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Below is the transcript of the joint news conference:

S. V. Bagapsh: I want to express gratitude to the Chairman of the Government of the Russian Federation Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin and the members of the Russian Government for this visit to our republic.

During today’s meetings we in a narrow and in a wider circle have discussed a whole range of questions important for mutual cooperation. We have touched upon a wide spectrum of subjects, needing a solution.
The visit of the Chairman of the Government testifies to dynamical development of mutually advantageous intergovernmental relations between Russia and Abkhazia. As you already know, one more very important Russian-Abkhaz agreement on rendering assistance to our country in social and economic development have been signed today.

We are certain this agreement opens absolutely different opportunities for Abkhazia. Other agreements about which we have spoken today with Vladimir Vladimirovich and found understanding are being prepared.
I told the Chairman of the Government of Russia and now I want to repeat it at your presence: Abkhazia has been and is a reliable alien of Russia, including from the strategic point of you, taking into account our country’s geographical location, and the most important thing, taking into account the deepest respect of the population of Abkhazia to the great power which is called Russia. Thank you.

V. V. Putin: Dear Sergey Vasilevich, dear ladies and gentlemen!

Exactly a year ago the well-known tragical events happened on the Caucasus. A lot has changed lately. The aggression of today's Georgian regime was followed by a natural event – the recognition of independence of Abkhazia and South Ossetia. I say "natural" because the Georgian authorities themselves went to this outcome, this result. They have begun with the known decision to deprive the republics of the autonomous rights and have actually finished collapse of territorial integrity of Georgia with their own hands. They have done it themselves. It is a result of their work, first of all.

But we also know perfectly well about aspiration of the Abkhaz people to sovereignty, independence. After this tragedy that happened a year ago Russia made, as I have already said, the only possible decision to recognize independence and sovereignty.

The situation has really changed completely since then. Russia has made a strategic choice – there can be no return to the previous years’ situation. And there will not be. Now we face other problems: a problem of development of social sphere and the economy of Abkhazia where I am pleased to be today.

I want to thank once again the President of Abkhazia for the invitation to arrive here on a working visit.
We have drawn up a whole plan of joint work. It has to do with development of infrastructure, development of sphere of tourism, transport, communication, energy development. And Russia is ready, of course, and will give the necessary starting capital, conditionally speaking. Will give Abkhazia a chance to make the first steps of its own development, to strengthen its own economic and social base.

We don’t have a doubt that the people of Abkhazia are talented people, hardworking, courageous. If they could stand up the blockade and the incessant war - we see its echoes even today and events in Gagra only confirm it – they can cope with the revival of the economy when Russia recognized independence of Abkhazia and intends to render, will render systemic economic, political and, if necessary, military support. The people of Abkhazia, of course, are able to realize this task.

I want to thank once again the leadership of Abkhazia for the invitation, and the citizens of Abkhazia for a very warm and hearty welcome.
Thank you very much.

Question: Sergey Vasilevich {addressing S. V. Bagapsh}, basically few states recognized independence of Abkhazia for the last year. And how do you perceive further political future of the country in this connection? Will you be able to preserve independence in future?

And one more thing, if I may, for this question. If the process of recognition “slips” a bit from the political point of view, maybe, it makes sense to take some other way and to push investors to the economic recognition of the country?

And for this question - a question to Vladimir Vladimirovich. What additional steps could Russia make to promote international recognition of the republic? What could you advise investors: to buy in Abkhazia or to wait? Thank you.

S. V. Bagapsh: Vladimir Vladimirovich I will, probably, start since I was addressed. The most important thing is that we have been recognized by the greatest power - the Russian Federation. The process of recognition was easy and fast in no country and it will not be fast in Abkhazia. The point is not how fast we will be recognized – the point is, it is connected with the second part of your question, I am grateful for it – how fast we will rehabilitate ourselves as a state politically, and the main thing - economically?
We should create such conditions and give such development, give such an impulse for everybody to understand it is a democratic state, indeed - a constitutional state which can be dealt with and which can be accepted by the international community. For us not to make unnecessary mistakes at the stage of establishment as state since, recognizing us, the Russian Federation, other countries assume an obligation how we will meet the international engagements to the world community, the international conventions.
It is an uneasy way, it is a difficult way, but we invite investors to Abkhazia because no country in the world could develop fast without investments, and we are not an exception. I stand for such integration with the Russian Federation which develops progressively today. And it will develop. Thank you.

V. V. Putin: You know, as to “slip” of recognition. And we did not count on another situation when made the decision to recognize sovereignty of Abkhazia and South Ossetia. We proceeded from the fact it would be so. Let's remember history. Remember, how the Soviet Russia was recognized: when, whom and how.
Realities will put everything right. Frankly speaking, Abkhazia does not need any other recognition, except for the Russian one. And the Russian investors, of course, should buy all. And those who wait today - I don’t mean Russia now, but representatives of business from other states - will come later, but will buy more expensive. That's all.

Question: the Caucasian TV. I have a question for you, Sergey Vasilevich, and for you, Vladimir Vladimirovich. The question of stationing international observers in Abkhazia has been discussed recently. What are, in your opinion, the prospects of their stationing here and their benefit taking into account present realities? Thank you.

V. V. Putin: You know, I do not follow in details what happens in the process of negotiations. We have discussed this question with Sergey Vasilevich right now. Abkhazia - and the Russian Federation supports Abkhazia - is not against foreign observers from different organizations: both the United Nations, and OSCE. There is enough space in Abkhazia. Such beautiful sights, next to the sea.

But everybody should proceed from realities. It is necessary to conclude respective agreements with Abkhazia, recognizing its sovereignty and international legal personality.

S. V. Bagapsh: I agree with it naturally. You know that we were not against the United Nations Mission here. But time has come to recognize our independence, our sovereignty, instead of building relations with Abkhazia on old dogmata.

As to the European Union and the military observers you mean, we can discuss it, but taking into account one thing- taking into account that they are in an independent state Abkhazia. We are ready to talk. Thank you.

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