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The appearance of new sport activities lately increased the number of people who are interested in healthy lifestyle and who are ready to invest their time in development of one’s body and spirit.

MMA - complex of different types of martial arts is one of such sport activities. This particular type of sport combines various sorts of Eastern, South American, European and North American martial arts, such as Freestyle wrestling, Greco-roman wrestling, Thai box, kick-boxing, judo, jiu-jitsu, taekwando, different forms of karate, and others.

MMA became popular in the beginning of the 90s in the US, when the competition “Octagon” started. Athletes of different weigh and styles competed for the title of “Ultimate fighting world champion”. With MMA entrance into the world arena special rules had to be brought in to protect athletes’ health and lives.

Circassian Martial Arts - unique in its essence club, was the co-project of Worldwide Circassian Brotherhood and martial arts school “K-Dojo”. European Champion Murat Keshtov, famous athlete from Karachaevo-Cherkessia, and his partner- businessman Shamil Kardan opened the school of mixed martial arts “K- Dojo” in New-Jersey. Prior the school opening the president of WCB Zamir Shukhov approached them with the project of “Circassian Martial Arts” club. Murat and Shamil were thinking over such a project themselves for a while, so they enthusiastically accepted the idea.

The grand opening of the club took place on November 17 and a couple of days later the actual trainings with the dozens of young athletes begun.

The CMA club is the independent element on the basis of the “K-Dojo” school and it is designed particularly for the Circassian youth and active adult population in the Diaspora. Along with all sport experience that master Keshtov has, different types of techniques from judo, jiu-jitsu and boxing are being used during training. Murat Keshtov has got his black belt of 4th dan in the United States and is known to many as Master K.
All three founders of the club (trainer Murat Keshtov, manager Shamil Kardan and program-director Zamir Shukhov) agree that nowadays the youth needs some “tools” for unification and transition to healthy lifestyle.

Sport has been always the alternative to drugs, alcohol addiction and other negative matters, and the new sport MMA concentrates in it the best of all martial arts.

“From time to time looking through the Internet I come across pictures and videos of the Circassians dancing. Of course, I love our dances- they represent our culture and traditions, but our people were always known mostly as all-time warriors and best athletes later on. We want to restore that particular characteristic of the nation.”- said Murat Keshtov.

Shamil Kardan added:” Although the club is called “Circassian”, our doors are opened to other nations of the North Caucasus. We want to create the atmosphere of peace and tolerance between the nations of our historical motherland. We’ve already signed up several athletes from other republics and there’s a hope that number will increase in the future”.

“The new “CMA” club is a unique opportunity for our nation to represent itself in the world sport arena of MMA”- added Zamir Shukhov. “We work on setting sport contacts between the Diasporas and the Homeland to give our young athletes the chance to grow, to get to a new level, to participate in world championships under the nations flag. We expect only the positive outcome from the club and put all our efforts in it. One of the most important aspects of our work is the restoration of the elements of Circassian physical upbringing, such as “belt-wrestling”. Just for the first week of trainings more than 30 guys manifested a desire to join the club. On that pace I am afraid the CMA will have to expand very soon”

The CMA management considers teaching martial arts as an element of unification, strengthening national self-identification and as a peaceful tool for self-defense. The CMA logo is an ancient symbol of Circassian warriors’ (found printed on the gloves in the Middle Ages) also there is the elements of the Circassian flag- 3 arrows and 12 stars in the club’s colors (white, black, red).

On the questions of cooperation or any other information concerned parties may contact the club management at cma@kdojo.com.

WCB is will also be information sponsor of the CMA club, readers can find articles, news, pictures, videos and championship schedules at www.adygaunion.com.


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