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On April 26 in Circassk town it was founded the public organization of the veterans-volunteers of the Domestic war of the People of Abkhazia 1992-93, which combatants from Abkhazia, Kabardino-Balkaria, Karachaevo-Circassia and Adygeya entered. About their wish to join the organization Cossacks of the South of Russia declared.

Besides the humanitarian block of the authorized purposes of organization, it should be mentioned the military component of the Abkhazian volunteers new union - on the background of aggravation of the situation by the borders of Abkhazia the veterans had been mobilized and created the one coordination centre. IА REGNUM correspondent’s questions on "disturbing" aspect of the organization were answered by one of the initiators of creation of the all-Caucasus Abkhazian volunteers union – Kabardian Ibraghim Jaganov.

IА REGNUM: What is your position on Abkhazia?

Irrespective of the opinions of the NATO or Russia the Volunteers Union regards necessary to support aspiration of the People of Abkhazia to get independence. The world has already approached to that level of its development, when Kosovo, Southern Ossetia and Abkhazia can exist as independent states. Barbarous struggles for territories should be left to the history. The world comes to understanding that it is impossible to bring in victim to the imperial ambitions territorial integrity the whole peoples and cultures. If any animal comes to the edge of its disappearance - people create conditions for preservation of its population. Why the whole peoples have fewer rights than animals - we have already lost hundreds peoples and cultures, which is impossible to restore.

IА REGNUM: What is aggregate number of the veterans of the Abkhazian war in Northern Caucasus?

In Kabardino-Balkaria they are about a thousand, up to three hundred live in Adygeya and about one hundred - in Karachaevo-Circassia. There were more Chechens, but their basic part was lost in the Chechen wars, and we have no information, whether there was anybody from them alive – we lost any communication with them. There were at war about five hundred Cossacks from Don and Kuban... There was a division from Leningrad -15 men.

IА REGNUM: Does not seem to you that the reasonings about the Union, as an efficient unit capable to help Abkhazia, was a little exaggerated? How much are the veterans efficient in general, as you see 15 years passed - people have grown old?

We are about 40 now: that is an efficient age. But not we are the main thing. The youth, sensible, ideological, strong guys with experience of servicing in the army have grown up. We, veterans, having the battle experience, are ready to lead them. Today's youth is better ready than we were 15 years ago. They see us ahead - people knowing what to do, and ready to incur responsibility. When we were 20- 25 we had no such people.

IА REGNUM: And are you authoritative among the youth?

The struggled people always are authoritative among the youth - whether it was veterans of the Great Domestic war or "Afghanians".

IА REGNUM: Now there are a lot of conversations on the internal conflicts in the community of the combatants. How strong is the unity of the veterans of Abkhazia?

We have no conflicts. There are naturally disagreements and disputes, but they do not carry the basic character. This is a normal phenomenon in the community of free, thinking people. In the needed time all the disagreements will be instantly closed. In many respects, the rumors about conflicts are connected with the after war period, when we were actively taken apart. Every politician, businessman or criminal wanted to get in their supporters the people respected in the society or simply strong guys who fought. Nevertheless, the basic skeleton of the veteran community has not gone on that ways. They have families now, the people are engaged in business, career, science, a part of them moved abroad and now lives in Europe. But when they are needed – they will take their place. Certainly, there are people who had not found their social roles. And the duty of the Union is to help them with job to support financially not only the families of the lost guys, but also alive veterans who got in a difficult situation.

IА REGNUM: Basically, from the point of view of the law, you are veterans of the illegal armed units. I saw that at the constituent congress there was an officer of the FSB, who attentively watched the occurring. How do your relations with the authority develop? Do you feel any pressure from the part of the Russian authorities - special services and so on?

To tell the truth, we do not feel a pressure on ourselves. The interest exists, we feel it; but we do not see a problem in it. To hold any force under the control is a normal reaction of any state. We do not leave the frameworks of the law; therefore we consider that the state structures do not have bases for being troubled. And we are not a closed club of the veterans or a sect, and the public organization open for contacts to the authority and the society.

IА REGNUM file: Ibraghim Jaganov is 43. High school education, graduated the Ministry of inner affairs high school in Baku. During the Abkhazian war Ibraghim Jaganov commanded the Kabardian battalion. Hero of Abkhazia, plenipotentiary of the president of Abkhazia in Kabardino-Balkaria. Now Ibraghim Jaganov is known outside Russia horse-breeder of the Kabardian horse breed. Ibraghim Jaganov’s runners win worthy places in the most prestigious races of 160 kms distance. In 2004 – the second place in the open championship of Germany, the first and second places in the championship of Poland. In 2005 – 18th place in the world championship in Dubai (the best result of Russia for today).


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