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In Nalchik after a rout of insurgents their relatives hold meetings. They demand to give out bodies of the killed for funeral. But the republican authorities says that the great number of the dead would be buried according to the law on struggle against terrorism, that is - secretly from native and relatives. All that threatens with new terrorist acts. And not only in Kabardino-Balkaria.

"People struggled for their rights and died for them"

To the city mortuary, the building of the Office of Public Prosecutor of the republic and the local White house relatives of the lost insurgents come daily, as to work. There are few men among them - basically cried woman in black scarves. They complain, write letters of protest, and quarrel with security guards-militiamen. And when women in despair speak to militiamen, for example, that even fascists did not take away with themselves corpses of their enemies, and left them on battlefield, militiamen call special militia troops OMON. Usually special troopers come in great number - one, and even two fighters for each relative of the killed. They are pushed aside, spoken that "the corpses would be understood" but later. And now it is necessary to understand with alive ones - those who still run in the city and woods around with the guns in hands.

One of the interceders is the known in Kabardino-Balkaria lawyer Larissa Dorogova. During the events of October, 13th she lost her nephew who appeared among insurgents. Achieving delivery of his body, she tries to help other mothers.

- Three days we went in various organizations and departments but nobody wished even to listen to us, - Larissa speaks. - Only one official had given out us some information. The information appeared to be an extract from the law on struggle against terrorism.

Under 16-th clause of this law, "burial of the terrorists who had died as a result of suppression of terrorist act, is carried out the way, fixed by the government of Russian Federation. Thus their bodies are not given out for funeral and about their burial place is not informed".

- I do not understand, why authorities have declared them terrorists, - lawyer Dorogova speaks. - Each person has presumption of innocence. As to the killed criminal cases in connection with their death should be stopped. But if investigators continue to prove that the victim was a terrorist, and on this basis they did not give out his body to families the relatives could address in court, and achieve their rehabilitation. Only when the corresponding verdict of court comes into power, the person can be named a terrorist, and his corpse will be not given out. But still there is no any judgment on the people lost on October, 13th. They are 95 people, killed by militia and military men; they were declared terrorists without any inquiry!

- But in fact the criminal case concerned the events in Nalchik was instituted under 205-th clause of the Criminal Code - terrorism, I told Larissa. - Investigators consider that the insurgents made terrorist act and during its suppression were liquidated. And on this basis their bodies are not the subject to delivery to relatives.

- But in the case there are also other clauses - about the attack at employees of the law enforcement bodies, about murder, at last, about illegal storage of weapon. In similar cases proceedings are always instituted under many clauses of the Criminal Code: if in court 205-th did not pass, they would try to accuse for storage of the weapon. On all these charges still should be proved. May be, an individual has been killed when he was breaking quite the other criminal clause? But it seems to me, investigators do not bother about it.

Larissa Dorogova, during lots of years protecting the believers’ interests in KBR, considers that the events in Nalchik were the result of policies of the local authorities, first of all rigid actions of militia.

- Persecutions on believers, members of KBR djamaat, had already begun the last summer. Then they closed all the mosques that were not under the control of the Spiritual management of Moslems. One was closed in connection with that rent term of the building (though it should operate several years longer) had ostensibly expired. Another, (its building had been redeemed by the Moslem community) was closed because they found some infringements in the documents. So that mosque was given at the ministry of culture disposal. And then they started pursuing men with beards, and women in scarves. Mass round-ups, general searches started. People were captured to the “sixth” department (on struggle against organized criminality) from where they did not return or came back invalids. On all these facts I personally addressed to the Office of Public Prosecutor - infringements concerned the mosques’ buildings they have not found. As to illegal arrests, beatings and people’s fading, on our materials the Office of Public Prosecutor charged corresponding checks to the employees of the same Ministry of Internal Affairs. Would they ever give out their comrades?

Last year about thousand inhabitants of Kabardino-Balkaria signed a reference to the local authorities, in which they declared that they could not live any longer in the republic where they were pursued on religious motives, and asked to grant them a refuge in any country of the world where human rights were being observed.

- And why did they address to KBR authorities? - I asked Larissa. - In fact it is the competence of the embassies, probably, of the international legal expert organizations.

- To tell the truth, we did not know where to address. We wrote to Russian president, to the public prosecutor, to the authorized under human rights. We simply wished to focus their attention at our problems. From all the instances the formal replies came, even inspectors were not sent.

This year number of the wishers to leave KBR, according to Larissa, reduced and made 400 people. But employees of law enforcement bodies began working with these people even more rigidly.

- We, women, were against violence. If someone of us knew that they (the believers) would be going to do such thing, we would stop them.

As a jolt to the armed action, the lawyer considered reassignment in the republican government, made by the new president Arsen Kanokov.

- Everybody believed the new official in the republic would come to authority and something would have changed. But he had left everybody on its place. Even the minister of Internal Affairs Hachim Shogenov whom the believers consider the originator of the oppressions (chiefs of ministry of Internal Affairs of federative subjects actually are appointed by Russian president). So they had taken up arms in hands. You know, who was among insurgents? Young guys of 17, 18, 20. Women tell those guys were running in the streets and asked each other how to recharge guns. And they shot at the boys of the same age - only in the militian form. I think that the events in Nalchik happened because people were in despair. People struggled for their rights and died for them.

