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On all territory of Kabardino-Balkaria a large-scale operation on search of the participants of armed attacks at the objects of the law enforcement bodies in Nalchik proceeded. However the description of the event in the city opens an unattractive side of the special action.

From the 6-th subdivision of the Department on struggle against organized criminality (DSOC) of Nalchik after a day of mockeries they released the deputy of the local government body of suburb Hasania, member of party "United Russia" Ramazan Tembotov, detained on October, 23rd. Special troopers had detained him on Sunday afternoon and without any explanations delivered in the Nalchik Department on struggle against organized criminality. The deputy had had time to make a call to familiar FSS employees, and that call, Tembotov believed, saved him, wrote GZT.ru ("Newspaper"). "People in masks rushed, put me on the floor with my face down, like some kind of criminal, with curses. It was a shame for me - in fact to the deputy there is a special attitude as to the defender, as everyone know me in the village", - said Ramazan Tembotov. "I in comparison with the others, I may tell, was not hit – they led me in cabinets, cellars and showed what they did with other arrested persons: people are tortured as in GESTAPO, - Tembotov continued. - No lawyers, no interrogations, simply thrashing to death, until they do admit and point at others".

- The former prisoner of Guantanamo invalid Kudaev had already admitted.

The “clearings” in Nalchik proceed. According to the deputy, they had arrested not less than 2000 person - so many claims from mothers were submitted to the Office of Public Prosecutor of the republic. Those claims, Tembotov supposed, nobody considered. The “clearings” are conducted under so-called lists. According to Tembotov, "Wahhabists", as well as those who simply visited mosques, and those who had ever been taken by militia on its note in the most different occasions got into those lists. So-called Islamic rejectors also added the number of arrested persons. This year about 1000 Moslems of Kabardino-Balkaria had addressed to Vladimir Putin with request to let them leave the country. In September 400 Moslems in their circulation to the world community asked to grant them a refuge in any country of the world, accusing the power bodies of the republic in the long-term pressure. Now almost 600 of those "rejectors", according to Tembotov and the local legal experts, appeared among the arrested people.

Some special animosity of the special bodies, according to Tembotov, is caused with anything somehow connected with Islam. "When the day fasting ended, and I about nine in the evening asked water, I was promised: “you will drink your fellows’ blood instead of water", - the deputy spoke. "DSOC operative Mukozhev threw away my party and deputy certificate and openly sneered with curses when I had promised that everything they did there would reach up Nurgaliev (Minister of Internal Affairs of Russian Federation)", - Tembotov was surprised to tell.

The deputy till now can learn nothing about his fellow-villagers – Rasul Nogerov, Zeytun Sultanov, Zeytun Gaev, Tsuraz Estezov, Rasul Halaihanov, Anatoly Gazhonov who had been arrested on Sunday, too. He knows very well the family of the most well known inhabitant of Hasania Rasul Kudaev - the former prisoner of the US military base in Guantanamo, who became an invalid. He was also detained on Sunday, and yesterday sent in the investigation isolator. The special bodies refused to give any information on Kudaev’s destiny to the deputy. But Rasul’s brother and mother managed to find out yesterday that he was taken to the investigation isolator and accused of the attack at the post of militia road patrol in Hasania.

Ramazan Tembotov is assured that that version of the investigators cannot have any legal acknowledgement. "His neighbours, relatives – everybody saw him, as we usually come to each other, near his house there is a shop. They think Rasul like an “electronic” boy, imperceptibly vanished to do some shooting, and then imperceptibly returned?" – asked the deputy. Rasul Kudaev was detained on the basis of anonymous indication on the telephone hotline. Rasul’s mother is not allowed delivering him any medicine. Tembotov considered that the local operatives were convinced of their own impunity, hasten to toady to their chiefs, with such methods "to reach high parameters of crimes’ detection".

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