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The deputy of the Council of People’s deputies of Maykop Aslan Bezrukov prepares a cassation complaint to the verdict of the first judicial instance concerned his retiring of the deputy powers. The main reason of the court was payoff of his voters. And that decision the Maykop town court born on May 12, as cassation submission of the appeal should take place in 10-day's term.

"According to the decision the court of Adygeya capital Адыгеи it was created a precedent, - the deputy in a conversation with “Caucasian unit" correspondent said. - I think, this is the first decision in the republic in relation to the deputy of some level". Thus, as he said, the whole proving base of his "fault" then the candidate for the town deputies Bezrukov was altered for several times, so the office of public prosecutor could not help to have done it without falsification.

"At the present March elections, - he explained, - I stood on two constituencies of different levels: as a candidate for the deputies of the State Soviet-Khase of Adygeya - on the one-mandatory constituency #16, and as a candidate for the deputies of the Council of People’s deputies of Maykop - on the three-mandatory constituency #8. And to there could not be any claims against that as the law allows it".

The mandate of the deputy of the republican level was not won by Bezrukov; but to get the status of the deputy of the town council there were enough votes for him. He handed over corresponding reports: for the 16th district – for the republican central election commission, for the 8th district – to the Maykop territory election commission. Then he received a deputy mandate and began performance of the deputy duties.

One of his ex-contenders during the elections going after him by quantity of the got votes – Yuri Alexejuk, chief of "Rostechinvetorization", (former technical Inventory Bureau, submitting to the town administration) submitted a claim against the deputy. That was a man representing the authorities.

In the cassation complaint Alexejuk’s opponent specified: "The Court has defined incorrectly the circumstance of the case". The candidate Bezrukov, as he said, had promised that "he will allocate one million rubles from the fund of the deputy to support of the needy many-children families, invalids and seriously ill patients" as a candidate for the deputies of the State Soviet-Khase, as for the deputies of that level such sum is stipulated by the republican budget.

The new thing in that phrase was only that the candidate for the deputies specified the category of the citizens, which he was going to help in case of his election into the republican parliament. But the court regarded that application as a promise of the candidate for the deputies of the Council of People’s deputies of Maykop. And that, in the court’s opinion, was nothing else but a payoff.

The following promise in Bezrukov’s program as a candidate for the deputies of the parliament stated: "Offer to adopt the Law releasing from the property tax to and the land tax… Organization at the constituency a free-of-charge legal consultation for the voters".

"Notwithstanding, - Bezrukov commented, - that all that was written down in the propaganda materials of the deputy of the republican level, those statements were estimated as a payoff of the voters, too. Meanwhile a deputy of the State Soviet-Khase has the right on a legislative initiative (and the deputy of the town level has no), the deputy of the republican level is obliged to consult the voters, first of all, in relation to the legal questions, for example, the laws just adopted by the republican parliament".

As a whole, in Bezrukov’s opinion, the question, most likely, was about "the order". Therefore he hopes that he would "defend" in the Supreme court of Adygeya without special efforts. Though at the same time he does not exclude another development of the events.

Let's note, Aslan Bezrukov, a businessman and a public figure, had been more than once elected a deputy both of the town, and the republican levels. In 2005, when in Maykop the housing and communal tariffs had been increased in 47 %, being a deputy of the State Soviet-Khase of Adygeya he supported the requirement of "Council of Maykop workers" about reduction of the town tariffs up to conformity with the decision of Government of Russian Federation on housing and communal services, helped in organization of the actions of protest, having created for that the informal association "For justice".

Then the office of public prosecutor focused its attention on him, having instituted a criminal proceeding, which “had no relation to the housing and communal tariffs". On April 17, 2006 (to that time the term of his deputy mandate had expired and he did not begin to stand for the following term) Bezrukov was taken into the investigation isolator, where he staid till June 14. And the criminal case is conducted till now.

However Bezrukov, managed "to appear" in the Council of People’s deputies Maykop of the new convocation. So he acted for the competitive basis in formation of the staff of the Control-auditing commission of the town municipality. For today it is formed, certainly, without any competition.

He also voted (in the minority again) against adoption of "Rules of land tenure and building of Maykop town", offered to the deputies without opportunities even to overlook it. The deputies managed to achieve only a delay, but were compelled to adopt the document "in the second reading".


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