodar Region you are legally made charges of the tax for lands, which you must pay in the urgent order".

"Actually, - the inhabitants of Shhafit settlement explained, - we live in the settlement, which differs in nothing from the other Shapsugian auls of the Black sea coast. There are no benefits that Shhafit is called a settlement, but we pay the land taxes several times higher".

Shhafit, located 3 km away from the seaside, they continued, in spite of the fact that in it there are about 100 households, could be found on some maps. On the highway of Tuapse-Sochi there are signs pointing the turn to settlement. Registration in their passports testifies that he exists, too.

Proof of its existence contained even in that letter, which was sent from the tax service, the interlocutors said. In the right top corner of the reply signed by А.N. Kopylov, the address was written: "354205, Sochi, settlement Shhafit, Adygheyskaya Street, 20, to М.Ch. Shhalahov".

"But on logic of that formal reply all of us are not 80 km away from Sochi, - the interlocutors told. - And among us such settlements as Lazarevskoye, Lоо, Vadane, Dagomys and others are not located. So we should pay the taxes on the most maximum scale".

"If we are truly Sochi citizens, we ask the officials to recollect that Shapsugs are an indigenous small people, - the inhabitants of Shhafit settlement stated. - But they refuse to do that either. And we have no opportunity to bring in any clearness to the situation".

"Now we have been already living in the abysmal legal absurdity created and zealously protected by the officials, - the visitors said. - And it is difficult to imagine what could take place, when for those officials the law about "Olympic amnesties" and further full freedom of "creation" will be adopted.


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