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The level of the International Circassian Association - as an organization - allows it working not only with the special services of Russian Federation, but also with the Government of Russian Federation - this question was rod in what occured at the VIII ICA congress in Maykop on October, 2-4nd.

It was sounded by representatives of Circassian Youth Forum (CYF), the recently formed organization - on October, 12th in Cherkessk.

As the chairman of “Adyghe Khasa” of Adygeya Arambiy Hapay said in the conversation with NatPress, the meaning of the congress should not be belittled. In the ICA leadership there were significant personnel changes. As to the requirements of the national young then not everything could be made at once. “And our “Adyghe Khasa” changed not in one day, - he told. - If there is a discontent in relation to “Adyghe Khasa” of Kabardino-Balkaria its structure will need to be changed at the place - in KBR”.

In his opinion, the congress had really renewed significantly the staff of the ICA leadership. The president of the association is replaced, the vice-presidency is formed, and the structure of the executive committee and the council is changed”.

From NatPress we shall add - at the same time, the offer of CYF about creation of a youth wing was rejected. In that occasion Arambiy Hapay told that many offers of CYF had been supported by the congress, and works with youth, despite of some costs, should be certainly continued.

So, the ICA leadership is somehow renewed. Here is the list received from the organizers of the congress:


1. Orhan Ozmen - Turkey, Istanbul,

2. Khafitse Mohammed Musabievich - KBR, Nalchik,

3. Chermit Mugdin Madinovich, citizen of Russian Federation, Adyg, graduated the Kuban agricultural university. General director of Open Company "NEF", deputy of the State Soviet-Khase of Adygeya Republic, founder of the children's creative association "NEF", member of “Adyghe Khasa” Council of Adygeya Republic.

4. Tamazov Anatoly Khusinovich – public movement “Adyghe Khasa” of KCR.

The president:

Azhahov Kanshoby Muzarinovich, member of the Executive committee (NatPress: probably, the ICA executive committee), Nalchik.

Let's begin with the end of this list - from the ICA president Kanshoby Azhahov. NatPress administration had met him (as one of the adequate public men) in the spring of 2005. They talked then about the Nalchik youth. Together with Azhahov in the conversation Ruslan Nahushev participated. More precisely, he conducted the conversation. Nahushev assured that the case was under their control, he got in the folders documents testifying to the illegal actions of the employees of the law enforcement bodies committed against young men.

The ending of that history as we remember, was tragic. In October the Nalchik youth took fire arms, their movement was named extremist, “vahhabist”, and Nahushev himself (the FSB former employee) "disappeared" practically from the entrance of the FSB building in Nalchik. And his destiny remains secret so far.

As a whole, in NatPress’s opinion, that digression should specify that the new ICA president is a "not tied" person.

Orhan Ozmen - Turkey, Istanbul. NatPress (despite of connections with the Diaspora) can characterize the person neither positive, nor negative yet. Probably, we know him under an Adygeyan surname.

Mohammed Khafitse is too known in the Adygeyan world to characterize him.

Mugdin Chermit - is known in the Adygeyan world not less, but his popularity is about some other sort.

Anatoly Tamazov - NatPress cannot tell anything about him.

From this abstract, in our opinion, it should be visible that at selection of the staff they admitted both the conciliatory proposals, and casual appointment, and observance of "necessary" condition, and "capitulation" because of inevitable.

Now as there is nothing other, we shall concern the course of the events. The first candidate for the post of the ICA president was Aslan Dzharimov - a figure much arranging and in many parameters. We shall name the main things from such parameters: input of the young men into the ICA structure, moving of the ICA headquarters from Nalchik to Maykop. The last thing was necessary to make the association be less entangled by the special services.

However during that plan’s implementation as it seems to us, they accomplished a mistake that changed the course of the events. Circassian youth should not declare Dzharimov "banner" of their movement. It was obvious that exactly the unwillingness of the former Adygeya president to appear in the opinion of the senior generation "a revolutionary", crusher of “the old and become obsolete”, caused his silent disappearance.

Then the young men proposed Ibrahim Yaganov’s nominee. His popularity provided the victory among very many possible candidates. The only thing that could fear those who had the right to vote was the Abkhazian past of the applicant. That circumstance was used by "the old guards” during their "propaganda". But they applied, finally, the well-checked up method: removal of the nominee.

About the using of the new practice of institute of headquarters’ moving (Nalchik, Maykop, Cherkessk) at the congress it was told by Adygeya president Aslan Tkhakushinov. That was stated as an opinion. He also mentioned it hardly because of that he had something against the special services. Simply, probably, in his opinion, such practice would be normal and correct. It seems that Arsen Kanokov has the same opinion, too.

And to us, average Adygs, we should not nurse a grievance against the special services. They do their work. Eventually, the staff of the present Government of Russian Federation with which it would be desirable to adjust cooperation of the ICA, has many to such services, too.

Readiness of Russian government for cooperation with Circassians, with the ICA could be proved, for example, such facts as the meeting of Djihan Djandemir (KAFFED, Turkey) with the head of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Russian Federation Sergey Lavrov, conversation of the head the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Russian Federation with Zuheir Stash (member of the ICA executive committee, Syria), contacts of certain workers of the Russian president administration to the delegate of the VIII ICA Congress Asker Sokht.

In the end of the stated we shall tell about some results. Certainly, youngsters can not speak about a victory. Probably, it is rather far. But, probably, it is close enough- we do not know this. But what does not cause doubts is that "fight" reconnaissance gone right.

Natpress - Oct 8, 2009

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