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Turkey, and, probably, and the NATO, should reconsider the earlier developed positions towards Caucasus in the view of that the political map of the region has been changed. To listen to such conclusion the participants of the international conference “Turkey and Caucasus after Georgia” - Jamestown Fund: Circassians and Abkhazia called.

The conference took place on October, 29th in the USA, Washington under aegis of the Jamestown Fund organization. With a parenthesis the Jamestown Fund president Glenn Howard acted, “Caucasian unit” correspondent, referring to site “Forum Circassia”, informs.

“The event has been called to analyse and sum up to the realities of the region after the recent confrontation of Russia and Georgia, and the followed then noisy recognition by Russian Federation the independence of Republics of Abkhazia and South Ossetia”, - it was spoken in the preamble of the publication.

In Mitkhat Chelikpala’s (associated professor of the international relations branch ТОВВ of University of Economy and Technologies in Ankara) report, entitled “Reaction of Turkey to War in Caucasus” among other things it was sounded that up to the above-mentioned events, the position of Turkey had been ambiguous and the status quo when the resolution of the conflicts were frozen, which was quite arranged to Turkey.

The professor specified that development of the situation at that stage just compelled Turkey as a rather significant power in the region, to make this or that decision. The situation when it is necessary to choose some from the parties was created, and to do it with the least losses, which by definition could not be a simple problem any more.

But its resolution is necessary, as preservation of intensity and opportunity of next aggression near the borders of the country are not included at all to the plans on stable development of relations of Turkey with its neighbours, the professor considers.

Mr. Chelikpala stated the vision of the role of the Northern Caucasian, more precisely, Abkhazian-Adygeyan diasporas in the occuring events. He noted that interest of the special services in a gain for sympathies of the Diaspora with the purpose of use that factor in the interests has already had a long history, and it is not a secret. Monitoring, recruitment and sending agents of influence are the simple toolkit of the special services of any country.

It was spoken in the report on the Stability Pact offered by the Turkish party for Caucasus, which as it has been noted, and not only by Mr. Chelikpala, gave not enough clearness for resolution in the issue of the created precedents with recognition of Abkhazia and South Ossetia which, by the way, rather differ from each other.

The NATO and Turkey, having a similar general line in the politics, but still using different approaches, have faced the interests of Russia which is persistently demanding to consider its role in the region, even in spite of the fact that the price to it can appear very high for its economy. And that collision sets Turkey thinking how to involve the resource – the Abkhazian-Adygeyan Diaspora, being, as a rule, ignored by way of the interests of Turkey in Caucasus earlier.

The Turkish lecturer noted that it is necessary for the Western world to pay attention to that Abkhazian-Circassian Diaspora and in general all the Circassians demanding recognition of their own genocide, committed by the Russian State in the XIX-XX centuries, and therefore far not completely flaring with love to Russia, had apprehended recognition by Russia of Abkhazia as the most joyful event.

Abkhazia in their eyes is the symbol of their once united native land, their Caucasus, their country of Circassia which for the first time after the awful genocide had acquired the official right to independent existence from the state-successor of the empire. It is necessary for the West to carefully analyze the promptly changing situation, to sum up all pro and contra.

From the professor’s point of view, differentiation of the facts of recognition of Abkhazia and South Ossetia is a very important moment. The first from the very beginning firmly declared the rate on construction of the independent state, while the second drifted from connection to brotherly Northern Ossetia (i.e. to Russian Federation) up to independence. And the opportunity of that drift even in the present situation of the de-facto recognition of independence has not disappeared and somewhat appears even more tangible.

Among that distinguishes Abkhazia, it has been also specified its sincere aspiration to construct a civil society, with all the necessary attributes and consequences following from it. Abkhazes and Adygs (Circassians) of Turkey show genuine interest to the economic activities which could be realized in full power at the peace resolution of the problems between their native land and Georgia on the principles of mutual respect (now 60 % of the foreign trade of Abkhazia is supervised by Turkish Abkhazes).

Mr. Chelikpala stated the idea that, who knows, maybe, Abkhazia once could become a country - member of the NATO, considering that fact that the overwhelming majority of citizens of the country lives in Turkey.

Expectations of Abkhazian-Adygeyan Diaspora can be justified after the present president of Georgia Michael Saakashvili concedes the post to more far-sighted politician and the strategist who will operate more pragmatically in the view of the developed realities. “Avaricious pays twice” - this saying with reference to Georgia would not please anybody, either the West, or Abkhazia, and especially the Georgians. It is necessary to find consent and things in common.

Mr. Floor Goble, director of the researches and publications department of the Azerbaijan Diplomatic Academy in his report “Caucasian Diaspora and Turkish Foreign Policy” noted that the world promptly changes, and the fact that somebody does not wish to recognize it, does not belittle the validity at all.

In his opinion, anyone who dares to not reckon with that in Caucasus there was a change of the political map and the great changes are coming, has a loosing game. In his report in many respects concerned particularly the Circassian question it was specified that now up to 55 % of officers of the fighting divisions of the Turkish army are Circassians by origin.

Abkhazian-Adygeyan Diaspora can give an impulse for new trends in the foreign policy of the countries of their residing - the fact conclusive, has been underlined by Mr. Goble.

From other lecturers, acted at the conferences, the authors of the publication have also chosen Shaban Kardash, represented the international relations branch of the Sakarii University in Turkey who acted with the report “Turkey and Caucasian Pact of Stability”.

The following name was Igor Torbakov, the main scientific employee of the Finnish international affairs institute of the Helsinki who sounded the report “Influence of War on Russian-Turkish Relations”. His report basically concerned the economic aspects accompanying the mentioned events. In particular, it was spoken about dependence of the prices sharp falling for the energy carriers, caused the weekly losses of the Russian economy in 15 billion dollars. J. Daily, the full member of the branch of the Eurasian defense and security at Jamestown Fund spoke about “Strategic Application in Operation of Montro Convention for Countries not Concerning to the Black Sea Region”.

Graham Fuller, director of the SETA, Fund of political, economic and public researches of Ankara and University of Georgetown sounded the theme “Turkey and Georgia in Changing Map of Eurasia”.

Efficiency of such international conferences in resolution of the problems of the complex Caucasian region is conclusive, the authors of the publication consider. “It is necessary to think, - it was spoken in end, - that for the first time the sounded ideas on necessity to reckon with validity and to find the comprehensible resolution as for the whole region and in more extensive aspect, in the global sense, will not be disregarded”.


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