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The meeting organizers’ requirement from the formal point of view is wrong. Under the law corpses of insurgents are not given out to their relatives, they are buried under accession numbers in prison cemeteries. But the law often differs from the custom. In Caucasus it cannot be understood, how it might be possible that you have not been given your relative’s corpse, even he was a gangster, a terrorist for whom the family, probably, felt shame - but still relative. As “Izvestia” newspaper emphasize, according to Moslem traditions a dead man should be buried as soon as it could only be possible. Desirably in the death’s day, before a sunset.

However after events in Nalchik corpses of the killed terrorists laid in the city streets two days as a material result of the successful power operation. In a court yard near the Lenin prospectus two young men, smoking as if they were at an excursion in the dissecting room, stopped at a body covered up to chin with some rag. "Look, Tamyk lays here, we’ve studied on parallel faculties together", - spoke one to another. Tamyk had a bullet hole in his nape. All the killed terrorists had holes in napes. According to eyewitnesses, some of the terrorists tried to surrender, and went with lifted hands. Then all they have got a hole in a nape.

The lorry began to pick up the corpses and to carry in mortuaries only on Friday evening. The majority of terrorists’ bodies was taken to the city mortuary in Dubki microdistrict. On Saturday the mortuary were surrounded by militia. In distance of several hundreds meters from the mortuary in great circles people - relatives of the victims - stood.

Vadim Zhekamuhov was among the killed. His destiny was indicative. He was a little bit more twenty, by a trade - the driver, lived in settlement Kenzhe in near the suburb. In the morning of the attack day he, just having heard shots, drove for the child to a kindergarten near the 1st Department of inner affairs where he got under firing and shot dead.

As his 21-years old wife Asya Zhekamuhova told IА Regnum, her husband, Vadim Zhekamuhov, on October, 13th in 11 a.m. heard that there was a firing in the city, and went to take away his nephew from the kindergarten. He did not come back home that day, and on October, 14th his father found him laying in area of the House of culture in the southwest part of Nalchik. Zhekamuhov’s wife approved that Vadim did not consider himself as an adherent of Islam, he never made namaz praying and hated Wahhabists.

In the mortuary they had not found any documents by him. "It is natural. Who, rescuing the child, thinks of documents?", - said his natives and fellows villager. But that is inadmissible for the special services. Everyone who got in the mortuary without documents, was identified as a terrorist, put on hand a yellow bandage. A friend of the killed 25-years old Vadim Zhekamuhov told "Moscow Кomsomoletz" that the relative did not receive his body because he was declared to be an insurgent. "Vadim went for the child, he wanted to take away him from kindergarten. The kindergarten is situated not far from militia district department where a firing went on. Vadim was shot by mistake, and then he was thrown in his car along with pomegranates and machinegun and photographed with the weapon. Did not perform namaz, he had a gold wedding ring on a finger, and Wahhabists do not wear any gold", - Vadim’s friend said.

Militiamen thrust a pistol under his belt, enclosed a pomegranate in his hand, and beside put a machinegun. All that had been photographed and shown to his relatives as the proof of his accessory to mujahideens. His body for funeral has not given out so far. There are tens of such cases.


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