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The commission of the Council of Federation (CF) under the analysis of the situation in Northern Caucasus led on October, 26th the session devoted to the recent events in Nalchik. The hottest discussion was developed around the data concerned quantity of victims of terrorist act. In that connection the senators made a decision to work out amendments to Criminal Code of Russian Federation which would precisely describe haw to identify killed insurgents and lost peace inhabitants.

The report on the situation in Nalchik the senators asked to make the representative of the parliament of Kabardino-Balkaria in the Council of Federation Hachim Karmokov. He told to his colleagues that in the republic there had been a heavy social and economic situation, for the last some years Kabardino-Balkaria which donations made 7 percent, had increased up to 70. The unemployment reached menacing scales - for example, in the senator’s native village that is in 16 km from Nalchik, 85 percent of inhabitants did not have any work. For that reason, as the senator believed, insurgents were winning their ideological struggle in Northern Caucasus.

Besides Karmokov reported to the commission that statistics about quantity of the insurgents and the peace inhabitants lost during at the attack at Nalchik had not yet changed: still among the killed they registered 93 insurgents and 12 citizens - casual victims of terrorist act; for about 30 individuals were arrested, 17 of them had been already shown charges. In the attack almost 200 people participated, the youngest was 15 and very few of insurgents were more than 30. Many of them as it was found out appeared to be representatives of "not the worst clans". The head of the commission, the vice-speaker of the Council of Federation Alexander Torshin told about it to the journalists after the session.

As he said, at the session the hottest discussion was also developed around those facts. The matter was that relatives of those whom the law enforcement bodies ranked as insurgents, insisted that their relatives had no any relation to terrorists, got under bullets casually and on that basis demanded to give out to them the bodies of victims for funeral. "We need to understand each concrete case. It is impossible to grow up offended people", - senators from the republic considered. Though now the Security Council of Kabardino-Balkaria considered each case personally but it, in the senators’ opinion, could be insufficiently to resolve the serious conflict between inhabitants of Kabardino-Balkaria and the law enforcement bodies. Mister Torshin had not excluded that the situation in Nalchik would become more positive if the data on the terrorists decreased.

For not arising of such situations in future, the commission members made a decision to create a working group that would work on preparation of amendments to the federal Criminal Code where it would be precisely formulated who should be considered as a terrorist, and where mechanisms of characterization of such persons among victims would be registered. The representative of the government of Ingushetia in the Council of Federation Issa Kostoev who as ex-public prosecutor, better than other senators was familiar with the law-enforcement subjects had headed the group.

As mister Torshin had assured, the senators were not going to stop on that. In the nearest future the commission intended to hold its exit session in Nalchik, and before that the group of 23 senators on November, 3rd would meet in Rostov city the plenipotentiary of the president in the Southern federal district Dmitry Kozak and once again would listen his report on the situation in Northern Caucasus. "They say we lose Wahhabists ideologically. But we yet has not begun this fight", - the vice-speaker admitted.

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