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Before the day "X" – the solemn opening of the first turn of the large educational-cultural center in aul Big Kichmay of Sochi – only few days remain.

On the object works with might and main is on - together with the builders teachers and pupils of the local school actively work there, on Saturdays there are also parents of the teenagers. The moment is very important: by September, the first they have to make the new building appropriate look - the building dust is being cleaned; windows, doors, floors are being washed; gardening of the territory comes to end. Within the next few days there should be organized delivering of the school furniture.

Especially steadfast attention to the event in Big Kichmay is shown by the officials of the Sochi municipality - practically daily working meetings of various services and managements take place, everything is studied, checked and rechecked, the rate of the works is also carefully watched – at the opening they wait for VIPs. The ceremony promises to be very loud, which is easily explainable: the object is the only one "delivery" in the current year in the entire territory of Krasnodar region. While one surname - governor Tkachev - is only firmly sounded. It is clear that the program in which preparation there are engaged directly the Sochi officials, is imposed specially for arrival of the head of region.

Apparently, on September, 1st in Big Kichmay literally everything would be regulated: who and where would stand, who would come to meet official visitors, when the hymns would be sounded, whom the right to cut the symbolical red ribbon would be given, what should be spoken and how many applauses should be. Timing is constantly calculated: Tkachev will not be long in aul – as he should spend only twenty minutes there.

Around the future event absolutely unhealthy agiotage could be seen. In the main street of the aul there is a new asphalt pavement; owners of the private ownerships located on the both sides of the road, leading to the school, were obliged to paint their fences and all the economic constructions. Numerous controllers watch the course of preparation for carrying out of the holiday. The present variant of the program of the school’s opening which "haв been lowered" to pedagogical collective in advance “from above” for attentive acquaintance, caused many quite reasonable questions of the teachers.

First, in the cultural part of the holiday performance of … children's choreographic collective "Iveria" of the Georgian community of Sochi is only declared. Ensemble is well-known, titled, well known in the town, but why "Iveria"?! It was found out that the national ensemble "Shapsugia" of the Adygeyan cultural center has been recently sent to Belarus city of Soligorsk which is brother-town of Lazarevsky area and will come back home only in the beginning of September. No other variants as, for example, invitation of children's model art collectives from auls Hadjiko or Aghuy-Shapsug, especially, from next Adygeya, the authors of the script do not arrange apparently.

A scandal inflames also around of the question what hymns should be sounded at the opening of the school. From the formal point of view it is simple: at similar sorts of the socially-mass actions there are obligatory to performing the hymns of the state and the subject of the federation. That’s so, if not one "but". A very serious "but". The school director Aslan Gvashev and the pedagogical collective had acted strongly against that during the holiday in the Circassian aul the present Kuban hymn should be sounded in which text there are words offending the national and religious feelings of Adygs-moslems, as it is known.

And in that "song" it is sung: "Against the enemy, the infidel (literally – “basurmanin”), we go to mortal fight …" In the basis of the hymn the song of the Kuban cossacks who were at war with Turks in 1914, as it is known, were used. In former years around the symbolics of the region many spears were broken: what is good for preservation of the historical memory of one, even no ethnos, and a military estate, the same can do much harm for creation of the mutual relevant relations among the ethnoses and the religious faiths in such a big multinational region, as Krasnodar region where there is a great Muslim community, in particular.

The Sochi officials were in sincere bewilderment for a long time: what has revolted Adygs? Aslan Gvashev, by the way, a historian according to his education, had had to explain to everyone intelligibly: the infidel in Russian is a person of some other belief, who is a not-Christian, therefore the regional hymn which as the regional authorities consider, "now personifies Kuban", in the territory of Krasnodar region sounds, to put it mildly, unethically, disrespectfully and not only in relation to Circassians. However, the officials do not hurry up "to swallow such pill". Their logic is narrow and rectilinear, just like a crinkle in the brain - everyone is afraid that it could cause some harm to their interests. On the one hand, they could get "under pressure" of Krasnodar and personally Tkachev, on the other hand - to cause a wave of discontent among the Adygeyan population; and such case is far not the first here: it is enough to recollect the scandal of this February when the ensemble "Shapsugia" came to the audience of the concert in Sochi with Circassian flag in the hands. Then, let’s remind, the officials of the regional culture tried "to press down" the head of the collective as he and his artists had supposedly shown disrespect to the multinational community of Sochi??????

At the moment the director of the aul school is under the strongest pressure from his chiefs - today obstinate people, as it is known, are not loved; threats about his possible dismissal are even sounded. Till September, 1st there would be no far-reaching organizational conclusions, for certain, but what would the regional bureaucrats invent after the holiday?


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