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The forum of Adygeyan public in Nalchik on April, 4th made the decision “on organization in the nearest terms of a conciliatory commission on agrarian question”. Besides at the forum it was developed three resolutions which had recommendatory character and were addressed to the republican and the federal authorities: “About sociopolitical conditions in KBR”, “About the agrarian question”, “About repatriates”.

NatPress offers its readers Zamir Shuhov’s report at that forum.

Dear delegates and visitors of the today's forum, I welcome you on behalf of the public organization “Worldwide Circassian Brotherhood” and on behalf of the Adygeyan youth which is present at the hall. I also welcome our brothers from Shapsugia, Adygeya, Cherkessk and Abkhazia which had arrived to support us.

We have come here to express our opinion in occasion of the problems in Kabardino-Balkarian Republic. We have come here because we are concerned with our future and the future of our people as a whole. Among us there are qualified experts of all professions, there are students and drivers, and there are children from towns and villages. We are not divided by the class attributes, and we are united in aspiration to protect the honour and dignity of our people, to protect the principles of validity on our own land.

Nobody can like what occurs today in the interethnic relations. The public peace, consent and friendship are broken because of the actions of provokers and extremists. Among people the tensions and discontent increase. How could we correct the situation, you may ask? I shall answer you: to correct the situation is possible only listening to all the interested parties and making very balanced and accurate decisions.

The land is the only basis. In particular the land is necessary for those who feed their families due to the harvested crop or pastured cattle. Eventually, the land should belong to those who work on it and cultivate it. The land should be in the hands of people.

The state and the constitution should protect the rights of the citizens. If any new or not good worked law breaks these rights it should be corrected and changed.

The agrarian question is not narrowly national, it also has the social and the economic aspects. But all the same, I would like to remind that zolian highland pastures which are being in the common using, from time immemorial belonged to Kabardian (Adygeyan) people. Since the XVIII century the land of Circassians, Adygs, Kabardians only shrank. We speak our FIRM NO to annexation of Adygeyan lands and we shall not allow anybody to take away and plunder these lands!

In this connection we welcome the decision on creation of the conciliatory commission which will solve the agrarian questions, and we declare our readiness to take part in its work.

Speaking about legality, I would like to address to representatives of law enforcement bodies present here with a wish: there is no sense to search among us any extremists or opponents of the political system. We are patriots of our Native land and we want its prosperity and development. The real extremists are so-called elders who illegally organize political meetings, humiliate the dignity and sling mud onto Adygeyan people, provoke collisions of youth of the two nationalities. If you wish to restore peace and stability in Kabardino-Balkaria then first of all punish these provokers according to all severity of the law.

This year we are going to celebrate the anniversary - the 180th anniversary of the first documented climbing of Elbrus Mountain by Kabardian Kilar Khashirov. We shall celebrate this date at support of the government or without it, but it will happen. If our neighbours among other nationalities (Russian, Balkarian, Cossack, and so on) wish to commemorate this holiday together with us and to make it all-republican, we will only welcome it.

In the agenda of the forum there is the question on prospects of Adygeyan people’s development. We have one prospect: for the sake of preservation of those social values that our ancestors had left us, for the sake of preservation of our language, culture and Adyghe Khabza we all should be united. Our people should have the one self-name. The population census of 2010 is near, and we should work more actively for that the decision of the first All-Adygeyan congress of 1992, about the one self-name of all Adygeyan (Circassian) sub-ethnoses would have been executed.

Steps to our unity, first of all should be taken by our public organizations, and I openly declare that the Worldwide Circassian Brotherhood shortly will become a part of Adyghe Khasa and will form in it a new youth wing. Circassian (Adygeyan) youth will aspire to consolidation further. By this action we wish to demonstrate our intention to work seriously in the name of the idea of unity and the bright future.

Adyghe psael’aezhym zhe ae – Dyzaek’uaetmae dyl’aesch. Dyzaeg’usaeu, di haekur tkh’umaezhu, di habzaem dytetyu, Tkhaem kuaedrae di l’aepk’yr ig’aepsaeu.


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