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A special session of the Parliament where deputies called off the resolution of July 31 “About the law of the Republic of Abkhazia “About amendment to the law of the Republic of Abkhazia “About citizenship of the Republic of Abkhazia” took place today. All 27 deputies who were present at the session voted for this decision.

Opening the session of the Parliament, the Speaker said: ‘the President agreed to our proposal to revise the law “About amendment to the law of the Republic of Abkhazia “About citizenship of the Republic of Abkhazia”, and returned it to the Parliament. Now we should think what to do next”.

Opposition deputies Valery Bganba, Daur Arshba and Valery Kvarchiya proposed to call off the change adopted on July 31 and leave in force the law “About citizenship of the Republic of Abkhazia” as it was passed on November 8, 2005

“The situation is far from being easy and if we want to work not for the sake of ambitions, but for the good of the state, we must call off the law”, a deputy Vitaly Smyr said.

“If there are diametrically opposite points of view in the society, we should develop such a decision which will be as much as possible acceptable instead of defaming each other. At that we shouldn’t make hasty decisions”, Kobakhiya said.

He proposed to return to the recommendations on the settlement of the legal status of the border Gal district population prepared by the Parliamentary Commission he heads and “ignored completely when the amendment to the law was being adopted”.

Kobakhiya believes the Abkhaz citizenship can be given to those who lived in the Gal district from 1994 to 1999 (on October 12, 1999 the Act of State Independence of Abkhazia was adopted – Apsnypress), who do not have the Georgian citizenship or they refuse it in writing.

“It is also necessary to publish the lists of those who obtain the citizenship of the Republic of Abkhazia. Besides, it is necessary to make amendments to the election legislation of Abkhazia according to which the only document for the right to vote and participate in referenda will be the passport of the citizen of the Republic of Abkhazia”, he said.

“Whatever decision we make, the 20 deputies who have voted for the amendment will remain traitors on the opposition’s advice. We have been so much humiliated thereby that it will be difficult for us to work further and to make important decisions. Yesterday, when we were sitting, some people intruded in the parliament and a fight happened. At a briefing we said important things, but the mass-media distorted information and considered our briefing uninteresting”, the Vice Speaker Irina Agrba was indignant. She reminded when the Gal question was discussed in the Parliamentary Commission she consulted with many Russian experts. “Despite sharp aggravation of Russian-Georgian relations, they warned the recognition of independence of our state is our big responsibility, and therefore it’s inadmissible to exclude the Gal district population from the election process”, she specified.

I. Agrba expressed fears regarding “chechenization of the political process” in connection with the early started election race.

“Electorate has a right to expect precise laws from us, and they should be verified and correct as far as the Georgian part of the population is concerned. The ethnic question should be approached extremely accurately”, the Chairman of the Committee on inter-Parliamentary ties Guram Gumba said and proposed to withdraw paragraph “C” from the law adopted on July 31and to return to this question in September after the recess. “Unfortunately, we have quarterly thinking, not the state one. Tomorrow other people will come to power, and the opposition will raise the same questions again”, Gumba believes.

“We are on the threshold of presidential election and, naturally, someone will try to use some political documents to own advantage”, the Speaker Nugzar Ashuba believes. He proposed to call off the resolution on amendments to the law “About citizenship” passed on July 31 and to create a commission from both the supporters and opponents of amendments to the law about citizenship.

Deputies Garik Samanba and Zurab Adleiba said it’s inadmissible to stick a traitor label on those who have voted for the amendments to the law. “Nobody has the right to accuse us of treachery. Voting for the amendment to the law, I took into account the developing realities, protection of the border with Georgia. And in the Gal district there are no lines of persons interested in obtaining citizenship by all means”, the Hero of Abkhazia G. Samanba said.

Finally, the Parliament decided to call off the resolution “About the law of the Republic of Abkhazia “About amendment to the law “About citizenship” of July 31, and to create a working group of the menders of the Committee on Legislation, Judicial and Legal Reform, State Building and members of the Parliamentary Commission “On regulation of the legal status of the population of the Republic of Abkhazia living in the territory adjacent to Georgia” for revision of recommendations and proposals.


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