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The first three figures of the regional list of "United Russia" held on November 28 in Maykop a meeting with the voters - sportsmen and representatives of the sports community. Such meetings were organized in the republic not only in its capital, and not only with sportsmen, but also representatives of the other trades all around Adygeya.

In his speech the Adygeya president Aslan Tkhakushinov touched different problems of the republic, first of all the economic ones. According to the leader of the republic, he knew sports as the professional working in that sphere for several years. But, despite of the world achievements in sports, Adygeya is not so well-known so far. "Since I had become the president, I often have to tell my interlocutors, where Adygeya is situated, what is the main town of our republic", - he said.

The sports, in the president’s opinion, had worked well and works for growing of "the first little plants" of Adygeya’s public image. And that meant the opportunity of development of its economy. And now Adygeya Government aspires to increase the economy in order to provide the population with the necessary things, including the sphere of sports and children’s physical education.

For the current incomplete year of the work of the new republican government they managed to create about 1000 workplaces, the president said. For the same period Adygeya had earned 1 billion rubles. That is more than ever before for such period. But in Adygeya the population is 441 thousand people, from which 250 thousand people are the able-bodied population, and a half of the able-bodied population remains unemployed.

"Recently we had come to the agreement with a firm wishing to construct a metal works in Adygeya, - the president reminded. - And that will be ecologically clean industry that is very important for us. Thus the firm undertakes to start its factory in two years and, under the forecasts, that would allocate into the republican budget 4 billion rubles a year. It is equal to the sum Adygeya receives from the federal budget now".

For today, the president added, the budget of the republic makes 6 billion rubles, 2 billion rubles of them it earns itself. "And if such factory, such industry begins working here, - the president emphasized, - we’ll become economically self-sufficient subject of the federation, and we shall help those who will not have such opportunities".

Aslan Tkhakushinov told about the visiting of the president of Russia Vladimir Putin of the Adygeya’s exhibition at the Sochi economic forum.

"I said to him, demonstrating our exposition: "Adygeya coming out from an ambush", the head of the republic told. The Russian president laughed and asked, "Why from an ambush?" And I answered that the republic participates for the first time in the forum of such level. But accommodation of the projects and the demonstrating stand are very poor, like Adygeya itself. Though the projects are very clever and well prepared".

Then, according to the head of the republic, he addressed to the chief of the state with a question about construction of the road Maykop - Dagomys, where only 63 kms were left to construct. "And if you, Vladimir Vladimirovich, help us to complete this road, - Aslan Tkhakushinov said then, - we will not need to be helped financially any longer, we shall manage to solve our economic problems in our republic".

The Adygeya president reminded about that for today six civil-engineering designs of the road in the area of Big Sochi are examined. But the project (Maykop - Dagomys) is the most ecologically safe, economically favourable and the cheapest. It would take 18 billion rubles to be implemented, whereas the others are estimated from 34 up to 70 billion rubles.

Against realization of that project the ecologists are, the president mentioned, "they are one or two". "Our (Maykop state) technological university had passed these territories for the UNESCO - to the World Natural Heritage, and now we should ask there, whether we can construct the road on that area. But I think we shall overcome all of that".

The president also told about the federal gasification program, about the plans on the water supply system construction, about other projects, having emphasized thus that the Adygeya leadership had good relations not only with Vladimir Putin, but also with the prime minister Victor Zubkov, heads of the state federal departments, the plenipotentiary in the SFD, the governor of Krasnodar Region.

Speaking about the forthcoming elections Aslan Tkhakushinov said that "United Russia" in Adygeya for the first time of participation in the elections had got the lowest parameter in the whole Russia - 34 %. For Putin, when he staid for the second president’s term, in the republic there were 76 percents of votes.

"And we in Moscow were defined, - he said, - that our figure is not the first, but the second. It is the minimum that we should get". As in that case there should be supported not the party, and the president of Russia Vladimir Putin.

"We have 322 thousand voters, - the leader of the republic reminded. - From among them in the elections 280 thousand people participate. In order to have one deputy in the State Duma of Russia, we must have a party that could manage to get not less than 110 thousand votes. Clearly, the United Russia is "the only party that can do that". All the other parties are too weak to get such results. And if there was such party, we would ask to vote for it".

""United Russia" is not a sacred party, the president said. – The Communist Party of the Soviet Union was the Sacred party we had. At least, it was characterized that way then. Actually everybody is mistaken. For example, "United Russia" is reproached for that it had not constructed in Adygeya any sports object. But now 14 mini-football fields are given the republic. The construction of a sports complex is also planned for the next year".

Let's note, among the first three chief persons – members of "United Russia" in Adygeya beside the Adygeya president the chairman of the State Soviet-Khase Ruslan Hadjebiekov and deputy of the State Duma of Russian Federation Nickolay Demchuk. They also spoke at the meeting, as there were some remarks from the party of the audience in the hall. The brightest end of the speech was said by the Olympic champion Sergey Alifirenko: "We say Putin - we mean the party, we say the party - we mean Putin".


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