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Какая страна, на Ваш взгляд, примет больше беженцев-черкесов из Сирии?
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Аслан Шаззо на сервере Стихи.ру

Tourism in Adygeya could be developed in four basic directions: excursions, balneological, mountain-skiing and routing, the senior lecturer of the faculty of economy, tourism management and hotel business of the Maykop state technological university, the head of the tourism department of Maykopsky area administration Ivan Bormotov considered. But those directions remained not developed.

"The Black Sea coast of Caucasus receive a multimillion flow of the tourists, - he explained in a conversation with “Caucasian unit" correspondent. - They choke with a monotony of their rest, and multi-crowdedness. And Adygeya could become some kind of "rescue" in such situation.

In the republic, as he said, there are five thousand natural, historical and other objects, which should be developed. It is such as Hadjoh gorge, Rufabgo waterfalls (as a whole in the mountains they are over 120, and 325 - caves), dolmens, (about a thousand), old fortresses and many other objects. That is "the field of activity" for the excursion tourism.

For development of the balneological direction, he said, in Adygeya there are huge stocks of the mineral raw materials - mineral waters, specific medical dirt. And Maykop town in that respect could appear one of such resorts as Kislovodsk, Pyatigorsk, Goriachy Kluch. But those resources are used in the republic in the poorest way.

"The third direction – mountain-skiing, - the interlocutor also explained, - is practically not used, too. There is no scientific or perspective development. That, as well as Adygeya tourism as a whole, can not get high-grade development without Lago-Naki plateau. And if it was given to the natural reserve wrongly, it would have to be returned".

"Yes, I agree, - he said, - in the North of Russia there are some mountain-skiing tourist objects. But there often people have to ski on the strong frost. And here it is possible to do it topless, getting sun-bathing simultaneously. Just only on Lago-Naki plateau we could place over 200 km of the ski lines. That is 60 times higher that the opportunities of the Red Glade".

By way of the routing tourism, in Ivan Bormotov’s opinion, they did not take into account that the opportunities Adygeya have recently increased repeatedly. Baltic States, Byelorussia, the Ukraine and Transcaucasia became for the tourists of the European part of Russia less accessible. The other part of Northern Caucasus is simply dangerous to tourism. There are the routes in the mountain passes of Adygeya, which should be restored. Earlier they had been very popular. But today only one of them works across the whole Russia - Hadjoh-Dagomys.

The question what now the mountain-skiing tourism of the republic is, the interlocutor answered: "Under the federal program "South of Russia" in Adygeya it is planned construction of three objects. They are complexes "Partizansky", "Oshten" and "Kurdjips". They are connected from the southern part of Lago-Naki plateau by a road and electric line. "Partizansky" complex had already got communications; it is necessary to supply "Oshten", and existing camp site "Lago-Naki". An electric line should connect "Engineer" and ring over it with the energy system of Mezmay settlement (Krasnodar Region).

The complex "Partizansky", as he said, is located outside of the Caucasian natural reserve, "Oshten" is situated by its border, "Kurdjips" is in the territory of the natural reserve. Thus, he said, they are disputable territories. Lago-Naki plateau was given only by the decree of the Adygeya president, but they did not execute any land-boundaring, as well as other accompanying procedures. And now they have negotiations with the Ministry of natural resources of Russia about what should be left for development of the mountain-skiing tourism, and what must be passed to the natural reserve.

"There could be the ideal variant, - the interlocutor mentioned on that occasion, - to create on Lago-Naki plateau a national park - with only one owner. Having passed these territories to the natural reserve, we would have deprived ourselves of an opportunity of development not only of the mountain-skiing tourism, but also pasturing cattle breeding, then the cattle industry of the republic would have simply failed. And there are the richest pastures - 14 thousand hectares of the Alpine meadows".

National parks are considered all over the world as the only acceptable model of nature preservation and tourism development, Ivan Bormotov supposed. When there are a lot of owners, each of them tries to fix behind himself some land sites, and that situation results to "tearing up" of the territories. The national park model works well in Sochi, where they have preparations for the Winter Olympiad.


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