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Occupying until recently the post of the director of the Adygeya National museum Almir Abregov after refusal to prolong his contract would like to meet with president Aslan Tkhakushinov. With the minister of culture Adam Tletseri, in his opinion, he had the very clear attitudes.

"Nevertheless, - Abregov said in his interview to “Caucasian unit" correspondent, - I have addressed to the minister to be informed according to the 184th federal law about complete substantiation of the reason for that the contract "was not renewed”. The interlocutor would like to meet with the president, as he said, because in that opposition according to him, many people referred; and the president’s position without interpretations would be important to know.

"The point is that during the previous pre-election campaign the minister of culture had met the collective of the museum, - the interlocutor explained. - Then he estimated the work of the museum very good having named it as "the most powerful and developing in Northern Caucasus". The minister said that the president and he had been to the republics of Northern Caucasus, but they did not see any similar to the Adygeya museum. Addressing to the gathered people, the minister mentioned that the merit of it belonged to the collective and its director. But one month later I received the official notice and the order".

Clearly, A.Abregov said, that all those words were spoken during the pre-election propaganda, and could be estimated differently. But anyway then estimation of the minister coincided with what was stated by the modern experts of the biggest museums of Russia. And if it was so, the further actions of the republican official became not logical.

As a whole, around of that case many rumors were spread, even by workers of the ministry, Abregov complained. So, at one of the sessions the minister of culture declared that during Abregov’s managing one of the museum exhibits was gone. "Only after my statement that for such statements I could submit to court," the case "about loss” was closed", - the interlocutor explained. But nevertheless, the search of "infringements" in the republican museum proceeds.

The question what consequences were caused by the letters of the workers of the museum in his support, the interlocutor answered: "I know that the employees had addressed to the minister of culture of the republic, to the Adygeya president and the minister of culture of Russia. But I am not familiar with the contents of those letters".

He achieves a meeting with the Adygeya president independently. For that purpose he contacted to the president’s assistants, who answered that the president could receive him that week. Whether the workers of the museum would be invited to that meeting is not known.

62-year's old Abregov considered that the age could not be a handicap in his professional work. "There are many examples, when the museums were headed by persons of considerably more respectable age, - he said. - Museum affairs assumes, first of all, knowledge, competence as it is not that enterprise, where "getting younger" of the staff so is necessary".

"Maykop, - he also explained, - seems to be a small town. But at the same time it is the centre of the world famous Maykop culture. It is one of the most ancient archeological epochs, with which the basic historical heritage of the region is connected so far. It is important to collect artifacts of various epochs, and they can already be seen in the museum in sufficient volume. But it is even more important at creation of the expositions correctly to place accents - so that the submitted time was not deformed, for example, because of ignorance".

In Adygeya National museum, Abregov resulted as an example, the ex-director of the museum Lubov Ashkhamahova works till now as she had headed it 20 years ago. "And it could never occur to me to offer her to retire because of her age, - he said, - And I was guided thus, on the contrary, her experience, practice, knowledge".

He continued to get letters and phone calls in his support. The member of the International council of museums, he also receives them from abroad. In the conversation he presented two of them. That is the reference of the major scientific employee of the Russian ethnographic museum Vladimir Dmitriev to the workers of culture of Adygeya and the letter of the senior scientific employee of Lazarevsky ethnographic museum ( Sochi town) Tamara Polovinkina to the Adygeya president.

"During my working in the museum, - the interlocutor said, - I got many letters, diplomas and other marks of gratitude which I carefully keep. All the same it is the estimation of my work. But such letters dearer because they were sent in the time so difficult for me".

Tamara Polovinkina wrote about importance of her cooperation with the Adygeya National museum, about their joint creation of the exposition in the museum of Lazarevsky settlement. She named Abregov an expert sent by God, considerable and educated, a man devoted to his people and profession, a real internationalist.

Vladimir Dmitriev in his reference analyzed the present expositions of the National museum, stated the opinion that the collective of the Adygeya museum, being formed during such a long time, should be supported, as they supported the management of the National museum of Adygeya Republic on behalf of its director A.N. Abregov in the present activities.

The masterpieces of the epochs of the early bronze and the early iron he named "corresponding to the world standards of archeological expositions". The exposition "Culture and Life of Adygs: Traditions and Innovations" as "the most complete and in the art relation most successfully implemented the project of cultural presentation in the museums of Russia".

The exhibition devoted to the Caucasian war of the XIX century, was characterized by him as the only experience of the museum work, worthy the special studying. The exposition about the Great Patriotic war is a scale one, in which "it is really present the spirit of the battle cooperation of the peoples of Russia" promoting development of the interethnic tolerance in society.

Let's note, earlier "Caucasian unit" had informed that the republican minister of culture Adam Tletseri refused to comment on the decision concerning the director of the museum. "The term of his contract was out, - he said, - and the contract was not prolonged".

In support of Abregov’s returning to the post on behalf of the museum workers the manager of the scientific - methodical department of the GIM, the responsible secretary of Scientific council of historical and local museums of Russian Federation Lubov Skripkina acted. A telegram to the address of the Adygeya president was sent by representatives of the local public and intelligency of Kabardino-Balkaria.


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