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A meeting of the protest with requirement of reduction of the tariffs for communal and housing services in conformity with the norms of the law, stopping of "unlimited" rising of the prices on consumer goods, decrease of the norms of gas consumption for population passed in Adygeya capital on January 26. It gathered on the main square of Maykop over 1000 men.

According to Valentin Melnikov, chairman of "Council of Maykop workers” and one of the organizers of the action, the new year "had pleased" next time the simple citizens with the growth of the tariffs on electric power, gas, for communal and housing services. "Like after a waving of some magic stick, - he said, - the prices for products of food had flied up".

At the pensioners, which, as he said, even in the last year had hardly survived, after visiting markets in the present year sharply had got high blood pressure. The prices today are such that so-called "Putin’s" increase of the pensions sees as a next sneer over common sense and people.

At the end of the last year, he also said, the Supreme court of Russian Federation had decided to stop proceedings on the case about excess of the tariffs for communal and housing services in Maykop for 2005. "Basis, - he reminded, - of that decision of the court of the first instance was born in 2006, when the tariffs of 2005 were already cancelled and the new ones adopted".

The court had unreasonably, in his opinion, ignored that the tariffs of 2006 under the new law depended on the tariffs of 2005 and if the tariffs of 2005 were illegal, the tariffs of 2006 would be illegal, too. "Thus, - he said, - they allowed the town authority to break any laws, in particular, in the sphere of the communal and housing services".

"Everyone knows, the planet approaches the global warming, - the leader of the Maykop workers resulted as an example. - However in Adygeya, obviously, it is expected "an ice epoch". They could not explain in another way why they got raising of norms of the gas consumption in 40 %. And in order to make that growth "little", the sum for the heating season was scattered for the whole year".

Concerning that in the connection with refusal of the Supreme court of Russian Federation on the case about the tariffs for communal and housing services of Adygeya capital "Council) of Maykop workers" prepares now application to the Constitutional court of Russia, the participant of the meeting Sergey Betgash said, as there were precedents, when that instance made decisions for people’s benefit.

And the tariffs for communal and housing services of the town were really overestimated that year, despite of the restrictions specified in the decision of the Government of Russian Federation, the participant of the meeting said. Their general growth then made almost 50 %.

"It is necessary to use all the opportunities to defend our rights by lawful methods", - he considered. At the same time, he doubted: "I do not know, which of those courts has more powers. Even if the Constitutional court of Russian Federation adopted decision for the benefit of the Maykop citizens, that, probably, it would carry recommendatory character".

"I’m not informed about those litigations, conducted by the organizers of this meeting, - Valeriy Tolaev told “Caucasian unit" correspondent. - And at the meeting of protest I am the first time. I live in the private sector, and the problems of communal and housing services partially concern me. I work, my children grow, and I, certainly, see: the prices for electricity, natural gas, food products raise, and the salary stays the same. And what they speak here about the pensioners is correct, too".

In Tamara Komarova’s opinion, if Constitutional court of Russia gives up in satisfaction of the requirements, they will have to address to the European court. "Only there, - she said. - You see our courts are like. See, what occurs in Adygeya - in all the structures of authority only relatives are engaged. So how could you achieve from them a fair decision?"

As Aslan Shikov noted, it is difficult to expect from the judicial processes any validity. And, in general, that is a deadlock. To change the situation it is necessary to make judicial posts elective. "And the same figures through whole their lives stay there, - he said. - So that they do what they want".

At the meeting in end of its work the resolution was read which was adopted by the unanimous voting. The document would be sent the republican and the town authorities, the organizers said.


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