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In Adygeya in the first half-year of this year 29 facts of suicides were registered; in one case a suicide was committed by a minor girl. The analysis of the Investigatory management of the Investigatory committee by the Office of Public Prosecutor of Russian Federation across Adygeya proved the necessity of the preventive maintenance of the suicides among children and teenagers.

“Attempts of suicides in Adygeya are registered much more, - the senior assistant to the head of investigatory management Marina Laktionova mentioned. - So, for the same period in the territory of the republic 142 attempts were registered, from among them 18 times minors attempted suicide”.

As she said, the suicide of a minor girl in Adygeya was committed because that earlier her mother had tragically died as well as her grandmother. The adults in her family suffered alcoholism, the father had been deprived the parental rights and serves time for the crime he had accomplished.

In the increased risk of suicide, the expert told, social factors play a great role. For example, suicide risk increases because of alcoholism. In 30 % of cases of suicide attempts registered in Adygeya in the first half-year, people tried to kill themselves being in the condition of the alcoholic intoxication.

Many suicides and suicide attempts were committed as a result of the intolerable mental anguish feeling, and the feeling of isolability from the society, mood of hopelessness and feebleness, Laktionova informed. In the suicides’ opinion, death is the only way to solve all problems. The people, who had tried to die, explained that “life is awful, only death is an alternative to it”, “I cannot solve my problems”.

Suicides and suicide attempts in Adygeya are very often committed in the cases when a man lacks the social relations, especially, when such problem rises before him suddenly, for example, at loss or impossibility to find job, death of other members of family, divorces. Very often in Adygeya suicide is committed by lonely older persons, she explained.

According to the investigatory department, in Adygeya the majority of the suicides choose hanging and poisoning. In 42 % of death cases as a result of suicide, persons are found hung up. 18 % of suicides died because of overdosing with medicines for the first half 2008. Quite often suicide attempts are committed with cutting veins.

“The majority of suicides in Adygeya is committed by men, - Laktionova added. – It is over 80 % of all the suicides. However women make attempts of suicide three times more often than men”.

By results of the analysis of the suicides reasons in Adygeya, the respondent explained, the Investigatory management addressed with official letters to the high and secondary educational institutions of the republic, engaged in training of social teachers. They are offered to create programs on training students and teachers for revealing of prospective suicides.

The other preventive measure can become organization (together with medical services a telephone hotline, the Investigatory management considered. For that purpose corresponding circulars are sent Ministry of Health of the republic and the Ministry of Education of Adygeya.

Let's note, Russia is the country with a high suicide level. However the sociologists suppose that for the last several years the suicides level in Russia had decreased a little - from 41 cases on 100 thousand population in 1995 up to 36 - in 2007.

In Moscow that parameter makes 11 on 100 thousand population, in St.-Petersburg - 18. In some regions of Russia (Volgo-Viatsky, Western-Siberian, Eastern-Siberian, Far East, Uralsk) the parameter makes 65-80, in Udmurtiya - 101 on 100 thousand population, in Altai - 102, in Komi - 110, in Koriakia - 133.

According to the Goskomstat data in Adygeya - in 2000 23 suicides on 100 thousand person were committed. The greatest parameter of suicides was registered in the republic in 2002 - 27 person on 100 thousand population and in 2005 - 26,8 person on 100 thousand population.

In the last year essential decrease in suicides quantity was registered - 17,9 death cases of suicides on 100 thousand population.


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