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In Kabardino-Balkaria on May 21, on the Day of the memory for Adygs, lost in the Russian-Caucasian war of 1763-1864 years, a number of the measures and actions devoted to that date passed.

As the chairman of the public organization "Adyghe Khase" Muhamed Hafitse told, this year, as well as earlier, on May 21 near the monument "The Tree of Life", the mourning measures – the solemn putting of the flowers, prayer for the dead, literary-musical composition were held.

After that the participants of the measure could free-of-charge see the performance "Thunder Rumble" under the play of Michael Lohvitsky in production of the Kabardian drama theatre. The leadership of the republic took part in the measures.

"The incorporated number of the Adygeyan-speaking newspapers of the three republics of KBR, KCR and Adygeya were also devoted to the Day of memory. The number was devoted to the tragedy of Ubykhs’ people, which as a result of resettlement to the Near East completely disappeared from the earth", - Muhamed Hafitse told.

On May 20 in Nalchik the mourning concert of the executor of the national songs Hussein Maremukov, organized by the International Circassian association passed.

The measures were also prepared by the Circassian congress.

"On May 20 at 8.00 p.m. at the monument they lightened a hundred and one candles - one candle for each year of the war", - the chairman of Circassian congress Ruslan Keshev said.

"On May 21 Circassian congress carried out the Memory March in the central streets of the city. In 12.00 a.m. – the minute of silence worldwide and action “Alive Fire", - Ruslan Keshev informed.

Let's remind, that on May 21 it was 144 years from the date of ending the Russian-Caucasian war (recently historians wrote "Caucasian war"). The war lasted for 101 years since 1763 till 1864.

As Ruslan Keshev told “Caucasian unit” correspondent referring to the authoritative historians, in the Russian history they called "Caucasian war" the war which Russia had in Caucasus in the XIX century. The time interval of that war lasted in 1817-1864 г.г.

"By some strange way the years since 1763 till 1817 disappeared somewhere. For that time there was basically conquered the Eastern part of Circassia - Kabarda", - Keshev said.

In Ruslan Keshev’s opinion, under the name "the Caucasian war" is completely not clear, who with whom was at war. Instead of the uncertain term the "Caucasian" war some scientists offered the term the "Russian-Caucasian" war of 1763-1864.

"It is little bit better than "Caucasian" war, but is incorrect, too", - Ruslan Keshev considered.

"From among the peoples of Caucasus against the Russian empire there were at war only Circassia, Chechnya and Mountain Dagestan. Secondly, "Russian- " reflects the nationality. "Caucasian" - reflects the geographic place. If to use the term " Russian-Caucasian " war, it will mean that Russians were at war with Caucasian mountains. It, certainly, is unacceptable", - he said.

In Ruslan Keshev’s opinion, the war of Russia with Circassia could be named correctly the Russian-Circassian. Its time interval: 1763 - 1864.

Thus Ruslan Keshev emphasized that that war should be distinguished from the war, which conducted by Russia with Chechnya and Dagestan. "First, Circassia and Chechen-Dagestan imamate did not act in a united front against expansion of the Russian Empire.

Secondly, if Chechen-Dagestan imamate struggled under the religious slogans, Circassia, never distinguished with its religious fanaticism, was at war for the national independence.

Thirdly, Circassia did not get any concrete support from Chechen-Dagestan imamate. Thus, with Chechen-Dagestan imamate in that war Circassians (Adygs) were united only with their geographical neighbourhood, - the leader of the movement "Circassian congress" considered.

As a result of that war Adygs lost more than 90 percents of the population, and 9/10 of their territories. Now 93 percents of Adygs live worldwide.


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