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The reference with request for meeting with the Adygeya president the workers of the National museum of the republic had handed over in his administration on December 17 of the last year. So they tried to achieve restoration on the post of the director Almir Abregov, to which the contract was not prolonged. But the leader of the republic could not receive representatives of the collective.

"That day I had handed our letter to the minister of culture Adam Tlesteri, - scientific deputy of the director of the museum Nadezhda Bessarabova told “Caucasian unit" correspondent. - Then it was registered and we sent the second letter to 101 study of the president and government administration".

The third letter, as she said, they had directed to the minister of culture of Russian Federation. "And there were not simply letters of a group of the employees, and the official collective letters written on behalf of the meeting of the museum workers", - she underlined.

According to the chief of the presidential administration Egor Goriajnov, he did not know about any written reference of the employees of the National museum to the head of Adygeya Aslan Tkhakushinov. And consequently such meeting could not be planned.

The explanatory that Abregov, from his party, was orally agreed with one of the assistants of the president about such meeting, and it was promised him, the chief of the administration answered: "Now the president has a dense agenda connected to the elections of March 2, and he can not receive anybody".

"The letters were sent to the named instances that very day, when the meeting of our collective had passed, - the deputy director of the museum explained. - On behalf of the collective I spoke with the minister of culture of Adygeya, while passing him our letter".

According to Bessarabova, they had a long conversation then. She referred that the creative collective of the museum had already created expositions. One was in 2001 - "Adygs’ Culture and Lifestyle", the second one in 2005 - "Adygeya During Great Patriotic War". The equipment for the exposition about the natural history - two halls of 240 sq. meters, a hall about the ancient world and the middle ages of 120 sq. meters now is under construction.

And the director had been the scientific chief of those projects, she gave reason, he created the scientific concept of the museum’s development, and in Adygeya there was no other expert, which could replace him to implement those ideas.

The minister answered that the collective should be got younger, said that the director could remain working in the museum as "the brain centre". But, eventually, it is better to be with Abregov than without him, and the exposition in the museum would be constructed.

"Despite of all our actions, - the deputy director continued, - On December 20 we were introduced with the new chief. The minister did not come, as his assistants represented the newly appointed director. And it was very rough meeting".

In particular, she asked then representatives of the ministry: "How could it happen that Fatima Djigunova, not having coped in due time with her job in the department archeology of the museum, now is appointed its director. She not only did not construct any exposition, even did not create a theme-exposition plan".

Among the acted, as she said, there were other employees of the museum – Mariet Nehay, Hariet Dogunokova, Olga Pletneva. They asked: why professionalism was not taken into account, why will validity not triumph? The collective went to the moment since 1993, when the museum received a new building - to construction of its expositions. And suddenly the labour contract with Abregov without an explanation of the reasons was not prolonged.

After that second meeting, the interlocutor said, she and Olga Pletneva were invited to the minister of culture. The owner of the cabinet again spoke that the exposition would be constructed: with Abregov - it would be better, without him) – would be worse, that the directors would vary often, and the minister already declared that the question was solved.

"We minded again, - the deputy director noted, - that the large personnel mistake was made, that professionalism should be highlight, that they shouldn’t ignore validity. I said at that meeting to the minister: "Why did not you come to our meeting to introduce the newly appointed? You were afraid to meet with our collective".

Already after the New Year's vacation six employees of the museum met the head of the parliamentary committee on culture, sports, mass-media and interaction with public organizations Evgenie Salov. "It turned out that when we were in the study of the deputy, - the interviewed told, - the call of the minister of culture took place. That is, the information on our arrival was reported to him right there and then".

At that meeting, in particular, the employee of the museum Fatima Pshipiy spoke that a man could become a museum worker not at once. She works in the museum for 15 years, but only after her 10-year's work felt that she is already able, she knows how she should organize her work. "She heads the department of the middle ages, - the interlocutor explained, - by which one of the expositions is now constructed. Therefore she said such phrase: "I was deprived of my teacher".

The expositions cost considerable money, the members of the deputation explained to the chief of the parliamentary committee. One of the halls is 3,5 million rubles, the second - 2,5 million rubles, the third - 2,6 million rubles. And the equipment of those halls is exposed. A very serious work on correct scientific filling of expositions now is necessary.

"The chief of the scientific-methodical department of the State Historical museum of Russia Lubov Skripkina, - Nadezhda Bessarabova resulted as an example, - with which I’d consulted, said on that occasion: "You see it is very important what level the exposition will be constructed of, because it can inspire good will, or can cause aggression".

"And I can not explain that, - the deputy director of the museum said in the end of the conversation, - in the administration of the president and the Cabinet of Ministers of our republic, where I had handed over our letter with my own hands, they do not know that we are trying to meet with the Adygeya president".


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