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NatPress resorted to this reprint in connection with that the themes of the state struggle against corruption, as well as the religious extremism having interwined fancifully, still come onto today’s topic.

Then in 2004 the public of Adygea had some imprudence to call the law enforcement bodies to arrange as supposedly the federal money allocated for the repatriates from Kosovo, had been plundered. As a result of the followed reciprocal measures Adygs who returned from Kosovo (in particular, Ramadan Tsey) and who, by the way to tell, preferred to be silent, only suffered.

Now the conversation on corruption was initiated by the president of Russian Federation Dmitry Medvedev. The law enforcement bodies including Adygea, answered his appeal with the categorical refusal, and specified: let’s better pay attention to the danger of the religious extremism. Thus, in the opinion of the republican analysts of those services, the threat again proceeds from Adygs repatriated from Kosovo. And it is so great that it is high time to think: whether Adygs from Kosovo are guilty of what happened in Chechen Republic, Dagestan, and Ingushetia. However, you’d better read …

Immigrant Was Deported from Historical Native Land


Yesterday from the Krasnodar airport the citizen of Yugoslavia, Adygs on his nationality, Ramadan Tsey left off to Turkey. Under decision of Maykop town court from April, 25th of 2004 he had been a subject to exclusion out of the limits of Russian Federation, however Ramadan Tsey, not having habitation in native Kosovo, too, whence he had arrived in 1999, on one of these days was forced to make a voluntary decision on his departure Turkey where his parents live.

Ъ: In Yugoslavia Adygs from Kosovo appeared after the end of the Caucasian war of the XIX century. Emperor Alexander II ordered to move Circassians “out across the sea”. Nearby 400 thousand immigrants settled on the Balkans, basically in Kosovo territory. In 1998-1999, having taken advantage of invitation of the governments of Russia and Adygeya Republic, from Kosovo to the historical native land about 200 families returned (NatPress. Discrepancy: not families, and persons). For them on a sponsor's money in Maykopsky area the settlement “Mafehabl” that in translation means "Happiness", had been constructed.

31-years old Ramadan Tsey, the native of Donie Stanovtse village, arrived to Maykop with a numerous group of Adygs in 1999. He, as well as the other immigrants, received the official status of repatriate. That status, guaranteed by the state meant granting of habitation for the immigrants, as well as job and some other social and material privileges. For the widely advertised action of resettlement of Kosovan Adygs the federal means were allocated, the International fund was created.

In December, 1999 Ramadan Tsey received residence permit and was registered in Maykop in “Repatriates adaptation center” at Lenin’s street, 133 where the majority of the immigrants had been registered. Almost right after that he submitted his documents for granting him of citizenship of Russian Federation. But after validity of residence permit in July of the last year (2003) the passport and visa service department (PVSD) of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Adygeya Republic rejected its prolongation and offered Ramadan Tsey to leave the territory of Russia in 15-day's term.

The workers of PVSD motivated the decision with clauses of the new federal law “About legal status of foreign citizens in Russian Federation”: the Yugoslavian citizen does not have habitation and means of subsistence. As one of the bases of cancellation of residence permit they named a letter of the administration of the Spiritual management of moslems of Adygeya Republic and Krasnodar region to the secretary Security council at the President of republic in which the confessors accused Ramadan Tsey of “the extremist activities directed on provocation of split and opposition of the Muslim community”. The Spiritual management of Moslems of Adygeya Republic and Krasnodar region in the letter to the Security Council asked “to undertake emergency measures on prevention of the escalation of the disputed situation and suppression of Ramadan Tsey’s activity as well as his group”.

Ramadan Tsey addressed with a complaint to the Maykop town court which recognized the actions of the passport and visa service’s workers as lawful. But the judicial board on civil cases of the Supreme court of Adygea in 2003 cancelled its decision as “illegal and unreasonable”.

However in 2004 year the same judicial board, but already in the other staff, recognized the reasons of Maykop town court as lawful. Ramadan Tsey’s comrades consider that the true reason of his exclusion became the conflict between the repatriate from Kosovo and mufti Nurbiy Emizh. - Ramadan not once explained to the mufti that he did not conduct work with Moslems, - Tsey’s associate Zaur Dzheukozhev told “Ъ“. - Around Ramadan the youth, reaching Islam, gathered, and the administration of the Spiritual management of Moslems zealously reacted to it”.

The representative of the republican management of the FSB Rustem Pseuko stated for “Ъ“ the other point of view: “Problems with Ramadan Tsey could arise in future; that would harm security of the country as it had been in Chechen Republic, Ingushetia, and Dagestan”. However the special service’s employee recognized that nobody had held examination of the statements, articles and sermons of Ramadan Tsey.

Nevertheless, the repatriate from Kosovo on April, 25th was detained to the isolator of the time jailing in Hanskaya village, and yesterday early in the morning he was sent to the airport, not having waited for the decisions of the Supreme court of Russia where there had been Tsey’ cassation complaint on consideration. Lawyers of the repatriate do not exclude that the Supreme court can cancel the decision of Adygeya judges; besides he can receive a reply about granting Russian citizenship.

Svetlana Turyalay


May, Friday 14th 2004 #85


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