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Imposing of that the deputies of the State Soviet-Khase of Adygeya would have elected the chairman of the body of the republican authority among the Russian candidates for that post, is inadmissible. On the contrary, they should insist on that that vacancy was occupied by a representative of the indigenous nationality of the republic. It was discussed on January 18 at the session of the council of the public movement "Adyghe Khase" with participation of representative of "Circassian congress".

According to the vice-president of "Adyghe Khase" Nalbiy Guchetl, at the moment, when the president of the republic is not elected and nominated by the Kremlin, and his authority is weakened thus, the second key instrument of Adygeya’s statehood is still the legislative structure. And from the one who occupies the post of the speaker of "by people elected body", depends much.

He offered to the members of the council of organization to state a common opinion. The estimation that they should state the opinion to the deputies, and, first of all, the president Aslan Tkhakushinov (corr.: heading the republican branch of "United Russia"), was unanimous. The disagreements were caused only by which particularly were necessary measures for carrying out to make that opinion was recognized.

The most part of the gathered said that was necessary to affect the president, which insisted on a nominee from among Russians - probably, being forced from above - and to organize corresponding work among the deputies. But there were also those who talked about necessity to meet the deputies.

Arambiy Hapay declared that the process of the regions’ integration in the country proceeded. It was retouched a little by the elections taking place now. But the threat to the status of the republic still exists, and the signs of that threat could be seen with all their evidence not later than the present autumn. And who would head the republican parliament was not an idle question.

In his opinion, they should send a deputation to state such position to the president. "If it is necessary, - he reminded, - we shall call the Congress of Adygeyan people, which had not stopped working, having only interrupted it for some time. The mandates of the participants of the congress still work. And, probably, such time has already come".

Aslan Nehay did not agree with necessity to convoke the congress, though he did not deny that they should interfere in the process. But they should do it, in his opinion, tactfully, because the accusations in nationalism could follow. "Function of the congress is in preventing the threat of liquidation of our republic, instead of solving such questions, as a struggle for the speaker’s armchair".

After discussion of the question the decision on meeting with the deputies - Adygs was adopted and previously dated to January 23. At it, according to the opinion of the members of the council, forms of interaction would be discussed, and if necessary, the plan of meeting with the president would be worked out.

Let's note, at the end of the last year the republican public organizations "Adyghe Khase" and "Circassian congress" had sent the president of Russia, chiefs of the upper and the lower chambers of the parliament of Russia, chairman of the Constitutional court of Russian Federation a reference, in which their concern in relation to reorganization or liquidation in the republic of several federal structures was expressed.

They listed Adygeya customs house, Management of the federal service on veterinary and phito-sanitary supervision, Management of the Federal service on nature usage supervision, Management of the Federal service on drugs control. That letter was supported by "Circassian congress" Kabardino-Balkaria and Karachaevo-Circassia.

"Now, - it was said in the document, - the process of liquidation of Management of the Federal tax service of Russian Federation across Adygeya Republic was started". The authors of the reference considered that many of those actions of the Kremlin contradicted the Constitution of Russian Federation and the Contract about differentiation of subjects of conducting and powers of the federative subjects of Russia.

As a whole, the authors of the reference considered that all those measures did not correspond to the International pact about economic, social and cultural rights, according to which "Adygs (Circassians) establish freely their political status and freely provide the economic, social and cultural development".


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