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In Maykop on the rest base "Tourist" the 3-day politics training for youth “Thematic change - summer vacations in Electiontown” was organized. The committee on youth affairs of Adygeya together with the Central Electoral Committee of the republic organized the action with the purpose of stimulation during the elective time of the activity of youth, including in rural settlements.

The action was rather interesting as it had been invited, not only those who gravitates to the party in power, and, for example, one Komosomol youngster.

Edition of the newspaper “Youth of Adygeya” led by the first secretary of the republican committee of the Union of the Communistic youth of Adygeya Republic Aidamir Tkhagushev on August, 16th and decided to participate in the final act of the action. First, the edition would like to introduce itself, tell about its activities, secondly, to distribute the rest of circulation of the first number of the newspaper, kept for such case.

But far from it. They "had forgotten" about us. Though the leader of the action - the chief of the staff of "Young guards” of the party “United Russia” of Adygeya Murat Habahu had been in advance warned about our intention.

For "forgetful" we shall remind, the Communist Party of Russian Federation and “Uniform Russia” have nothing to divide. All for a long time ago "was divided" by the senior generation. Once all of them were the members of one "team" - the party of the CPSU. "Statesmen" from this generation held the authority and material assets, and the spiritual part in their hands – as the ideology and the struggle for the rights of people they left to those who disagreed with change of the political course. The party conceit as it is found out from the episode resulted above, they have saved up and already successfully gifted to the next generation.

Anyway, we distributed the newspaper all the same. Moreover, we interviewed the deputy chief of the republican staff of "Young guards”, member of the republican youth parliament Timothy Belov. And not to show: despite of your behaviour, there is no irreconcilability in us. Simply, as it seemed to us, he is an interesting person.

T.Belov: the youth from all the ends of our republic gathered here. From the areas, and those places where meanwhile by virtue of circumstances the due attention is not paid to the youth politics. Our task, first of all, is to work with them at the educational level. Why such decision was accepted? By virtue of that participation of youth in elections of any level is very low – it does not exceed even 5 %. The situation needs to be changed radically, as youth in the republic is more than 23 %.

Corr.: And how many people participate in the action - both the trained, and the training?

T.Belov: About 40 young men. They are trained to participate in elections both as candidates, and as voters, and as members of elective commissions. Besides we have here the organizers of the action and, naturally, the experts from the elective commission of Krasnodar region which train.

Corr.: You are a formed person. What have you learnt new during the lessons for yourself?

T.Belov: For me there was no such task. We with Murat Habahu, the representative of the Committee on youth affairs, got this knowledge in the Federal youth educational camp “20х20”. Here as one of the organizers of training, I had understood that to work with youth in the areas is necessary very actively, because the situation is extremely difficult. Many had not penetrated up to the end, for what they arrived here. Naturally, I understand that it is not their fault, as it is ours, as we as the republican level, work with them not well enough. That is, we should correct this situation. We, Committee on youth affairs on behalf of Murat Habahu and its other members, me as the deputy chief of "Young guards”.

Corr.: What is the percent of the rural youth among the arrived?

T.Belov: the majority are from villages. Some young men are from Maykop and Adygheisk – the other are from rural municipalities. That is, each area is presented by certain quantity of people – some more, some less.

Corr.: What would you like to add to the told?

T.Belov: I would like to address with the request to all the young men living in the areas, to those to whom the youth politics is reasonably interesting: it is very important to communicate with us. And we shall work with pleasure with them. Let the youth will show the initiative in the desire to learn something. And we, from our part, shall help them with all the aspects - from financial up to organizational ones.

“Youth of Adygeya”


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