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The motto of Circassiad-2012 “kindness causes kindness” was sounded in Turkish language, too: “iyilik, iyilik getirir”. On October, 18th in Ankara the project "Circassiad -2012" had been presented; a result of that became an arrangement on opening of a World Circassian Olympic games representation office in Turkey.

As “Caucasian uzel" correspondent was informed by one of the project’s authors Sufian Jemuhov, at the presentation there were the presidents of the Circassian organizations – Adyghe Khasas - which in Turkey are about 65. At the presentation there was also Alexey Bekshokov, the chairman of the Union of Abkhazian volunteers.

The presentation was led in Circassian language and was translated into Turkish language by Tugan Kushkha, the known performer of Circassian songs, Jemuhov informed. He told Circassian leaders of Turkey that the authors of the project had already led seven presentations, last of which passed in the USA, and the previous six - in the Russian cities, including St.-Petersburg, Moscow and Sochi.

"Special interest was caused by demonstration of twelve Circassian champions in Olympic kinds of sports from which five supported Turkey (Y.Dogu, T.Yuchel, K.Kaplan, M. Atalai, M. Dagdalan), and seven from Russia (M. Kirjinov, B.Shukhov, E.Akhaminova, K.Tletseri, M. Kardanov, B.Makhov, A.Khushtov)", - Jemuhov said.

As he mentioned, during the presentation Djihan Djandemir, the president of the Federation of Circassian organizations of Turkey (KAFFED) declared that in December an annual congress of Circassian organizations of Turkey in which agenda consideration of the organizational questions of Circassiad’s carrying out would be included, is also planned.

Alexey Bekshokov focused attention of the gathered on unique opportunities which would give "Circassiad-2012" by a way of uniting Circassian people. He expressed confidence that the present policy of Russia concerning sports would promote the action. "When in Russia the final of the Champions League football cup, the country leaders created conditions for the visa-free entrance of British fans to Russia", - he noted.

At the presentation there was also Gazanfer Dogu, the pro-rector of Izzet Baisal’s university, the son of well-known fighter Yashar Dogu (the Olympic champion of 1952). He mentioned two moments of preparation of Circassiad.

"First, we should coordinate time of carrying out of our games with summer London Olympiad so that Circassian sportsmen of Russia and Turkey would have time to rest after London and to take part in Circassiad. Secondly, the International Olympic committee strictly watches use of the word "Olympic" and for us it is consequently important to point precisely that the name of our action is the term "Circassiad", and expression "Circassian Olympic games" has interpretation, by analogy with Makkabiad - the Jewish Olympic games", - he stated.

Adnan Ozdemir, the president of public organization Adyghe Khasa of Marash city noted that at the nearest congress of Circassian organizations of Turkey they should create at KAFFED a structure which would be a branch of the organizing committee of "Circassiad-2012" engaged in preparation of the games.

Ugur Apish, the sports trainer, member of Adyghe Khasa of Ankara, supported one of the major principles of the project which is based on participation in the sports delegations alongside with Circassians from all over the world representatives of the peoples with which Circassians live on the native land and in the Diaspora.

During the day of the presentation a meeting of the project’s authors with Fares Mufti, the ambassador of Jordan in Turkey, took place. The authors of the project informed the Jordanian ambassador that the next presentation of the project of the World Circassian games will take place in Jordan. Fares Mufti, from his part, expressed an interest in the idea of carrying out of the World Circassian games.

The authors of the project also met in informal conditions with Yashar Aslankai, the chairman of Adyghe Khasa of Ankara (KAFDER), the vice-president of Euro-Khasa, and discussed questions of participation of the Circassians living in Europe, in Circassiad. There were also negotiations concerning conformity of the principles of Circassiad’s organization to the authorized positions of KAFFED with professor Erol Tajmaz, vice-president of KAFFED.

As one of the results of the presentation in Turkey became an arrangement on opening of the representation office of "Circassiad-2012" in Ankara which would be headed by Metin Senmez, the author of the web-site "Circassian world".

As "Caucasian uzel" had earlier informed, the project of Circassiad provides carrying out of the World Circassian Olympic games in 2012 within 12 days in 12 kinds of sports. The head of the organizing committee of the International Olympic Games "Sochi-2014" Dmitry Chernyshenko, earlier, in a reply to the appeal of the organizers of Circassian Olympiad, informed that the project could be included as a component of "Sochi-2014" if its authors "are assured that the World Circassian games will work for the interethnic peace".

Natpress - Oct 24, 2009

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