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Stating about that for the post of the head of department on cultural heritage objects protection and use, recently created in Adygeya, just two men had applied, would not be absolutely correct. Initially there was only one, who unexpectedly both for him, and for Moscow, was replaced by another at the latest moment.

"It’s been almost a year since they talked about creation of an independent body of the executive authority on protection and use of monuments in our republic, - the public adviser of the minister of culture of Russia Kasey Hachegogu declared to “Caucasian unit" correspondent. - And at the beginning the question was not about a management, as it is submitted now, and about a committee".

Concerning his nominee for the post of the chairman with the Adygeya president Aslan Tkhakushinov the minister of culture and mass communications of Russia Alexander Sokolov had spoken, he also said. And as the minister informed the candidate, the leader of the republic expressed about Hachegogu as a man with a great potential.

Then, as he said, he had a meeting with the Adygeya president. "At it the head of our republic said to me that he saw me as the chairman of such created committee, - the interlocutor said. - Such assurance and estimation, naturally, inspired me. Actually there was coordination in Moscow, and the case just needed corresponding document preparation".

As to the present head of the department Rustem Tsipinov, who then occupied the post of the main inspector, Kasey Hachegogu met him at once. "I have a very benevolent attitude towards him, - he explained. - His appointment for the post of the main inspector took place when I was the minister of culture of Adygeya. I also offered his nominee".

"I explained him then, - the public adviser said, - that creation of new department requires experience, in such issue it is important trust of Moscow. The period of development would be difficult, and the problem could be solved faster and more qualitatively together. Tsipinov in this committee was offered to become a vice-chairman that is higher in the rank than the post of the main inspector".

"To Tsipinov’s honour, - the interlocutor commented, - he apprehended that news adequately. And we agreed to work together. Then before his appointment he disappeared from my view. And then - such unexpected decision".

The question that, for what reason, in his opinion, the president could choose such confrontation with the minister of culture of Russia, did not make his promise and put himself in a unprofitable situation before the other officials, Kasey Hachegogu answered: "In general, I am considered as a man of straight line, that is why inconvenient. They accuse me for that I am dramatic director, known in Northern Caucasus, and now is trying to rush into authority".

But the point is that now he unemployed, and there is simply no vacant creative post in the republican theatre. No job for other directors, which in the republic enough, too. In the whole the problem of theatre in Adygeya is a special one, which requires separate conversation.

And that department he could head, at least, for the period of its development, as the present head of the department, though an expert in the sphere still has no organizing experience.

"Monuments of culture, - he added, - dolmens, ancient towns, rests of fortresses, kurgans are plundered by so-called "black diggers". And the more the objects are ancient the worse is their today's condition. All this requires precise construction of the service, its interaction with the federal centre, with other services in the republic, first of all, the law-enforcement bodies".

The republican minister of culture Adam Tletseri could give the recommendation to the Adygeya president concerning the nominee of the head of the named department. "And if the minister considered that I want to push him down, - the interlocutor assumed, - he should use that situation".

But nevertheless all that, taken together is not enough in any way for so radical act of the president. "There is something key, essential reason, - he explained. - And it could occur anything to me".


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