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De facto in the capital of Kabardino-Balkaria Nalchik the curfew was stated: by 19.00 streets of the city become completely abandoned, and on doors of the majority of round-the-clock shops a paper: “temporarily work till 19.00" appeared, IА REGNUM correspondent informed. The Ministry of Internal Affairs daily addresses to the inhabitants of republic with the announcement that operatively-search actions on search and revealing of participants of the attack at Nalchik on October, 13th and their helpers proceeded. Meanwhile, in the republic legal experts sound alarm in occasion of mass arrests and tortures in departments of the Ministry of Internal Affairs.

The city centre, since Kuliev's prospectus where the buildings of the Ministry of Internal Affairs and the republican Office of Public Prosecutor situated, the most part of day is closed for traffic and surrounded by joint units of the patrol militia and special troops. The same situation is at Lenin's prospectus on all entrances to the House of the government. There in the park groups of special troops round the clock are on duty: fire spots for machine gunners equipped according to all wartime laws; snipers, submachine gunners. The same spots were equipped practically by all main crossroads and entrances to Nalchik. Except for stationary posts the city is patrolled by greater groups of special troops. They examined transport, organized passport control.

Two young persons from Tersky area, trading in the Nalchik central market, told to IА REGNUM correspondent that out from fixed-route taxis they take away everyone who had forgotten to take passport with himself. But such problem they suggest solving at the place - for 2 thousand rubles. Those who could not pay are taken away in militia.

With day light off in very few working during such time, grocery shops and "komoks" (stalls on the local slang), it could be seen special troopers, buying in a plenty beer and strong drinks. The level of mutual irritation of the population and the power structures grows: that is testified with numerous conversations in streets and in public transport. Recalled to Nalchik from various cities of Russia units of special militia troopers live in bad conditions in schools. Schoolboys and children of preschool age are sent in a long-term vacation.

Daily the group of women and men in black gathers near the building of Office of Public Prosecutor and after several hours of negotiations with public prosecutor's workers they go to the House of the government but closer than in 500 meters they are not admitted by special troops. They are relatives of those whose bodies authority refuses to give out. They hold in hands photos made with mobile phones in the refrigerator where the bodies of presumable participants of the attack are kept. The refrigerator is located in the court yard of special militia forces in Iskozh area. At the pictures a heap of naked bodies fallen down in disorder is shown.

According to those who had already been admitted to identification, in the refrigerator the device wais disconnected. Bodies started to decay and, in order to find the body of relative, they needed to step on corpses and to shift them from a pile to a pile. Besides the identified bodies were not separated from not identified ones. According to the official statements, in Nalchik 82 insurgents were liquidated. A young woman of last month of pregnancy in a black scarf told that she had gone to identify her husband and counted in the refrigerator 132 bodies but could not count to the end because she felt sick.

Names of all information sources of the reporting, are available in edition but not disclosed for reasons of their safety.


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