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The Circassian forum in the capital of Kabardino-Balkaria Nalchik took place at the special security measures and appeared in the center of attention not only of the public, but the power structures, IА REGNUM correspondent informed from the place of the event on April, 4th.

For participation in the forum a significant number of KBR inhabitants gathered, even greater than the organizers had planned. The hall of the forum could not receive all the interested persons, more than 150 young men remained in the street, expecting decisions of the forum.

IА REGNUM source in the law-enforcement structures of KBR informed, restriction of the access to the assembly hall was proved not only the sizes of the hall, but also reasons of public security. "The situation in the republic is not simple, at a great congestion of people provocations are possible, therefore we let in the hall only under mandates", - a source explained.

Not allowed to the hall there were representatives of the rural youth arrived at the assembly from various areas of KBR. In the conversation with IА REGNUM correspondent they expressed their indignation of restriction of their right to participate in the discussion of the questions infringing the interests of their people. They also declared that in the near future they were going to create their own organization as they cannot trust anymore their people’s destiny to the existing social movements of type "Adyghe Khasa" which "works under the instruction of the authority not being the spokesmen of the people’s interests".

The plans of creation of such youth national movement in KBR were also confirmed by one of the organizers of the forum, known in Northern Caucasus horse-breeder Ibraghim Yaganov. "The youth can be understood, they are actually excluded from the public life and cannot find implementation of their political energy. Most likely, youth Khasa would be incorporated under the aegis of the movement "Dje mak’” (“Call” - in translation from Circassian - IА REGNUM) which now gets public support in the republic and remains most non-marginalized movement on the background of the working associations", - I. Yaganov told.

As Yaganov noted, during preparation for the forum and in its course the organizers faced the unprecedented pressure from the law-enforcement structures. "Members of the organizing committee were repeatedly called to the Ministry of Internal Affairs and the Management of the Federal security service on KBR, for private conversations with the members of the republican government, our phones are listened, shadowing is organized, a special committee on counteraction to separatism was created in connection to us", - Yaganov explained. In his opinion, "attempts to tighten Circassian active workers to clause for separatism are very favourable to the authority and law-enforcement organs" because as Yaganov considered, "to deal with religious fundamentalists is dangerous, and we are peace citizens and use in our activity only the lawful methods but if we were described in such negative view necessary to them they would manage to earn the same dividends, as in the struggle against the religious extremism, not risking thus to suffer".

During the forum professor Jury Shanibov, the ex-leader of Confederation of Caucasus Mountain people acted. In his report Shanibov mentioned the problem of the loss of Adygs (Circassians) their primordial lands as a result of the serious miscalculations committed by officials responsible for the land politics of the government, in particular the ex-head of the committee in the People’s assembly of the republic Zalim Kashirokov. The situation in Kabardino-Balkaria was described by Shanibov as critical and he called the authorities of the republic to pay attention to the problems of the people to not allow its escalation.

The leader of the Abkhazian Volunteers Union he Alexey Bekshokov read the reference in occasion of the statement which had appeared in April of so-called amir of KBR Anzor Astemirov about membership of the Caucasian illegal armed underground of the ex-Minister of Defence of Abkhazia of general Sulan Sosnaliev. Bekshokov informed that the Abkhazian-Circassian public is indignant by such slander against the hero of Abkhazia and the respected person. They completely deny Astemirov’s statement as not having real ground under itself. During the discussion of the theme the forum’s participants acted with offers on creation of a museum in Nalchik, a memorial monument and renaming of street in honour of Sultan Sosnaliev in Baksan town.

At the forum the problems of repatriation of representatives of Circassian Diaspora to the historical native land were also discussed. As the repatriate from Turkey Majid Utizh noted in the report, homecoming is interfaced to a lot of difficulties and obstacles, many of which are practically not surmountable, difficultly explainable from the point of view of the Russian Constitution, let alone the international law. Utizh noted what even after returning repatriates face a huge quantity of restrictions and difficulties, preventing them to adapt to living on the Native land and pushing to their repeated emigration. In view of Majid Utizh’s speech and the report of the president of the International Circassian Association Boris Dzamykhov the forum adopted the reference to the president and the government of Russian Federation with recommendations on simplification of the system of returning of Circassians to the historical native land.

The participants of the forum also expressed their serious concern in relation to condition of the land reform in Kabardino-Balkaria. In the opinion of the gathered people, the agrarian question is potentially explosive for the social health of the people of the republic and so demands immediate measures. The problem was explained to the gathered by Ibraghim Yaganov. The house-breeder noted in his report: "In the agrarian question the interests of greater circles of the population collide. The lands are transferred from under possession of the local administrations in the order of the ministry of property of KBR. As a result of it the Ministry of Property leases the lands to the local administrations, those in their turn hand over to farmers. As a result the agriculturists should pay the double tax plus rents. As a result of it the land can be sold out to only if a man has access to the body or is a relative of the president. The Agricultural population will be deprived an opportunity to conduct the country economy and to be engaged in farmers. All this will lead to a social disaster".

The forum adopted three resolutions: About sociopolitical conditions in KBR, About agrarian question, and About repatriates. All the three resolutions have recommendatory character and are addressed to the republican and the federal authority. It was also decided to form in the nearest terms a conciliatory commission on the agrarian question.


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