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The parliament of Kabardino-Balkaria on March 20 at the regular session adopted a reference to the deputies of the Moscow city Duma with request to work out measures against xenophobia in Moscow.

In the document the deputies of Kabardino-Balkarian parliament expressed their concern "in relation to the cases, which have become frequent in Moscow, of attacks citizens under the ground of the national or racial discord". Thus, as it was stated in the text, "such attacks are quite often qualified as a banal hooliganism".

"Propagation of the nationalist moods in the multinational Russia, and especially in its capital, carries a real threat to the statehood of the country, the centuries-old union of the peoples that formed it", - it was written in the reference.

The reference was adopted in connection with murder in February of three inhabitants of Kabardino-Balkaria by the hands of the Moscow skinheads. The crime caused in the republic a wide public resonance.

As "Caucasian unit" had already informed, in the end of February of the current year the public organizations and political parties of Kabardino-Balkaria had had sent a letter to the President of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin, in which they expressed their serious concern in connection with the frequent in Moscow and other cities of Russia attacks organized against Kabardino-Balkarian citizens.

The authors of the public letter asked to take under special control discovering of the crimes lately committed by youth nationalist groupings against the natives of national regions of Russia; to give due principality and persistence to the struggle against the acts of Nazism and xenophobia; to arrange to suppression of the anti-Caucasian, nationalist and chauvinist propagation in the mass media.

They had not got a reply to the letter yet, “Caucasian unit" correspondent reported.

Let's remind, that on February 17 in Moscow 33-year's old Kerimov, inhabitant of Kabardino-Balkaria was killed. On his corpse it was found multiple knife wounds on neck, head and back. An expensive mobile telephone and money in the sum of 40 thousand rubles, also found by the killed person, were not touched by murderers. One of the versions the employees of militia work out, is a murder on the ground of the national hatred.

On February 12 at the house 14 in the Molostovy’s street 22-year's old native from Baksan town (KBR) Eduard Dikinov was murdered. He had worked in one of the firms of the capital, and in the Molostovy’s street had rented apartments. Dikinov died because of multiple knife wounds in back and neck. In February in Moscow Kazbek Bedlugov, native of Kabardino-Balkaria, was also killed.

In all three cases the murderers acted the same way.

A half-year ago "Caucasian unit" informed about the murder in Moscow of inhabitant of Kabardino-Balkaria Anzor Degoev, who was engaged in the capital in habitation construction and repair. Anzor had two small children. The murder was committed in the late evening of July 23, 2007, when Anzor together with his partner were coming back home. In the area of the subway "Kolomna" they were attacked by unknown persons who using baseball bits broke their heads.

Anzor Degoev died the next day in a hospital. His compatriot, inhabitant of Ghermenchik settlement of Kabardino-Balkaria, as a result of that beating, became an invalid. Neither Anzor Degoev, nor his friend had in Moscow any personal enemies. They had just worked in the capital for several days.

The Office of public prosecutor of Semenovsky area of Moscow on the fact of the murder and robbery instituted a criminal proceeding, however the murderers were not found.

According to Anzor Degoev’s cousin, any measures for discovering the crime were not undertaken by the Office of public prosecutor. At present Degoev’s natives do not know, whether the investigation was conducted or the case was suspended.

Let's remind, participants of the press conference "Xenophobia Mood among Russian Youth Becomes Epidemic", past on March 21 (on the All-European Day of struggle against racism, in the Independent press centre in Moscow), ascertained that the attacks against natives of Caucasus and Central Asia in the cities of Russia became more severe, and Moscow occupied the first place in the number of the attacks against visitants.


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