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In the morning of April 11 on the gates of the house of Fatima Tlisova’s parents in Karachaevo-Circassia a chalk-drawn cross and inscription "We can not get Fatima, but we can get you" appeared. The large family of the journalist - her parents, brother, sister, sister-in-law and seven nephews and nieces, the eldest of which was recently 13, live at the house.

On April 15 in the evening a car approached to Fatima Tlisova’s house. In twilight in the street children from the next houses were still playing, as near women chatted. A man sitting in the car called up the senior nephew of Fatima Tlisova - Azat (his name was changed - IА REGNUM). The man said to the boy that his father had got strongly drunk with friends and had been not capable to drive, so he sent him for his son to say Azat to drive back the car. The boy knowing all the friends of his father, had not seen the man and had not remembered a case when his father was unable to drive; still he obeyed "the father’s order" - Azat got in the car.

At the moment when he had already set in "Lada", he was called by his mother running to the automobile. She did not get an opportunity to talk with "the envoy of the father" as the car the very moment drove away. The father, Fatima’s brother, arrived approximately in an hour after that, being absolutely sober. He answered a reproach of his wife that he had been off for businesses and did not send anybody for the son.

"It was not the first case. – Tlisova’s sister-in-law said. - The last year they tried to kidnap our younger son. When he went from school, a car approached to him. A man in it demanded that the boy to get into the car. The son escaped, being strongly frightened - since then he refuses to go to school by his own, we lead him meet after work".

Let's remind, oppression against Tlisova took place since she was engaged in journalism - threats, arrests, beatings in the streets were accepted by the woman without a complaints.

But soon after the fighters’ attack against Nalchik in 2005, oppression with threats against the family of the journalist took place, too. In her reportings Fatima Tlisova informed that the detained fighters were tortured, and investigation of the circumstances of the Nalchik riot had the character of the mass reprisals.

On April 27, 2006 in Tlisova’s parental house there was carried out a militian search, under a pretext of ostensibly operative information that in the journalists’ house there was a warehouse of the weapon. According to Fatima Tlisova’s mother, the search was carefully made. "Weapon" was searched in cases, pillows and matresses, in subsidiary premises and the court yard. The search proceeded more than hour; then the militiamen had not found out anything illegal and left. According to the mother and the brother of the journalist, militiamen wrote nothing down in their presence, they did not ask to sign anything that means that the search protocol of was not made at the place.

Approximately in the same time in Circassk the senior son of Fatima Tlisova - Sasha (name was changed - IА REGNUM) was detained. According to Alexander, militiamen threatened the teenager.

Then Tlisova for the first time answered the persecutors on the pages of the mass-media: "In my journalistic practice there were many cases, when the officials of various ranks openly advised me to change my public position "to make my living easier". I ask to consider as the answer to all those advisers the following: "Everyone is guaranteed with freedom of thinking. Nobody can be forced to expression of views both beliefs or refusal of them. Everyone has the right to freely search, receive, pass, make and distribute information by any legal way. Freedom of the mass information is guaranteed, the censorship is forbidden" – the Constitution of Russian Federation item 29. I consider pertinent to quote one more clause of the Basic law of our country: "Impediment of the lawful professional activities of journalists is pursued by the Criminal Code of Russian Federation" (clause 144). Yours faithfully, Fatima Tlisova".

In 2006 the IА REGNUM chief-editor across Northern Caucasus Fatima Tlisova was awarded with the prestigious European premium "Free press of East Europe - 2006". As it was specified in the diploma, the award was handled “for courageous and honour reflection of the events in Northern Caucasus" by the German fund Zeit-Stiftung Ebelin und Gerd Bucerius together with the Norwegian fund "Freedom of Word".

In March, 2007 Tlisova left for training to the Harward University of the USA. The atmosphere of reprisals around Tlisova served as an occasion for provocations and statements as if the journalist asked the political asylum in the USA. Tlisova herself denied those rumors. "In America I am on study, after that I plan to continue my work in Caucasus", - Tlisova declared to IА REGNUM correspondent. On April 18, she confirmed her position.


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