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Information with such headline was distributed by the Adygeya president press-service on June, 29. NatPress publishes it in the full version: “The analytical journal “Kommersant-POWER” had commented the impressions in relation to tax declarations of the leaders of the regions for 2008.

Adygeya president Aslan Tkhakushinov is mentioned by the journal two times. In the rating “The Most Too little paid” with the year personal income of 976 thousand rubles the head of the republic had occupied the first line of the rating. “The only one who had earned lesser than one million rubles is Adygeya president Alsan Tkhakushinov, - “Kommersant-POWER” remarked.

The analysts also compared the incomes of the regional leaders to the standard of weld-being of the inhabitants of the corresponding regions of the federation. They offered to estimate how close to the heads of the regions the problems of their population using the worked out by the experts of the journal ‘population closeness coefficient’ (PCC) which is formed from the average salary of the federative subject to the regional head’s salary. In the rating “The Closest to People” Aslan Tkhakushinov’s name is on the forth position with PCC 12,47 %.

The leader of the rating is Viacheslav Shnyrov (Yakutia) – 18,72 %, Valentina Matvienko (Saint-Petersburg) – 15,43 % and Eugenie Savchenko (Belgorod region) – 13,7 %. The “The Closest to People” list ends with the name of Victor Tolokonsky (Novosibirsk region) – 12,9%, - “ the end of the citation.

Earlier NatPress had published the other information concerned that theme: “The journal “POWER” # 23 (826) from 06/15/2009 in the article “Power to Propertied” informs that in June after the ministers and Russian president administration about their well-being 85 % governors had reported. Their tax declarations they fulfilled for 2008.”

Adygeya president’s name was mentioned in that article twice. In the first quotation it was stated: “The only one who had earned lesser than one million rubles (976 thousand rubles) became Adygeya president Alsan Tkhakushinov”. Formally the last position in the rating of the regional heads’ salaries was occupied by Georgy Boos (Kaliningrad region) – just 842 thousand rubles. Actually he has another source of the incomes very overwhelming his official salary.

In total the salaries of the heads of the regions reached up to 10 million rubles a year. And the total personal year income for example of the head of Krasnoyarsk region Alexander Hloponin made 635 million rubles, Dmitry Zelenin (Tver area) - 387 million rubles, Georgy Boos (Kaliningrad region) – 119 million rubles.

In the second mention they stated: “… Aslan Tkhakushinov, having exchanged his posts of the rector of the Maykop state technological university and the deputy of the Adygeya parliament for the post of Adygeya president, lost 159 thousand rubles”.

In the list named by the journal “The Most Appartmented” with sub-line “The Most Housed” Aslan Tkhakushinov occupies the forth position in relation to the quantity of square meters of the house among the heads of the regions who have country houses, flats or other apartments – his house has 727 square meters. The biggest house belongs to Yuri Luzhkov (Moscow mayor) with 2531 square meters. The second position belongs to Pavel Ipatov (Saratov area) – 757 square meters, the third position is after Sergey Darkin (Primorsky region) – 729,5 sq. meters.

Let’s remind, the heads of the regions formed the State Council of Russian Federation, which session is planned in Maykop for August of this year. The main theme of the session should be the state of Adygeya economy. So, perhaps, the leader of the country is right having supposed that it would be needed to gather in Maykop as many as possible people who had succeeded in their personal well-being. Every of them by himself including Adygeya president seem to manage too little to create prosperity in their regions. So, maybe, having gathered they could have managed to help in one region, - the end of the citation.


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