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Participants of the international symposium organized in Istanbul by "Adyghe Khase" of Turkey returned to Adygeya. The declared purpose of the meeting was adjustment of contacts among the Circassian Diaspora and inhabitants of the regions of the historical native land. Participants from Kabardino-Balkaria, Adygeya and Abkhazia took part in the work of the symposium as representatives of the historical native land.

According to the head of the Committee on nationalities, communications with compatriots and mass-media Aslan Potokov, who had taken part in the event according to an order of the Adygeya president, one of the main ideas, sounded at the session: how much are ready and can Adygs of foreign countries and the regions of the historical native land help each other.

"Adyghe Khase" of Turkey (Kaf-Fed), the organizer of the symposium - for today is the most authoritative organization of Circassians abroad, Potokov reminded. The leadership of the federation repeatedly visited Adygeya, and in development of the mutual relations of the Diaspora and the republic the mentioned organization organized a volumetric work.

From their party, the chief of the committee told “Caucasian unit" correspondent, representatives of the Diaspora spoke about their readiness for investment in the economy of the regions and reproached their compatriots in Russia with inertness. They also specified risks connected to interaction to the Russian business.

The historical native land, Potokov notified further, Adygs of the foreign countries expect mainly help in learning the native language by the young generation. In it, in their opinion, invaluable help could belong to the satellite TV. The Diaspora also hopes for broadcasting of video and audio records of the national songs and so on as well as publication of the learning-methodical literature.

"Our Diaspora supposes that such questions the republic can solve independently, - he said. - Adygeya is a full subject of the federation; but at the same time it should be guided by those rules and laws, which are used in Russia. From among of those wishes, which were stated at the symposium far not all can be implemented".

The problem of the "not entrance" Adygs-businessmen of Turkey at the symposium they said casually, the interlocutor mentioned. Djihan Djandemir, the president of "Adyghe Khase" Federation of Turkey, in his speech mentioned that he had met a fact of deportation personally, but in that occasion he had a conversation with the ambassador of Russia of Turkey, and the incident was already settled.

Let's note, earlier "Caucasian unit" had informed that Djihan Djandemir could not take part in the economic forum in Sochi in September of the last year. He was isolated from the Turkish delegation of businessmen and settled in a hotel of the airport, where was kept under the guards for several days. Then without an explanation of reasons he was sent by a return flight to Istanbul.

At the end of May, 2006 something similar took place in relation to the Turkish industrialist of Adygeyan origin Muzzafer Avdji. He was detained at the Krasnodar airport, taken under the guard for a day, and then deported to Turkey.

A bit later of the same year they gave and then cancelled the visa to the vice-president International of the Circassian Association Orhan Yuzmen. Then in the visa reception they refused Muhtin Inal, the previous president of “Adyghe Khase” Federation.

In February, 2007 at the of Rostov-on-Don airport the member of the Turkish-Russian business council (DEIK) Djenghiz Gul, included in the delegation of the council. The other part of the delegation, in which besides him there were not Circassians, passed the border free. He was returned to Turkey the next day.


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