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More than the fortnight staying on Maykop head’s post of new and simultaneously "old" Michael Chernichenko was mentioned by the republican mass-media a little. He was appointed as the mayor assistant by his predecessor Nickolay Pivovarov on November 12, and now executes the duties of the head of the town administration with the right for any signatures.

One of the dealers in the Central market of Adygeya capital, wished to be not named, said that he had learned about changing of the town authority the last week from the news block of the town TV. "In the information it was spoken not about the changing, - he said. – They only announced about what the time head was going to do in the near future".

In the releases of the Adygeya president press-service, received by the e-mail of “Caucasian unit" correspondent during that time (on the average two a day), they did not mention the names of the predecessor on that post or his follower. On November 21, for example, the head of the republic visited stanitsa Hanskaya, territorially included in Maykop. But in the list of the official persons, accompanied the president, the name of the head of the Adygeya capital did not appear.

The Kuban application of "Russian Newspaper" (from November 22), on the contrary, considered that during the period, while Chernichenko came back to authority in Maykop, "it was storming". "The armchair of the chief of the administration of the republican centre he occupies not for the first time, - they wrote in the publication. - Michael Chernichenko had left voluntary it in the beginning of 2002, when Khazret Sovmen was elected the president of the republic".

"In the beginning of this week the extraordinary session of the town council was held, at which the deputies founded a new post - assistant of the head of the town administration on investments and innovation activities, - the newspaper explained further. – A day later Maykop mayor Nickolay Pivovarov appointed to this post deputy of the State Soviet-Khase of the republic Michael Chernichenko. By another order this very day Pivovarov sent himself on vacation, and to execute his duties he left just appointed assistant - Michael Chernichenko. Another extraordinary session of the town council was held this very day at which they adopted about 50 amendments for the Charter of Maykop".

Let's note, earlier, on November 12, “Caucasian unit" correspondent had informed that the head of Maykop Nickolay Pivovarov left for holiday. Michael Chernichenko was appointed his assistant on investments. That decision was adopted by the town council of People’s deputies of Adygeya capital.

The official explanation of the leaving for holiday Pivovarov sounded in a television address, looked: "In order (having headed the town staff of "United Russia") to organize all the processes connected to the present elective campaign".

The question of “Caucasian unit" correspondent, did that mean that the head of the town administration actually resigned preschedully for the benefit of his political opponent, the main editor of the newspaper "Maykop News" Alexander Shutihin answered then that while he had no documents adopted at that session.

"Around Nickolay Pivovarov and Michael Chernichenko during the last time there are many rumors, - he said. - And far not all of them find their confirmation".

In the Adygeya president press-service they informed that day that the rumors about Pivovarov’s replacement reached them, too. But they had not yet received corresponding document. Approximately the same reaction was demonstrated by the workers of other republican departments.

The chairman of "Council of Maykop workers" Valentin Melnikov, to whom “Caucasian unit" correspondent addressed that day for comments, notified that that news he had already heard from the third man. "If the present head of the town administration resigned, many townspeople would feel release,” - he said.

"I in due time had said that "Council of Maykop workers" during the elections, forthcoming in March, was going to support Chernichenko, - he also explained. - He would be the main political opponent of the present head of the town. Therefore such preschedule change of the management would satisfy us completely".

On March 12 in Adygeya capital there will be elections of Maykop mayor and the deputies of the town council. It was considered that the main contenders for the post of the head of the town there would be Nickolay Pivovarov and Michael Chernichenko. However the first person had already declared the last week that would not stand on the post of the head of the town.

Thus Nickolay Pivovarov, as it was said above, is a member of the party "United Russia", his successor had left it (and, as it had been remarked in the summer of the last year, "having slapped a door behind himself") and now is a member of "Fair Russia".

The main thing that the townspeople blame Pivovarov for is the 47-percentage increase of the tariffs on housing and communal services in 2005 - which was estimated by "Council of Maykop workers" in 150 million rubles unduly taken out from the pockets of the payers.

Let's also note that present time mayor of Maykop Michael Chernichenko has uneasy attitudes with the Adygeya president Aslan Tkhakushinov. And the question here is not only in their political position as members of different parties (the president of Adygeya heads the republican branch of "United Russia").

Up to "voluntary" leaving the post of the head of the town in 2002 Chernichenko had put forward his nominee for the president of the republic. And his contenders were not only Khazret Sovmen won then (68,89 %), Aslan Djarimov left to resignation (10,15 %), but also Aslan Tkhakushinov (2,06 %). Chernichenko then had 4,39 % of votes.

Estimating these and other facts, the interlocutor of “Caucasian unit" correspondent in the Central market said that if earlier as a whole "he was intolerable", now "became tolerant". As to the elections – to the State Duma, or for Maykop mayor -, the dealer is sure that they are necessary. "During such campaigns there are no inspections of the town markets, and we may care, for example, about our own health", - he said.


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