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The illegal cutting down of the trees near to the Maykop town water supply point was made in the territory of the beech and fir genetic reserve, as well as in the sanitary protection zone of the water supply point. It was revealed during the check organized by the Office of public prosecutor of Maykopsky area with participation of the local ecological public.

"The check was started in connection to the facts of mass wood cutting near to the Maykop town water supply point, and also in connection with the mass felling in the territory of the World Natural Heritage object "Western Caucasus" in the limits of Adygeya, - the Ecological Watch coordinator across Northern Caucasus Andrey Rudomaha explained to “Caucasian unit" correspondent. - Now in the territory of Tsitsin forestry (within the limits of which the land sites of the World Natural Heritage are located) timber-making works are suspended".

After the visit to Sochi and the mountain part of Adygeya of the missions of the UNESCO and the INPU (the International Nature Protection Union) the employees of the law-enforcement bodies together with the ecologists had organized already two times inspections in the mountains. While the check touched only the 19th quarter of Tsitsin forestry.

In the forestry, according to the ecologist, it was revealed 236 stubs left after the illegally felling; legality of felling of 138 trees, cut down in the quarter, is also specified, in the not surveyed part of the quarter there are over 100 stubs unregistered.

"The beech and fir genetic reserve, - the ecologist said, - is especially protected territory, on which there can be carried out only collecting of the trees’ seeds and scientific researches. On its mode it is actually a reserve. It is clearly specified in the passport of the beech and fir genetic reserve, where it is said: to exclude forest using, to forbid sanitary and care felling".

As Rudomaha added, within the framework of the inspection it was found out that the right on the wood felling in the 19th quarter belongs to the state unitary enterprise of Adygeya Republic "Kurdjipsky timber enterprise". But the site, selected for such felling, is outside of the beech and fir genetic reserve. In addition the legal situation in that site is not all right, too. According to the results of inspection of the territories (carried out with using of GIS technologies) the cutting down part of the forest marked with allotment poles, is not in that place, where the allotment was officially fixed. And thus, actually it was also illegal.

"The following trip to the 19th quarter of Tsitsin forestry, - the interlocutor noted, - is planned to May 20. In its course it is necessary to check stayed not surveyed sites of the 19th quarter, to fix on the map location of the illegally cut trees there and finally to determine with "disputable" fellings.

After the check of the quarter, according to the ecologist, the territory of the natural monument “Upper flow of Tsitse river" will be inspected, as the ecologists spoke about felling there in the last year. Then they should visit the territory of another natural monument "Upper flows of Psheha and Pshehashkha rivers", also belonging to the World Natural Heritage.

But that territory will be checked only from the point of view of legality of wood felling, and, for example, not in relation to illegality of road construction to Lunnaya Glade. Only check of forest using was included into the competence of the present check. Concerning the road the ecologists should undertake special measures once again to focus public attention on that problem again.


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