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Sept.,14th, 2009 - Natpress

Circassian (Adygeyan) nation, which had fallen a victim of the genocide in the XVIII-XIX centuries, appeared to be disseminated worldwide, shattered into the historical native land and today lives in different republics of Northern Caucasus, under different ethnic names. As a result of that on the basis of the united Circassian nation it was purposefully created four related, but ostensibly different nationalities – Adighes (Adygs), Kabardians, Circassians and Shapsugs.

The further stay of Circassian (Adygeyan) nation in such shattered state is very dangerous as it can cause disappearance of Circassian language, loss of the ethnic originality and the national self-identification, total assimilation and - as a result - the existence of the ethnos can be seriously threatened. To our great regret, this process proceeds much quicker inside the foreign Circassian Diaspora. Process of consolidation, safety and development of language and culture, originality, national interests and values are the needs of nature of any ethnos. In this connection participants of the Circassian youth forum support restoration of unity of Circassian nation within the limits of the united subject of Russian Federation, the one name, the one literary language and the united elements of the national symbolics for all Circassians (Adygs) living in the territory of Russian Federation. Within the limits of the multinational federation the way on preservation of the national statehood of small peoples is the important factor for strengthening democracy, observance of human rights and people as a whole, international rallying of the ethnoses and preservation, consolidation of unity and integrity of Russia.

To our great regret, within the last 9 years activity on resolution of the topical ethnic questions was organized unsatisfactorily. The whole generation of the people not knowing and not understanding the scale of the national problems has already grown. At presence of huge quantity of public organizations, the majority of them prefer to not notice youth’s opinion on a lot of the major problems. Leaders of some marginal organizations, often speaking on behalf of the whole people, have no real connection with society and express publicly personal opinions to please to some mercenary purposes. We are convinced that exactly youth has the right to define its own future.

The International Circassian Association, as the leading Adygeyan organization in the world, has been initially created for solving all the above-stated problems. The ICA is an organization of powers to be engaged in All-Circassian problems worldwide. Interference of public and statesmen in the ICA activities braked all the processes initiated in the 90s by the best figures of the nation. We consider as necessary cardinal reforming of this organization and rejuvenation of the structure of its presidium.

During announcing the reports, discussions and voting by show of hands the Circassian youth forum decided:

1. To create a constantly operating body with the working name “Coordination Council of Circassian Youth”, consisting of young men with the active civic positions, for resolution of the problems of Circassian (Adygeyan) youth.

2. To support the decision of the first All-Circassian congress of 1992 in Nalchik as well as subsequent decisions of the ICA about the one name for the purposefully divided Adygeyan subethnoses: Kabardians, Adygs, Circassians and Shapsugs. In Russian and the other languages to recognize the name "Circassian" as the one for the nationalities: Adyg, Kabardian, Circassian, Shapsug. In the native language the name “Adyghe” to recognize the one for the nationalities: Kabardian Adygs, Circassian, and Shapsug. To call Circassian (Adygeyan) population of Russian Federation, during the nearest population census, to designate the nationality in Russian - "Circassian", in native - "Adyghe".

3. To address to the ICA with the offer to create “World Day of Circassian flag” (green cloth with 12 golden stars and three arrows).

4. To address to Adygeyan International Academy of sciences and the Ministry of education of the Republics of Kabardino-Balkaria, Karachaevo-Circassia and Adygeya with the offer to reform the methodology of teaching the native language, transition to the one literary language for all Circassians (Adygs) of Russian Federation.

5. To address to the Russian Academy of sciences with demand of organizing a scientifically-practical conference in the beginning of 2010 in Nalchik on the theme: “The 180th Anniversary of the First Military-Scientific Expeditions on Elbrus Mountain of general Emmanuel, the Feat of Kabardian Kilar Khashirov”.

6. To authorize delegates of the forum at the next congress of the International Circassian Association in Maykop on October, 3-4rd, 2009 to act on behalf of Circassian youth with the offer of formation of the youth wing of the ICA and obligatory inclusion of youth representatives into the executive committee of the organization. To support the candidature of the delegate of the Adyghe Khasa of Adygeya - Dzharimov Aslan Alievich for the post of the president of the ICA for the following term.

7. To address to the ICA with the offer to create a committee on counteraction to historical falsifications.

8. To address to the president of Russian Federation concerning falsification of history and with the offer of adoption of the law on Circassians and returning of Circassians to the homeland.

1. Co-chairman of the CYF from Republic of Abkhazia Sheriev A.A.

2. Co-chairman of the CYF from Adygeya Republic Bagadirov A.G.

3. Co-chairman of the CYF from Kabardino-Balkaria Shukhov Z.A.

4. Co-chairman of the CYF from Karachaevo-Circassia Kikov K.K.

5. Co-chairman of the CYF from Krasnodar region Chachuh A.M.

6. The secretary of the Circassian Youth Forum Shomakhov A.K.

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