Funeral for elite

In the management of the State Office of Public Prosecutor in the Southern federal district they informed that the bodies of insurgents would be treated according to the 16-th clause of the law about struggle against terrorism. Other variants were practically excluded.

- In connection with the events on October, 13-14th in Nalchik criminal proceedings are instituted under several clauses of the Criminal Code, including terrorism. The great part of the insurgents was killed during counteraction to the terrorist act made by them and so, fell under federal law on struggle against terrorism. It is quite the other thing that among the killed there could be innocent individuals. So, in the third district militia department the insurgents captured, they killed one citizen. He was considered as a participant of the attack but then during investigation it was found out that that day he just came in the district militia department under a summon. Certainly, the bodies of peace citizens lost during the terrorist act, would be given out to their relatives.

Mass refusal in the corpses’ delivery - like in Nalchik - is the third case in Russian history. For the first time authorities behaved that way after the events in Dubrovka street of Moscow in 2003. During the special action, we shall remind, 40 terrorists were liquidated. Their relatives did not receive the corpses. The same situation was with 31 terrorists participated in capture of hostages in Beslan. As they told in the State Office of Public Prosecutor, their bodies after taking necessary biomaterials for the further identification were buried. The place of the burial place was secret of investigation.

In Kabardino-Balkaria the corpses of the killed insurgents had been always given out to relatives. Exception even for the natives of, perhaps, the most known gangster in the republic, the leader the Wahhabist djamaat "Jarmuk" Muslim Ataev (Seyfulla) had not been made. Ataev and six his nearest associates for a long time had been wanted, and were killed in the special action in Nalchik on January, 27th this year. And already on February, 2nd the relatives had buried them according to all Muslim traditions in high-mountainous settlement Kendelen, Elbrussky area of KBR.

The bodies of the participants of the mass attacks of insurgents were given out for funeral, too. For example, in July of the last year – after the attack at Nazran.

- At our place, in Ingushetia, the attack of insurgents was better prepared, than in Nalchik, - the leader of the regional movement "For human right" Ruslan Badalov recollects. - Figuratively speaking, the account in their advantage was as in the famous song - "Argentina-Jamaica – 5:0". There were lost not less people, than in Nalchik but basically among the victims there were employees of law enforcement bodies and peace inhabitants. But as much I know, the corpses of killed insurgents were given out for funeral. Anyway, there were not mass refusals of their delivery, and we were not in that occasion addressed by any relatives of the dead. And now it turns out that authorities in their using of the law on struggle against terrorism had a selective approach?

In the State Office of Public Prosecutor they recognize that in Ingushetia the corpses of insurgents were given out. Thus, they say that they gave out not all the bodies to relatives. Anyway, there were not any leaders of the insurgents who had been searched for terrorism among them.

- I remember that two corpses had been given, - the assistant to the General Public Prosecutor in the Southern federal district Sergey Prokopov speaks. - And those people were not certain participants of the attack at employees of law enforcement bodies, which was the terrorist act. They were marauding after the attack, having picked up the weapon left militiamen, and insurgents, and with this weapon were found and liquidated.

As to the leader of "Jarmuk", killed in Nalchik, as they explained in the State Office of Public Prosecutor, he could not named terrorist.

- Ataev was not searched for terrorism; he was killed while resisted at his detention by employees of law enforcement bodies as a participant of an armed group, - told Prokopov.

- But it is known that the State Office of Public Prosecutor did not give out to relatives Aslan Maskhadov's corpse. He was killed in a cellar of some apartment house in which he just hid. During the moment of his liquidation he any way was not "a terrorist who died as a result of counteraction to terrorist act".

- Why he was not? He was an organizer of the terrorist underground. That was specified by court - one of the regional courts of Northern Ossetia had given out the sanction on his arrest as the organizer of the terrorist act in Beslan. Escaping investigators, he continued to carry out management of the illegal armed groups committing acts of terrorism. Thus, during his liquidation terrorist acts were counteracted. And his body, according to the law, was not given out to relatives for burial.

Cherkessk will be after Nalchik

Information concerned that in the autumn in Kabardino-Balkaria mass actions of insurgents were expected, in the end of August the familiar colonel of the Ministry of Internal Affairs told me.

- Since the middle of summer to republic almost from all Russia internal armies and OMON are sent, - he said. - Now there they are not less, than local militia. But without the help of local operatives all of them can equally make nothing. And the locals do not work. And not because all of them are “tied” with each other, though this moment is present too, - on any day in KBR the president will be changed. And those law enforcement employees, who had worked by the former head of the republic, will make everything to stay at their places. Now imagine that they before the president’s appointment suddenly admit that entire Wahhabist underground operated there, and would begin "killing everyone in toilets". It is clear that it would not be. Moreover, they had reported not once that they had finished with any armed formations.

After the events on October, 13th I phoned to the colonel and told that all happened just as he said. He answered that the issue would not end with Nalchik.

- On our data, next attack of insurgents, most likely, will take place in one of areas of Kabardino-Balkaria. And then - in the next Karachaevo-Circassia. There the process above the son-in-law of the president Ali Kaitov who was accused of the organization of murder of people from the influential clans of the republic just comes to the end. Many people could be displeased with the verdict. At that moment events to which Nalchik could not compare will begin.

Feodor Maksimov, kommersant.ru

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