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Since the 2008 the Adygeya regional development agency will get ready to two variants of the events - to start concrete actions or to the self-liquidation procedure. During the previous term it had been working out "the rules of business - game", and that work practically already was finished.

"There were not an official statement on this theme", - the assistant of the agency chief Ilias Soobtsokov explained to “Caucasian unit" correspondent. But he did not deny that that position was already sounded by the agency head Ghissa Baste. He just said that his chief before undertaking anything, would like to meet the president of the republic Aslan Tkhakushinov".

About the reasons of such seeing the situation the interlocutor refused to speak. "I am a worker of the department, - he said, - and that imposes on me a duty to follow the certain norms". At the same time he complained that, as today, as it was used to be during Khazret Sovmen’s presidency, it is very difficultly to meet the leader of the republic for representatives of public. And the agency is a public structure.

Concerning the worked out "rules of business-game" he said that they are the most transparent and aimed on filling of the republican budget. As an example he resulted territorially growing Krasnodar and Takhtamukaysky area of Adygeya which is closer to the city centre, than many city’s districts.

"Through the area a ring road around of Krasnodar passes, - the interlocutor said, - The city plans construction of three bridges through Kuban river. That means that the growth of infrastructure, inhabited quarters in the territory of the area practically is inevitable. And it needs a civilized approach - "rules of the game". Besides, all that promises investing of great money into the budget of the republic".

The other example concerned Maykopsky (mountain) area. There, alongside with the other kinds of tourism, they should develop ethno-tourism, the interlocutor assured. Only in Turkey according to the most conservative estimates about 3 million ethnic Adygs live. From among them not less than 300 thousand people belong to the class using the services of the tourist firms. And the development of this direction is also perspective.

The question, whether Moscow prepared obstacles in those projects’ implementation, Ilias Soobtsokov answered: "Certainly, we might point on the federal centre. But we do not use the opportunities we have enough. What could we speak about when the deputy of the European parliament, ethnic Adyg, comes to us on an individual visa? Or when the president of "Adyghe Khase" of Turkey is detained by the border, and we undertake nothing in our turn?"

Let's note, the Adygeya president Aslan Tkhakushinov declared foundation of the regional development agency at the end of December of the last year, not having won his present official post. Then the future chief of the agency – a Krasnodar businessman, deputy of the State Soviet-Khase of Adygeya Ghissa Baste was appointed.

The presentation of the new republican department was held in March, 2007 at the first session of the Council on strategic development at the Adygeya president, to which creation the leadership of the republic connected special hopes. Those were "activization of economic development on the whole spectrum of directions, attraction into the region investment flows".

First "little crack" in the mutual relations between the agency chief and the Adygeya president appeared after creation of the Organizing committee on preparation of economic forum of the Adygeyan businessmen from foreign countries in Maykop. Ghissa Baste said then that it was rather early to organize such forum - some preparatory stage should be necessary. In his turn, he aimed his activities on working out of investment projects for the Sochi forum "Kuban - 2007".

After the Sochi forum he declared in an interview published in the republican press that the regional development agency needed to get the status of state structure. However no answer to that statement followed.

Let's also note, Ghissa Baste was considered one of the nearest supporters of Aslan Tkhakushinov. In particular, he supported the present head of the republic during the republican presidential elections in 2002. He remained in the team after Khazret Sovmen exposed his own candidature, and it became obvious that Tkhakushinov would have failed.


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