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The Regional public association "Vote" and the leaders of the five branches of "small" parties in Adygeya, having summarized the results of the pre-election campaign on November 27, condemned at the round table "United Russia" - for unprecedented use of its administrative resources. Representatives or chiefs of the Communist party of Russian Federation, "Fair Russia", the LDPR, the Democratic party and "Patriots of Russia" participated in the meeting.

In the opinion of the gathered, despite of the open using by the republican authorities the administrative resource, there were rather few complaints submitted to the corresponding instances. Besides they were prepared separately; so the necessity to develop common protest document had ripened.

The association "Vote" – Vladimir Karataev mentioned (chief of the local branch of the organization) - was engaged in only monitoring of the pre-election process and the elections. Any purposes concerned "orange revolution", as now they try to frighten the people on TV, were not put and would never put for the organization.

For five years "Vote" is engaged in the activities concerned monitoring elections. The association had been invited to participate by the international organizations-observers of election process, including abroad - Kazakhstan, and Ukraine.

"How could we explain such unnatural situation, when the infringements have mass character, and there are practically no protest applications? - having listened opinions, Vladimir Karataev asked. Could we assume, that is connected to people’s unwillingness to act against the president Aslan Tkhakushinov?"

"No, - the representative of "Fair Russia" Evgeny Siyuhov answered, - I think, Putin with his authority pressed people down. Therefore the parties became puzzled. And "United Russia", on the contrary, feeling such support, started behaving in open way".

"And people, - representative of the LDPR Irina Darvina, - simply knows, the elections will be authorized all the same, the results will stay in force. The life goes on, if not today, so tomorrow they will twist nuts. Besides we have ignorance of the laws, about which, actually, nobody cares, especially elderly people".

As Karataev said, during the monitoring of the present pre-election campaign of electing deputies of the State Duma of Russian Federation of the V convocation activities of "Vote" lasted about two months. In particular, control of the publications in mass-media was organized. One of the themes examined thus was corruption component in the course of the elective campaign. That was use of the administrative resource, delivery of gifts on behalf of the party, when they had been bought by the budget means, use of the official posts, premises, transport, mass-media and so on for propaganda for this or that party.

As an example of such infringements the leader of "Vote" resulted the statement of the regional Political council of "United Russia", published in the newspaper "Soviet Adygeya" on November 26. "That, as a matter of fact, was a propaganda material, - he stated. - But it was published not in that status, and as a simple statement. And the place in the newspaper is obviously used free-of-charge, as there was no note that the material was paid from the means of an elective fund.

Stepan Jangaev, representative of the Communist party, told about another infringement. "Today, - he said, - I have met a woman - not Communist, but sympathizing the Communist party, a house-chief. She told that she had been forced to bypass all the apartments in the building she controls, and to remind tenants, that they should vote for "United Russia". She refused to do that, and, at the end, resigned her duties of the house-chief".

Viacheslav Larichev, the chairman of branch of the Democratic party of Russia, told that each morning at the door of his entrance he tore off agitation papers of "United Russia". "The house-chief, - he said, - warned me, that he would write out the penalty of 500 rubles for that. I answered that the leaflets according to the law could be glued up in the places, specially prepared for that. I am not the one who tears such leaflets off, and he glues them up each morning again. He was not given money for it, but was warned that if he did not help, he would lose his post".

Igor Andreev, the chairman of the branch of the LDPR, informed: "Yesterday at 7 o'clock in the evening my guys glued up leaflets by entrances of the houses in micro area “Voskhod”. In an hour the leaflets disappeared. The houses-chiefs threw them".

Evgeny Siyuhov, representative of "Fair Russia" told that at the celebrating of the 85-th anniversary of Shovgenovsky area of the republic there were the president, the head of the parliament, the deputy of the State Duma of Russian Federation, practically all the republican Cabinet of ministers, heads of the area administrations. And all of them called to vote for "United Russia". And one of the heads of the area administrations proclaimed the slogan: "United Russia" – is the CPSS of the XXI century".

"During celebrating the Day of medical worker, - he also told, - from all the managing branches of the hospitals, of all the medical sisters they got receipt to supply presence in the Republican philarmonic society for meeting with the president. There was the leadership of the republic, too, and there was a concrete conversation that "we need 90 % of votes in the elections". Then someone asked to vote, who was for "United Russia". And all of them lifted hands. It was appeared that only one man was against – and he was in papaha (national hat).

"Yesterday in Timiriazevo (Maykopsky area), - Igor Andreev continued, - the guys stuck up the leaflets and carried the brochures. Than old women rushed out, returned the brochures and asked: "Take it away, or they will break gas supplying for us".

"Should the Adygeya president according to the law leave for holiday? - the chairman of the branch "Patriots of Russia" Askerbiy Adjighereev asked the gathered. He should. The prime minister should do that, too. But nobody has left from them, because Putin had not left for holiday. Writing our application we will list all our ministers – every surname. All of them use state cars during their official working time".

"What can we achieve by it? – Igor Andreev asked. - What do we want to achieve? We should raise the question on cancellation of results of the elections".

However, there wasn’t any unity in the opinions. The majority believed that it would not be possible to do that. The remarks "there should be precedent as it is important”, "Make them pay off for using of working time, transport and so on from their own pockets", "Let’s make the office of public prosecutor to undertake corresponding measures".

The result of the round table was decision to work out a protest application, in which there should be fixed the facts of use by "United Russia" of the administrative resource, as well as the other infringements listed above.


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