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On April, 9th the constituent assembly of the social movement “Khasa” took place in Nalchik on the basis of the several national public organizations and representatives of the areas of the republic. The press conference of the new social movement “Khasa” was dated for April, 14th at which the founders told in detail about the future work, the purposes and tasks of the movement.

Since October, 2008 a group of the activists concerned about the situation in the republic, had created an organizing committee with the purpose to gather congress of Kabardian (Adygeyan) people and to move the essential problems for discussion. The organizing committee from 25 persons collected materials and data, preparing the base for the future congress. In coordination with the republican authorities and in connection with the parliamentary elections in KBR, the congress of Kabardian (Adygeyan) people had been postponed, and the date of the round table was dated for February, 14th, 2009.

At the meeting with the president of the republic, the heads of public organizations declared necessity of carrying out of the congress for resolution of the acute problems. The leader of the republic recommended postponing it for indefinite terms.

During the further activities the congress of Kabardian people smoothly turned to a forum from 200 delegates which was organized at the increased security measures on April, 4th, 2009. The result of the forum appeared adoption of 3 documents and creation of the coordination council of Kabardian people.

The several members of the organizing committee considering that it is necessary to lead the congress of Kabardian (Adygeyan) people which had not been spent for 15 years, in any case, ha left out of the structure of the organizing committee and formed a new social movement “Khasa”.

On April, 9th at the constituent assembly of “Khasa” public movement the purposes and tasks were sounded: first of all - attraction of authority’s attention to the regular infringements of the legitimate rights and interests of Kabardian (Adygeyan) people in the field of the national politics, culture, language, traditions, and the land reform as well. Secondly, upholding of the people’s interests instead of separate persons, in relation to all the vital issues.

The structure of “Khasa” public movement was created on the democratic principle where the head and his assistants are nominal figures, and all the decisions are made by Khasa Council into which representatives of all the areas of the republic are.

By voting of the founders the post of the chairman of the movement occupied by Ibraghim Yaganov, and Gumar Murzakanov, Zamir Shuhov and Aslan Iritov became his assistants.

Hourse-breeder and land user Ibraghim Yaganov:

“Regarding realization of the Federal Law # 131 in KBR serious mistakes were made. Thereof, separate settlements received unreasonably huge territories in the borders of the municipal formations, and other settlements were deprived of such areas. Greater problems appeared in the field of redistribution of the drifting high-mountainous pastures.

In the law it is specified that territories should be distributed in the view of the historical features and on fair basis. The historical features of our region consist of that the lands of the nomad animal industries had been distributed equally among all the settlements, irrespective of the nationality and location. We consider that there should not be inter-settlement territories, and these lands should be distributed among settlements of KBR.

Such form of the land distribution will allow municipal authorities disposing of their areas that radically do not arrange the regional authorities which wish to make amendments to the 131th law allowing keeping the inter-settlement territories. At the existing position there is a fear that ordinary citizens of the republic would be deprived of the prospects of public land tenure”.

Chairman of the public organization “Dje mak’” Gumar Murzakanov:

“The today's situation formed because of the inactivity of the civil society in KBR, in particular its Kabardian component. Passivity of the public is for any authority. Kabardian public organizations never acted and did not have radical or extremist intentions. There was not any statement or a hint in relation to similar actions. It is paradoxical that the authority both the last one and the present one frightened everybody using Kabardian national movement.

We wish to declare: “Creation of new social movement “Khasa” is based on nonviolent - peaceful, lawful and legal approach to resolution of the public problems. Persistence, adherence to the principles, validity and patriotism are the main criteria on which we shall work”.

The president of Public organization “Worldwide Circassian Brotherhood” Zamir Shuhov:

“As a result of our work in the organizing committee the certain results had been achieved. Having organized the forum of Adygeyan public on April, 4th, the organizing committee had exhausted its powers. We consider that there is still much to do with the problems and it is necessary to work lawfully and more resolutely for achievement of our tasks.

Some official persons in the cabinets should not decide the destiny of the whole people, as it contradicts both the constitution, and the international law. To resolution of the problems the republic faces today, independent representatives of municipal formations who will speak about real needs of inhabitants of settlements should be involved.

Our initiative about association of all the public organizations in one association and democratization of "representation" of our people in this structure had not been supported by the majority of the members of the organizing committee. In this connection we have decided to create a new social movement – “Khasa” - on the principle of equality and to invite to it authoritative inhabitants of the republic understanding very well the local questions.

Social movement “Khasa” is open for everyone, who is for the interests of the people who wants public peace and stability in the republic, who wants justice and legality in all the spheres of life. We are ready to cooperation, both with the authorities, and with other public associations”.

Natpress on “Khasa” press-service materials

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