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On October, 26th the session of the upper chamber of Adygeya parliament on which among other acts the Law on referendum of Adygeya republic would be considered takes place. This would be the second reading of the law that could end with its adoption. As it had been informed, the public of Adygeya, in particular, "Circassian congress" opposed approval of the law in such version.

It spoke that according to the considered law, the population of the republic could vote for change of the status and borders of Adygeya. That, in the opinion of members of the organization, becomes infringement of Adygs’ natural rights on their statehood, on protection of their language, and culture.

Besides after adoption of the law the political situation in the republic actually would leave from under the control of the republican and even the federal power structures. Neither Adygeya president Khazret Sovmen, nor Russian president Vladimir Putin if they adhered to the law, could prevent carrying out of such referendum. The whole thing would depend on the Russian-speaking initiative group that already today is ready to support the republic’s liquidation is capable to carry out it despite of anything. However that initiative would be met by Adygs as an encroachment on their further existence as a nation.

In that connection "Circassian congress" of Adygeya had prepared its reference to the deputies of the State Soviet-Khase that would be also sent to Adygeya president. Leaders of "Circassian congress" had met the new elected chairman of the republican "Adyghe Khase" Askhad Chyrg and suggested him to prepare the joint appeal on the basis of the offered reference. On October, 21st, according to "Circassian congress" chairman Murat Berzegov, “Adyghe Khase” informed about its decision to address with a separate reference to the republican parliament.

"AdygeaNatPress" offers the text of the reference of "Circassian congress" below.

"Last events in Nalchik that became continuation of the circuit of conflicts in Dagestan, Chechen Republic, Ingushetia, Northern Ossetia, have clearly shown that the policy of the federal center on Northern Caucasus deadlocked. The situation every day gets more and more aggravated, and any way out from this deadlock is not yet visible. The main feature of the new conflict is that interests of Circassian ethnos were involved in it – in KBR, KCR, Adygeya, Black sea Shapsugia, as well as the numerous Diaspora in 50 countries of the world. Thus, the Northwest of Caucasus that staid peaceful so far, can be also involved in irrepressible conflicts. The reasons for that differ but the situation in our republic becomes more and more aggravated, too. Here it is connected with suggested changes of the Constitution of Adygeya Republic, its legislation. The most important point of these changes becomes the Law on referendum being passed nowadays which allows liquidation of the republic. Meanwhile the fact that Adygeya has been considered by all Adygs in the world as the center of Circassian historical lands, is not well thought-out.

The law on referendum of Adygeya Republic, we deeply believe, cannot be adopted in such version as it could provide deprivation of statehood of indigenous population of the republic - Adygs, by simple voting. It is unacceptable on the several bases:

1. Adygeya by right possesses the status of republic - as a result of realization by indigenous nation of its right on self-determination.

2. People living in the territory of Adygeya Republic, already have the national-territorial institutions, as it is inadmissible that these peoples could have deprived the indigenous people of the status they have.

3. Statistical disproportion of the indigenous population is a result of the genocide of XIX century when the Russian empire destroyed and expelled more than 90 percent of Circassian ethnos. The preparation for a referendum under quantitative attribute with account upon that the indigenous people makes only 24 percent from the entire population, is an attempt to take advantage of the genocide’s results.

At present the reference of Adygeya republican social movement "Circassian Congress" concerned recognition of Circassian people’s genocide committed in the XIX century by the Russian empire, as well as the documents testifying to the genocide, are under consideration in the State Duma of the Federal Assembly of Russian Federation.

Dear deputies! Today we still have an opportunity to avoid any split of our society. According to the norms of International law, following the principles of validity, humanism and philanthropy, we call you to show judiciousness and to reject approval of the Law in the offered version. It is in your forces to prevent a conflict ripening in our republic".


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