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Kabardino-Balkarian Public legal expert center sent a reference addressed to the assistant to the General public prosecutor of Russian Federation in the SFD Ivan Sydoruk in which they asked to investigate the situation concerned infringements of the rights to possession of the landed property of Nalchik inhabitant Kip Imdat and to organize a new public prosecutor's check.

Let's remind, Kip Imdat, repatriate from Turkey, ethnic Adyg, in 1998 haв purchased a land about 0,2 hectare in the gardening company "Osina (Aspen)" on the lawful bases. Later near to his land site the chief of the investigatory department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of KBR Shebzukhov Z.G. got a land site, and undertook actions to take away a part of the land area being the property of Kip Imdat.

The head of the Public legal expert center Valery Khatazhukov, making comments on the situation, told that Kip Imdat had earlier addressed to the Public legal expert center with the request to help him. The center sent letters to the Office of Public Prosecutor of KBR, to the management of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of KBR, but received only formal replies.

So, in the reply signed by the Minister of Internal Affairs of KBR Y.Tomchak it was spoken that "during the check any infringements or abusings official service powers committed by Shebzukhov Z.G. were not revealed in the circumstances". The resolution of the conflict, in the opinion of the head of Ministry of Internal Affairs of KBR, should happen in "civil-legal order".

The republican Office of Public Prosecutor also considered that "under the specified circumstances bases for undertaking measures of the public prosecutor's reaction is not present, and the considered dispute between Kip Imdat and Shebzukhov Z.G. about the property right to the land area is a subject to sanction by way of civil legal proceedings".

Meanwhile in the Public legal expert center they consider that "in Z.G.Shebzukhov's actions abusing official service powers" is available.

So, trying to take hold of a part of the land area of his neighbour Shebzukhov Z.G. collected information concerning competency of possession of Kip Imdat’s land site, having charged that work to the subordinate Sunshev А.М. The inquiry about inquiring documents about the named land area sent on behalf of the Investigatory Management at the Ministry of Internal Affairs of KBR testified to that. Besides Shebzukhov Z.G., in the legal experts’ opinion, using his official service powers, collected the information on Kip Imdat’s land area.

Kip Imdat said that Shebzukhov had searched "for weak places in the documents in order to take away a part of the land site".

"He had sent his employee Sunshev to the management of the gardening company, to which he stated that I just have got a residence permit, and I have not the right to my land. Sunshev obtained on demand my documents on the land area in Cheghemsky republican land committee, in the registration chamber, checking their legality, thus a part of the documents disappeared. In his personal, mercenary interests Shebzukhov uses his employee, his official service opportunities", - Kip Imdat explained.

"When he did not managed to take away a part of my land site using formal-legal grounds, he started operating with raider methods", - Kip Imdat noted.

"The case of Kip Imdat, as well as everything that is connected with lawlessness committed by the law enforcement bodies, we consider as a priority", - Valery Khatazhukov told.

Let's remind, earlier in a telephone conversation with “Caucasian unit" correspondent the chief of the Investigatory Management at the Ministry of Internal Affairs of KBR Zaur Shebzukhov had told: "I do not have any land sites. No land papers are issued about me". Further he noted that his opponent should address to the ground bodies of the area, instead journalists.

However, as it became known to “Caucasian unit" correspondent, later Shebzukhov “legalized himself", and in a conversation with a representative of the legal expert center recognized that the land site belongs to him. Besides he shown the project on the house made in 2007.

"This project is made in such a manner that if the house is constructed, it will occupy a part of the land site of Kip Imdat. Hence, he has removed a fence with that purpose", - Khatazhukov said.

"The event is arbitrariness from the employee of the law enforcement bodies, - lawyer of the legal expert center Zaur Shokuev considers. – We are not satisfied with replies which we had received on our applications to the management of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, the department of Own security of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of KBR, the last body, by the way, has not answered us at all, as well as the Office of Public Prosecutor of KBR. Our reasons were recognized mismatching the validity, therefore we ask the Office of Public Prosecutor of the SFD to lead a repeated public prosecutor's check".

According to Valery Khatazhukov, the situation caused a resonance among Adygs of Turkey. In particular, to address of the legal expert center the reference from the federation of Turkish Circassians "Kaf Der" which president, Djihan Djandemir, asked to help repatriate Kip Imdat, acted.


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