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Moscow officer Roman Nistratov offended two women (representatives of small indigenous people of Sochi - Shaspugs (Adygs)), appeared to be an influential person in the southern town-resort. The women are called to various state supervising instances whereas their complaints while have not got real results.

“ As he (Nistratov) shouted us that day that he “will buy the whole Sochi”, probably, and it seems to be true, - one of these women Nuriet Achmizova told. - Next day after submission of the complaint in 11 one o'clock in the evening we were called by the divisional and were told that we were urgently with our documents on the site of our registration”.

The question, whether the Moscow officer had written a complaint himself, the interlocutor answered: “No, in my opinion, his father-in-law and wife of the father-in-law did that”.

According to Achmizova, on the next site a building is under construction. But it is located so that it closes an entrance to a court yard. When the base only was pawned, the Achmizovs spoke with their neighbours. But the lasts waved away from them. Then they asked to sell the site. The Achmizovs had given up. In their turn the neighbours threatened that they “will not give them to live”.

“But the question is not in property relations, - she reminded. - It is the question of humiliation of the national dignity of representatives of the small indigenous people - Shapsugs, as well as the local residents which relates to item 282 part 1 of the Criminal Code of Russian Federation”.

About the situation with the offender’s complaints, Nuriet Achmizova’s husband Guchips Achmizov told. “We have sent applications to military public prosecutors of Krasnodar region and Sochi, as well as to civil public prosecutors of the region and the town”.

As he said, the regional public prosecutor sent their application to Sochi, Sochi public prosecutor -Lazarevsky (local) public prosecutor, the last answered that he redirected it to the military public prosecutor of Sochi. “But we have a reply of the public prosecutor of the Sochi garrison in which he stated that he sent materials “to the head of the military-investigatory department of the Investigatory committee at the Office of Public Prosecutor of Russian Federation on the Sochi garrison, to the colonel of justice Sokolov В.В. And while that is all”.

Let's remind, earlier we had informed that on July, 11th at 2.40 p.m. in the center of Golovinka settlement of Lazarevskogo area of Sochi at the shop belonging to Nuriet Achmizova, Roman Nistratov (lieutenant colonel of one of the military units of Moscow) scattered the goods received for the shop and emptied a place for parking of his car. He accompanied his actions with obscene abuse, addressed to the owners of the shop.

Nuriet Achmizova reacted to the event with a question: “What do you allow yourself”? She received the answer in the obscene form from which the applicants quoted only the following: “I do what I want! You are not equal to me – you, black” …

“According to the meaning, - as Nuriet Achmizova made comments to the heard, - his insults humiliated my honour and dignity as a woman, mother and, which is the most insulting, as representative of small indigenous people”.

The witnesses of the incident tried to stand up for the women. In particular, they advised to call militia. On it, according to the women, the lieutenant colonel declared that he is an employee of the FSB, that he “is above the law and can do anything … militia cannot be apply forced measures against him, and in his department he has everything o.k.

The women called their relative, employee of Ministry of Internal Affairs Rustam Kobzh who arrived to the place and called militiaman in the beat Vladimir Zhidkomlinov serving this site of the settlement. Having seen the event, Kobzh in addition called to Sochi militia duty part of Lazarevsky district department of inner affairs. The divisional, according to the applicants, arrived approximately in 20-30 minutes after the phone call.

The incident gathered around a plenty of witnesses, the women mentioned. Meanwhile, Nistratov continued to pronounce the obscene abuses against local residents and Shapsugs, threatened to put everybody "from up to bottom". And after someone told that they should inform the FSB about their employee’s behaviour, Nistratov declared the Sochi chief of the FSB was his friend and he would have solved all the questions with him. “Here people arrive soon, he said, - and all of you will be put " from up to bottom ".

That statement caused sharp indignation in the crowd, and it became obvious that a fight was possible, the women remarked. “During this time the district militia officer Zhidkomlinov was off, and a group called from Lazarevsky district department of inner affairs, had not appeared yet”, - they informed.

A collision, according to the women, was prevented by Rustam Kobzh. He calmed the crowd down, hurried by phone the arrival of the militia unit from Lazarevsky whereas Nistratov continued to yell out that “they are equal to me”, “the blacks have no place here to live”. Besides he set on the gathered, crying out: “Beat me, I just wait for this”.

Then, when on his provocation nobody answered, the lieutenant colonel went into one of the next houses, whence accompanied by a men (his father-in-law, according to the women), and went aside to the sea beach.

The applicants asked the military public prosecutor to arrange in relation to Roman Nistratov as his behaviour, in their opinion, mismatched the rank of a military man. Besides they asked to notify them on the undertaken measures in the terms established by the law. Their application was dated on July, 15th.


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